Question 300

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  1. Dianna:

    Our relationship is warm, complicated, but loving.

  2. Cynthia:

    She is my best friend

  3. Travis:

    Amazing in every way and surprising everyday at how much we love each other.

  4. A!:

    Alike to one between strangers, full of awkward conversations but very little love or warmth.

  5. Kimmie:

    She doesn’t understand.

  6. Libby:

    my absolute rock

  7. Sarah:


  8. Maria:

    painfully real, but still I don`t want it to be anything else..

  9. CMM:

    It’s becoming stronger since the divorce.

  10. Angria:

    I understand as I get older and undergo the same problems, but we are too damaged and she will never grasp the reasons why she is part of the damage that I will never escape.

  11. Anne:

    An annoying relationship that I fake completely

  12. why:

    I wish she would listen to me

  13. Allie:

    nice, but she doesnt understand me

  14. Aaron:

    She is loving, understanding, and lame(as any parent should be), but stubborn as a rock when it comes to trying to see from other people’s views on life.

  15. bapsi:

    has the ups and downs like every good and real relationship should have

  16. Swish:

    A beautiful thing.

  17. we are loving each other in our own way… :)

  18. Kerri:

    She drives me nuts 95% of the time but she is without a doubt the most important person in my life and I would be lost without her.

  19. tosca burrell:


  20. Justin:

    Two sentences for me because I have two mothers but my birth mom: Our relationships are like she is the doorway to my birth family because I relied on her for information since I am hard of hearing.

    My adopted mom: Our relationship are based on wisdom since she taught me so much that I do not think I would even be me without her.

  21. Zels:


  22. A Dreamer:

    A love/hate relationship.

  23. Wellwellwell:

    Never on solid ground.

  24. Something that I need to change/accept, but it hasn’t changed for quite a long time.

  25. alexia:

    she is an old friend

  26. Sophia:

    Good, but not the best.

  27. Tiva:

    Always changing and good, but definitely much better than her other children’s relationship with her.

  28. manny:

    bittersweet. We are bound by the same pain that ripped each of us up.

  29. Saphire...:

    We get along more than before.

  30. Soulcatch:

    Bitter hatred and loathing.

  31. Anonymous:

    I don’t know how to explain it, but I wish it were different.

  32. Positive Pamela:

    A very intelligent soul who taught me well.

  33. Danny:

    My mother accepts and loves me for who I am… and that gives me such comfort and confidence. I love her so much.

  34. S:

    Disastrous and practically non-existent.

  35. Emma:

    She is my bestfriend.

  36. Hannah:

    Sometime I love, other times I want to push her off a cliff.

  37. Kyra:

    Mostly love, but so much pressure is put on me, that I am terrified to show my true self towards her.

  38. Hunter:

    Currently, strained beyond all belief.

  39. Manu40:

    Me too An annoying relationship that I fake completely

  40. Jo:

    A work in progress, leaving yesterday behind and trying to think of the future.

  41. Casey F:

    She’s one of my best friends, and then some.

  42. Coco:

    She doesn’t understand what I want, she doesn’t believe in me, and she is very close-minded.

  43. Amanda:

    Our relationship is very complicated and not as good as I would like it to be.

  44. addy:

    We grow closer every day and I hate the thought of someday having to live without her

  45. Cath:

    We are really lucky to be so close.

  46. sb:

    My mom is a living Saint and is a terrible lot to live up to.

  47. Jade:

    My mom is truely my best friend, we have the weirdest, funest (yes funest), best relationship anybody could ever ask for.

  48. iamnothing:

    stop, go, yes, no

  49. My mother made me who I am and I am so happy to be the wonderful and dynamic woman she molded me to be.

  50. S.F.:


  51. Pandorai:

    my realtionship with my mother was perfect, I miss her dearly, although she’ll always be in my heart.

  52. Biscuit:

    She’s the loudest woman I’ve ever met.

  53. Megan:


  54. Chatman:

    She does her thing, I do mine, and we meet up somewhere in the middle.

  55. Megan:

    Mother: A mother daughter relationship that never got the chance to mature into something beautiful.

    Father: Our relationship has become a strong loving relationship due to him spending the past 11 years of his life raising two girls alone (as a mother and father) who have become happy, strong, and successful women.

  56. M:

    My mother and I have such a strange relationship, but we love each other.

  57. Taylor:

    I never had the convenience of getting along with my Mother growing up; Now that I have been living on my own I have come to realize (the disregard for other’s emotions is,) just how she is, and I can live with that and tolerate her. (Our relationship has never been better)

  58. Amanda:

    I miss her and can’t wait to see her again soon…

  59. alex:

    hardly a relationship. the worst!

  60. ciara:

    it went from the best to the worst, to barely there at all, to wishing we could have fixed it before it was too late.

  61. Stephanie:

    She is a good friend, with kind heart and a unique sense of humor, but with her irrationality, tantrums and impatience, I often feel that I am the mother and she is the child.

  62. Amanda:

    My relationship with my mother is AMAZING!

  63. Meghan:


  64. Desi:

    Me and my mother have a very strong realationship she is my best friend, and a person i can tell anything too! Ever since i left for college we have gotten even closer! i love her to death and i dont know what i would do without her! Cant wait to see her again!

  65. Trixie:

    It was a loving and respectful relationship, but it was much too short.

  66. Aja:

    We are lucky & happy to have each other and we both know it.

  67. strange.

  68. E:

    Since she’s gone, it only consists of memories and all she taught me, and I would give ANYTHING to just be able to see or talk to her again. She was the only person who truly believed in me.

  69. Taylor:

    What relationship?! We have nothing!

  70. Nicole:

    Shes the most amazing person I know, and I love her soo much.

  71. Jennifer:

    I am my mother’s daughter from smile to laugh through all we’ve seen I am our secrets, confidences,
    treats, journeys, Our like frames, tastes, We are each other’s stability ,I am her calm frenzy.

  72. Hanna:

    My mother was never a mom so in my eyes she is just Carla the surrogate and I have no mother

  73. Brigette:

    She can be annoying sometimes, but I still love her <3

  74. TomHoll:

    My mother died when I was 5 years old.

  75. Amber:

    Our relationship used to be the best, really close, but then SHE came into our life and now I want to run away.

  76. Steph:

    I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  77. katie:

    I am the parent, she is the child, even though she is my mother.

  78. Cristina Z:

    It’s getting there, getting better….

  79. jess:

    My mam is incredible. She has given me a beautiful life filled with happiness & laughter.

  80. Alex:

    She wants me to be someone i’m not or else not hers at all.

  81. Bridget:

    She is the most amazing woman I have ever met, I want to be just like her.

  82. Nick:

    Complicated but our love is strong.

  83. Razz:

    My mother is amazing; we’re not affectionate, we don’t say I love you often, she’s a gossip and a snoop and sometimes I can’t handle being around her, but she’s given me everything I’ve needed and wanted, and more, and if I ever had the choice of all the mothers in the world she would still be my first choice.

  84. Daniel:

    As the understanding air would glide across a stubborn stone.

  85. Taylor:

    there is no relationship, thats what happens when you pick your drugs over your kids..

  86. Marina:

    Complicated/BULL$H!T; she disowned me (more or less) because I chose to stand by my significant other’s side during his recovery/battle with alcoholism when she told me to leave him (nvm the fact that she didn’t say a thing while he was drinking but as soon as he tries to better himself she’s demanding I leave him high &dry)

  87. gg:

    My mother went out of her way to make me feel unwelcome in my own family.

  88. freed:

    It’s not everything I want it to be but it’s definitely everything I need it to be!

  89. Nicole:

    Two incredibly similar yet strong, independent, unique and self-reliant women.

  90. Taylor:

    What relationship?

  91. jess:

    She is my inner reasoning, a mirror reflecting back everything I secretly wish I had the courage to express

  92. Moudi:

    She is the one and only reason that keeps me happy everyday

  93. Jezzy:

    She never loved me and never will.

  94. Jen:

    My mother is my soulmate.

  95. Yvonne:

    My mom is simply my best friend.

  96. Julia:

    Sadly, my mother passed 7 months ago. But I think it could of been better.

  97. Katy:

    She may care a little too much at times, but I love her more than anything in this world.

  98. Whinnie:

    She nags and tries to make me feel guilty and just doesn’t understand but God, I’d be lost without her.

  99. Hal:

    Its AMAZING. she found out she has breast cancer the other day, and i am NEVER going to lose her. she is my rock and my one true love, i love my mother more than anything and she is my best friend.

  100. Kelsey:

    Our relationship is completely unstable; neither one of us understands the other.

  101. Sarah:

    Love. My mom and I are so close that it is indescribable. We have been through so much together that we know we always have each other! 😀

  102. Bottle:

    Shes A Cunt

  103. Elizabeth:

    I love her more than anything in this world, I’d sacrifice everything for her.

  104. Caitlynn:

    She doesn’t understand that we’re not the same, and she hates that I’m everything she’s not.

  105. fanafanapoly:

    She single-handedly held my family together when we could have completely lost it… her love and determination inspire me to be the best woman I possibly can be.

  106. Hannah:

    my mother is my absolute best friend, she’s been there for me through all my ups and downs and never once judged me or loved me less for the mistakes i’ve made.

  107. Gracie:

    I love my mother.

  108. Mery:

    Tough, complicated, honest, deep deep love.

  109. Kaylie:


  110. Gina:

    I am a fortunate soul to have for a mother such a kind, warm, generous, funny, understanding and nonjudgmental best friend.

  111. lovinglife:


  112. jessica:

    i need more than one sentence.

  113. kpow:

    i need more than one sentence…but basically she is my best friend

  114. K:

    Not very close, I don’t feel comfortable telling her stuff. I wish i did.

  115. Allie:


  116. Jessica:

    A slowly worsening mental anguish.

  117. lex:

    the only person i will ever truly count on

  118. Sarah:

    My moms relationship with alcohol is more important than the one with her children.

  119. Shauna:

    She was yelling at me as I read the question.

  120. Katie:

    intense and emotional (good and bad)

  121. Julia:

    She always supports me

  122. maia joseph:

    i miss her like crazy</3

  123. Laura:

    Totally fucked-up.

  124. Ryan:

    I LOVE my mom

  125. jackie:

    I wouldnt have wanted it any other way.

  126. Julieta:

    I know I can always count on her and she will always be there for me, but I’m too shy to confide in her and love her openly

  127. kim:

    one word: dysfunctional

  128. Jessica:

    I love her but she doesn’t understand

  129. Rachel:

    An annoyingly inseperable bond that saves my ass daily.

  130. kelly:

    She is compassionately straight-forward.

  131. Savannah:

    Our relationship is strained, sad, and uncomfortable, I just wish she would accept and love me no matter what.

  132. Rainbeaux Rollins:

    My first, closest and greatest friend.

  133. Alex:

    Sometimes I feel like screaming, but I could never imagine my life without her.

  134. Laura:

    My mother is my best friend and my worst enemy. I have never loved & hated someone so much.

  135. Alex:

    A lie.

  136. Jessica:

    My mum is a special person, she has brought me up on her own, I respect her, cherish her and couldnt imagine my life without her… My best friend!

  137. bailey:

    bestfriend. we have so much in common and she in the only person in my family that i love but somedays she gets on my fucking nerves and i can tell her this without having to worry about our relationship

  138. kristen:

    amazing, but i wish that i didn’t take it for granted while i still had the time to cherish it.

  139. adriana:


  140. Nathan:

    I love my mom, despite me disrespecting her often..

  141. sabrina:


  142. carla:

    mom and i will never break up. our mom and daughter relationship is forever.

  143. Julia:

    She will always be my mother, no matter how much we argue, or annoy the hell out of each other.

  144. julianna:

    i cant stand her and she will never understand me

  145. Carla:

    i just told her that i never want to see her again because of the pain she’s caused me.

  146. tricia:

    I wish she would tell me she loved me.

  147. kenzie:

    we strangers in the same house

  148. Sarah:

    Always improving.

  149. ali:

    Our relationship is like the WEATHER in the Philippines where an average of 20 storms or typhoons hit per year (1 storm could last for 7 days | 20 storms = 140 days | 365 days – 140 days = 225 days), but still, we generously receive more clear skies.

  150. Kait:

    mah and i are dysfunctional, destructive, and identical.

  151. kallie:


  152. nicole:

    My mother drives me crazy but i know she always has my back and she’s always there to listen without judgement if I need someone to talk to.

  153. jul:

    She doesn’t feel deserving of happiness and I resent her for that.

  154. Kev:

    I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  155. EG:

    too short and undeveloped for my liking – she taught me so much but there was so much more i needed and want her for, and i love her and miss her everyday.

  156. Carolyn:

    Play that funky music white boy.

  157. Amy:

    My mother wanted me to be strong,independent, and smart at one point, now all she wants me to do is get married,be a stay at home mom with lots of kids and go to church all the time, when really that is the exact opposite of me.

  158. Shakila:

    Fucked up

  159. Peter:

    I cant talk now…She’s watching us…

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