Question 303

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  1. wefallbutoursoulsfly:


  2. Jackie:

    60s music, darkness, cold, and working out.

  3. Angria:

    My horse and my teacher. They are the only ones who are genuinely honest with me and I can trust.

  4. leslie:


  5. alexia:

    my best friend’s hugs

  6. Sophia:

    My best friends.

  7. me:


  8. my dad

  9. Being with my husband of almost 30 years. He is my rock (next to God!)

  10. Marvin:

    my God, my family and my music… in that order 😉

  11. CMM:

    When my brother is home from the Army.

  12. L.:

    Falling asleep in my boyfriend’s arms.

  13. Tiva:

    When he tells me I’m beautiful and that he loves me even when I’m moody and grumpy. I tend to push him away when I’m like that, but I feel secure knowing he’s not going anywhere.

  14. love :)

  15. Libby:

    when I’m on my way home

  16. Giselle:

    (not in any particular order whatsoever) hugs, my boyfriend and friends, certain songs, looking at life with that “glass half full” perspective, floral printed dresses, God, skinny jeans and over-sized sweaters,, laughter that can go forever, hot chocolate, having fun with my close friends that i consider family, realizing (even if its for a second) that i am beautiful and special and unqiue, reading, relaxing days where i do nothing at all, writing in my diary, thinking about him, everything happy and special about life.

  17. Home. Hanging out with my family. Some music.

  18. Margie:

    In no particular order:
    1.) Music
    2.) Disney movies
    3.) Pokemon games
    4.) Being with my family
    5.) Being with my friends
    6.) Writing
    7.) A good book
    8.) Being under the covers, between asleep and awake.

  19. manny:

    dreaming, light, friends, family and God

  20. Danny:

    When I feel closest to God, my father. When it is clear to me that He is real and what matters most.

  21. m:


  22. daylights :)

  23. Justin:

    when I know that I am not alone on this journey of life

  24. Kat:

    Being held.

    I like the above horse comment, it’s quite true.

  25. Alice:

    My grandpa’s farm or my boyfriends hugs. Those are the two things in my life who won’t go away and leave me

  26. Anne:

    my friends

  27. Soulcatch:

    Being alone.

  28. Aspiringdoctor:

    1. Perfection

    2. Organization

    3. Believing confidently in my dream of becoming an intellegent, capable, and caring doctor one day.

  29. Shae-Lynn:

    My teddy bear and my Blankey (I’m 19 years old and not afraid to admit it!)

  30. Lg:

    Being around a friend or significant other that I feel an unconditional love with/for. I also feel secure when I am alone in my apartment, listening to music, reading a great book or blog, and having a glass of wine. When I’m stressed out at work or in life in general I think of these things and a sense of calm comes over me.

  31. Kay SA:

    My son

  32. veenstar:

    knowing the Truth.

  33. Positive Pamela:

    a warm hug, a huge smile, knowing I’m loved and appreciated and accepted.

  34. Swish:

    His arms.

  35. S:

    Shae-Lyn – i also choose my teddy bear :)

  36. yup:


  37. tree:

    falling asleep with my boyfriends arms around me.

  38. Anonymous:

    Being told that a girl actually thinks I am hot

  39. Casey F:

    My girlfriend telling me about her love for me.

  40. anon:

    girlfriend and alcohol

  41. finding myself

  42. Amanda:

    my boyfriend and music

  43. Kasey:

    Being in the arms of the man that I am in love with, being in my Mom’s house, being with my family,

  44. Nicole:

    My fiance being in my apartment, even if he is in another room. Just knowing he is within calling distance, or hugging distance is so comforting.

  45. Sofieland:

    Finding my boyfriend in bed.

  46. Stephanie:

    Complements from teachers. I love knowing that I can impress adults.

  47. Me:

    knowing that when i come home, my little brother will run up to greet me, scream my name at the top of his lungs and give the best hug ever.

  48. em:

    My boyfriend and my cat.

  49. Making someone else feel secure. When I know I’m protecting someone and that they’re relieved I feel relieved.

  50. Ali:

    Waking up in my boyfriends arms. :) (It’s super cheesy, but it really does feel like the safest place in the world.)

  51. being with someone i know well

  52. anon:

    My friends–my REAL friends–and family.

  53. Aimee:

    Security comes from knowing I belong. I feel secure when I belong somewhere or to someone. I know then that I’m safe.

  54. steph:

    My boyfriend.
    My friends.

  55. Danny:

    Being able to believe in what the people I love say.

  56. Nick:

    Hugs and simply the presence of the people that I love.

  57. Lee:


  58. Samantha:


  59. Bella:

    A few things make me feel secure..
    1. Feeling absolutely clean and comfortable in my own body.
    2. Waking up to a sunny day.
    3. Having a great mood-changing conversation
    4. Music that speaks to me
    6. Disney movies
    7. Parks
    8. In the dark, under comfy blankets
    9. Believing in myself.
    10. My ability to change

  60. Moudi:

    my mother’s voice( i seriously have alooot of love for my mother)

  61. Johanna:

    being wrapped in the arms of someone I love. it’s one of the only times I feel truly safe and secure.

  62. Stephanie:

    My best friend Jonah

  63. Jojo:


  64. Yvonne:

    My sister. She’s my rock. :)

    My friends make a big contribution too.

  65. Annie:

    Knowing that the people closest to me are there for me, and letting them know that I’m there for them no matter what.

  66. Eleanor:

    My brother.

  67. Emily:


  68. Jamie:

    Music that describes any sort of situation I am placed in.

  69. Being able to make you smile.

  70. * correction to web site* Being able to make you smile. :)

  71. Trusting in life, learning from mistakes, sun rising every morning.

  72. Hannah:

    God, my family(especially my little brother and mom and mimi), the few friends that i do have, my boyfriend, love, hugs, reading the bible, being accepted, being myself, the future, and knowing that no matter what-i’m never alone.

  73. Laura:

    Being snuggled up next to him. His big arms around me. At that moment, there was nothing wrong in the world.

  74. talking to my best friend…better yet, hanging out with my best friend. Quality time, deep conversation, and hugs with my best friend are legit.

  75. Alli:

    My best friend/sister/soulmate’s hugs /or/
    My mom’s hugs when she knows that I really need one /or/
    Being in my boyfriend’s arms.

  76. Being with my nephew!

  77. Allie:

    Knowing that everything happens for a reason. Having my family here to guide me in the right direction, even if I disagree sometimes.

  78. Nothing Man:

    Nothing. Nada. Fuck God.

  79. Jane:

    Sitting in my desk chair, in my room with the door closed

  80. taylor:

    my brothers and best friends voice. i feel safe when i smell my brothers smoke and i feel safe when i hear my best friend.

  81. Julieta:

    My best friend G – I know I will never lose him

  82. nicola:

    Falling asleep in my boyfriends arms, or just when he cuddles me and i can snuggle into him.

  83. Jeremy:

    The hair on my buttcrack tends to me insecure…its like what is the point of it. and will the girl i’m with think its gross?

  84. kelly719:

    my amazing boyfriend, his family and my family

  85. Savannah:

    Laying with my girlfriend, hugging my father.

  86. SydneyC:


  87. True:

    When someone I really love holds me close, and I know that they dont have to let go.

  88. Sunshine18:

    A good book, doing something completely on my own, the sun on my back, and when a boy just hold me.

  89. (::

    theres a couple:
    -being alone lying in a big bed listening to music that seems to be made for me
    -watching a favorite TV show of mine when i was a child
    -laughing so hard with my family/cousins i can barely breathe
    -doing the weirdest things in front of my best friend and she goes along with it
    -getting a couple texts from friends wanting to hang out that day
    -my parents telling me they love me.
    -my brother having to tell me something important
    -going out to breakfast with my siblings
    -knowing all the words to a favorite song
    -people liking my profile picture

  90. Jessica:

    1. My German Shepard helps me to feel safe
    2. Having my boyfriend waitfor me in my warm bed
    3. being in bed when its raining

  91. Anne:

    Knowing that he is in my life. Without him I feel lost and uncertain.

  92. Nathan:

    Being with my best friends while the phone and computer are turned off.

  93. Leslie:


  94. Julia:

    Walking around with an open mind, surronded by beautiful nature and taking amazing shots.

  95. Hannah:

    A good hug.

  96. Chelsea:

    Music, my little bible that I always keep in my purse and the cross hanging from my rear view mirror.

  97. Dunk:

    a really big padlock

  98. kassi:

    Being hugged by someone taller than me. Not just a soft wrap around either, I mean when they really squeeze you. And you start swaying back and forth. Those are the most securing hugs.

  99. adri:


  100. Sarah:

    My mum.

  101. A:

    Holding hands. Blankets.

  102. emme:

    snuggling. and when my whole family gets together. the amount of support we show each other.

  103. Ree:

    Being cuddled, knowing that your safe in this person’s arms

  104. john:

    my bed

  105. Shakila:

    My phone
    My blanket
    Dark places

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  107. Brook:

    When my dad or best friend hugs me

    Blanket forts


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