Question 302

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  1. Jay:

    I need to finish all of this writing and studying

  2. m:

    Write more.

  3. Kat:

    Learning to trust again and not look at every guy I meet and think they’re just as horrible as the last.

  4. Get my writing and blog really up and going. I know I can make money with it, I just have to have the confidence in myself and just do it!

  5. Stop sitting in my chair for more than one hour straight 😉

  6. melissa:

    Learning to trust again and knowing that not everybody out to get me

  7. Amy:

    I am going to try to draw, paint, and make artwork out of chairs. lol Seriously.

  8. Develop my life coaching service.

  9. Chung:

    Try to curb my addiction To Farmville, Android, and iTouch games…and be more productive.

  10. alexia:

    filter out the people in my life who bring me down

  11. Sophia:

    I need to stop being scared around new people, and just be me.

  12. to be stronger

  13. Zels:

    Have more Jesus in my life.

  14. Tiva:

    I need to stop being so uptight and judgmental. I need to laugh and enjoy myself more, as well as doing the best job that I can.

  15. To have more consistency within myself. Stable in my mind, and with my body.

  16. Debbie:

    Setting priorities!

  17. Danny:

    I need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Specifically exercise and diet. I need to lose 30 lbs.
    This is important because I want to be here to be a great father to my children and to make my wife’s life better.

  18. Anne:

    to take singing lessons and practice ukulele

  19. Anonymous:

    Lose weight.
    No matter what it takes.

  20. Kay:

    I need to figure out exactly what I want out of life and work to get myself there. I need to find the strength in myself to be less dependent on the people that are in my life now, and work to make them people who can depend on me.

  21. Claire:

    I need to have more self confidence and self esteem and in order to do that I need to loose weight and like the person I am.

  22. Lg:

    Be healthier. Both physically and mentally. I want to be more artistic, expressive, and spend more time doing things that I enjoy.

  23. Kay:

    I need to fix my credit and buy a decent house for me and my son,I also need to find myself a good woman to spend my time with…

  24. Positive Pamela:

    Stop eating to fill the void. Eat soley for nourishment and strength and exercise, pray, meditate…

  25. A:

    To not be scared to be close to someone. Its going to be so hard….especially because for a portion of the next 12 months I will be on the other side of the world…

  26. Thé:

    You put
    “Lose weight.
    No matter what it takes”

    Please be healthy.

  27. Anonymous:

    Do better in school

  28. TR:

    Stop cutting. For my boyfriend and for myself.

  29. Brit:

    Stop being so hard on myself. And on others.

  30. Casey F:

    I need to lose a lot of weight and get in shape.

  31. Rebecca:

    I need to focus more on school. :/

  32. Amanda:

    I need to become more confident

  33. Kati:

    To count my blessings, every day.

  34. Carlotta:

    To get in shape and feel good about myself again.

  35. rosie:

    to get into arizona state university so that i can move from philly and start my life in arizona. to not be scared and to just do it without worrying what others will think. if this is what will make me happy then my family will understand.

  36. andy:

    I need to become motivated

  37. Willson:

    Order in my life

  38. Netta:

    To move on and completely get over my ex.

  39. shayna:

    i need to stop punishing myself and realize that i am fine the way i am.

  40. I want to fall in love with my best friend, who is also, my boyfriend. 03.05.11 <3

  41. Aja:

    Be more comfortable with myself, on my own.

  42. be more independent.

  43. Tanner:

    I need to learn to not procrastinate and stay motivated to do well in school.

  44. Erin:

    to find myself again

  45. Jody:

    Forget him, and stop loving him. Move on, and find someone who will respect me.

  46. steph:

    To do better in school.
    Find an EMT job.
    Buy a good car.
    Keep my relationship with my boyfriend.

  47. Nick:

    Getting out of my comfort zone and start meeting new people.

  48. Eric B:

    Stop Boozing

  49. Grace:

    Believing in my own thoughts rather than everyone else’s negativity. Taking control of myself, and ignore all other evil.

  50. Leslie:

    Trust the people who love me, with all of my heart, without letting my head get in the way!

  51. Taylor:

    to take charge of my life. do what i want when i want ..

  52. Samantha:

    Taking on the full responsibility of supporting myself, away from my parent’s guidance.

  53. Mom:

    I need go back to school, and also to sdet a better example for my daughter so she doesen’t end up doing the same things and feel the same regret’s, this involve’s many things, but essentially it means that I need to be more assertive and less afraid of whatever these things are that inhibit me from reaching y full potential in all aspects of life. I’m not to great with initiating my goals and dreams and desires that I know would create a better life for me and my loved ones also because of my accomplishing these thngs, whatever they may be. I sometimes may not know exactly how or feel as if i am capable of doing what I feel needs to be done in order to accomplish my objectives and therefore I tend to put off doing stuff today until tommorow but in reality tommorow always becomes still yet another tomorow if I don’t just do the damned thing. In a nutshell I just need to get up off my butt and do whatever it is I think I need or should be doing. That’s the bottom line. :-) Mom

  54. Lisa:

    Figure out the root of my problems. 90% of the time, the problem isn’t what we think it is. It stems from something deep inside that we created when we were younger to protect ourselves subconsciously. Figuring out one root problem will solve hundreds of other issues.

  55. Bella:

    Be positive, and more lively/energetic. Accept the things that cannot be changed, and change the things that can.

  56. Ncc:

    Get completely over my ex and have an amazing relatinship with f<3 by then

  57. Moudi:

    I need to stop be in control of my life

  58. Yvonne:

    I need to learn how to take control of my own life and be an individual.

  59. Kyra:

    I need to learn self-control and everything I do has a consequence

  60. Annie:

    I need to move on. Not forget about him- He will always be a part of who I am, but I need to stop feeling like half a person without him. I need to be ME.

  61. Sam:

    loose weight. healthfully.

  62. Dani:

    I want to lose weight for sure. But so many other incredible things will happen in the next twelve months – I’ll graduate from college, I’ll know if I got into grad school, etc. Pretty exciting stuff. Losing weight successfully & permanently would just add to the amazing.

  63. hana:

    recover from my very first heart break and hopefully find a guy who can deal with a beaten and battered girl like me

  64. lovinglife:

    by myself… all the time, stop being uncomfortable and shy around people in my class

  65. lovinglife:

    *be myself

  66. I need to let go of all my comforts and believe that I can get anywhere by myself if I believe and have the determination

  67. Bre:

    stop feeling like i have to always be grounded by someone, to just have fun and live in the moment and enjoy the little time i have left in high school, not worrying about the future or the past.

  68. rose:

    i need to figure out my life.

  69. Allie:

    I need to loosen up and not be such a worry wart. I need to focus on my college education and really kick butt this year, along with working at my new job that I need to nail.

  70. Myriam:

    love myself

  71. lex:

    be more independent

  72. kiele:

    Open myself up to love.

  73. Kenner:

    I need to try to be something more than a perfect girlfriend

  74. Desperate:

    Loose weight find my true self and stop being weak and letting my mind control all my actions

  75. maia joseph:

    to be with my mom again.</3

  76. Julieta:

    Make things right with myself and someone I did much wrong

  77. Jeremy:

    Whether or not I like the penis or the vagina more. I have to choose one..

  78. Allyson:

    This massive diarrhea

  79. kelly:

    accept myself for who i really am and accept my insecurities, learn how to live with them

  80. Brian:

    to keep promises to myself and do what i know is best to better myself because when i take a step back and think about things i do know what is right i just dont execute as well as i would like to

  81. Savannah:

    Learn to trust, and be more comfortable with myself. Learn to appreciate more, and love life.

  82. (::

    learn to love myself, gain weight, be nicer to my parents, work on my friendships, lie less, spend more time with my own family, work on my appearance to feel more secure about myself

  83. bailey:

    to stop obsessing over my weight so i can say that i don’t have an eating disorder and mean it, to treat everyone the same no matter if their my best friend or worst enemy, to be more concerned with school and sports and my future rather then high school drama, to be more social and a likable person

  84. Nathan:

    Figure out what to do with my relationships with women.. I’m in a sticky situation and does not know what to do or where to go.

  85. Julia:

    To grow up.

  86. dara:

    become a writer

  87. Sprules:

    To learn to trust again and to stop self harming.

  88. Yvonne:


  89. Sarah:

    I need to start living life and be brave.

  90. Willa:

    smile and laugh like i used to.

  91. nicole:

    In the next twelve months I need to change the way I look at my ex. I need to accept that he is just my best friend and I will likely never get the relationship part of him back.

  92. MS:

    Definitely gain weight.

  93. Shakila:

    Lose weight

  94. bedtime_:

    Forget someone who forgot me.
    Get more confidence. Believe in myself.
    Write. More writing.
    Work more with my camera and photoshop.

  95. Tay:


  96. […] Question 302 […]

  97. Desiree:

    I’ve spent majority of my twenties worried about what everyone else was doing. I have not established myself at all . Not even close. Haven’t finished school, do not have a career ect. 28 yrs old with nothong to show.

  98. Estefania:

    Give myself the opportunity to discover what makes me trully happy, to then share it.

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  101. Wanderlust:

    To give away all of my belongings and start completely over. Buy a camper and live my life on the road like I’ve always wanted to but have been too afraid to do.

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