Question 304

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219 Responses to “Question 304”

  1. Greta:

    The sound of the perfect swish when shooting hoops. Or the noise when you open a bottle of diet coke. Or the sound of flip flops.

  2. Kirsten:

    First thought when I read this: zippers.
    They just instantly remind me of camping and being a kid.

  3. Hailee:

    Rain pattering on the roof when I am in my bed at night.

  4. alexia:

    the sound of a tennis ball bouncing off of the sweet spot of a racquet

  5. m:

    The soft, barely-audible sigh of the girl I loved.

  6. L:

    The sound of birds singing outside my window in the country.

  7. the sound of chewing food πŸ˜‰

  8. Jay:

    The sound of running water, the sound of bricks clinking together. The sound of a piano playing.

  9. Inge:

    Music, in all sorts and forms.
    And the heartbeat of someone you love, when you lie together in silence.

  10. Danny:

    1. The sweet sound of the voices of my children when they are being honest, loving and transparent.

    2. The sound of soft, calming music.

  11. Adrienne:

    Hearing the waves coming in and out and crashing on the beach.

  12. Anne:

    the clicking of a pen, or pushing buttons on a phone. repetitive sounds that other people seem to find annoying.

  13. bapsi:

    the sound of rain hitting the window or roof when i’m laying in bed. the heartbeat of the person you love who is laying next to you with their head in the crook of your chest. their slow breathing when they are sleeping in your arms.

  14. Diii:

    the sound of rain in winter , the sound of air moving the trees in spring , the sound of waves in summer , the sound of breathing in and out ..

  15. Janie:

    The sound of ocean waves hitting the shore, rain on a tin roof, the sound of the woods while laying in a hammock with my eyes closed and the sun on my face, and the sound of complete silence when it begins to snow really hard. Just to name a few.

  16. sarah:

    standing outside when it’s snowing, when everything sounds a little muffled.

  17. Sophia:

    The sound of the rain, the sound of the waves.

  18. md:

    thunder in the distance. my lil cuzin trying to talk. a natural v12 without the loud muffler

  19. Elise:

    The sound of the voice of the person you’re in love with and their heartbeat.

  20. Margie:

    1.) Thunder
    2.) Heavy rain
    3.) Ocean waves
    4.) Music in any form (except for rap and heavy metal.)

  21. Marvin:

    the sleep sounds of my wife and kids… rain on a lazy afternoon… and a screaming guitar melting the walls :-)

  22. I love the sound of water. I love flowing water, rushing water, trickling water…

  23. Sean:

    The sounds the leaves make when you kick through them while walking in Autumn.

  24. anonymous:

    The overwhelming soft silence after it snows. There are sounds, but they are muffled, making it feel like you are in a snowglobe.

  25. I love types of sounds that can be only heard in silence. Train passing by in the distance late at night. Fridge buzzing early in the morning. Birds singing somewhere in the forest. My list goes on.

  26. Meghan:

    Crackling wood in the fire. Heels on tiled floor. Pencils tapping.
    A certain girl’s voice, even though I don’t get along with her.

  27. CMM:

    My best friend’s voice.

  28. Anonymous:

    Depending on the phase, their music.
    Gives me the hope that keeps me living.

  29. Can:

    Sounds of joy

  30. Laura:

    All music except rap and screamo.
    Thunderstorms at night.
    My fishtank.
    The beach.
    The sound of waves against the side of a boat. It reminds me of when I was little and we lived on our boat in a marina.
    And all my friends laughing together.

  31. Lg:

    I love the sound of rain at night, or in the morning when I know I have the whole day off to lay in bed and watch movies on netflix. I also find the ocean to be completely meditative.

  32. Lua:

    The sound of my mom voice

    The sound of rain drops , winds and music :)

  33. Debbie:

    So true: the heartbeat of someone you love, when you lie together in silence.

  34. sarah:

    His Heartbeat <3

  35. SK:

    The sound of a piano, playing a long sad song…

  36. Positive Pamela:

    the sound of my garage door opening when My Love is coming home.

  37. Tiva:


  38. A gentle thunderstorm on my roof.

  39. Teresa:

    Incoming message from Skype

  40. S:

    Rain, the ocean, rivers, fountains – any form of flowing water
    Strong winds rushing through trees

  41. Allie:

    the sound when you rip a paper
    the music my brothers play, at first catious and quiet but it gradually grows louder abd stronger, as if they are slipping into a new world
    water, fast or slow, all water
    a dog yawning to wake you up before your alarm clock
    a gentle sigh that sneaks out when you have a perfect time with a perfect person
    a babies innocent coo

  42. heretoday:

    The two beeps that my hearing aids make when they turn on.
    Also, the sounds immediately after I take them off, when I realize how quiet and muted everything is without them.
    Sometimes, I prefer not to wear them.

  43. August:

    The comforting purr of my cat as he cuddles up against me at night

  44. Hannah:

    that buzzing sound you hear when you sit in silence long enough :)

  45. Crystal:

    the sound of the rain at night when I’m trying to sleep
    the sound of my neiece end nephew laughing
    the sound of my dog yelping to play

  46. LeaLea:

    The sound of water running over pebbles.

  47. Anonymous:

    The Sound of a Storm

  48. Zels:

    The sound of rain

  49. zai:

    sound of first birds in spring

  50. Pouring Down On Me:

    The sound of rain pouring on an umbrella, or a car roof.

  51. Naomi:

    The sound of a cello being played beautifully.

  52. Suzanne:

    Kitties purring, the beach and the rain.

  53. Margaret Murphey:

    The sound of the woods when everyone is quiet
    The sound of the wind when it speaks to you
    The sound of silence

  54. Rebecca:

    The sound of an acoustic guitar.

  55. Sara:

    the sound of car tires driving over pebbles/little rocks

  56. dk:

    a beating heart

  57. Coco:

    The sound of a baby laughing.

  58. Amanda:

    music that I love

  59. Bridget:

    The loudest dynamic of silence. (Yes, that sounds crazy..but it’s true)
    The sound of the world, because frankly, reading all of this really makes me enjoy the fact that I’m still living and loving it(:

  60. Mel:

    Laughter, real laughter and the initial silence when you get in bed for the day.

  61. Heath:

    absolute silence :)
    otherwise, probably the water running in the fish tank or a steady downpour of rain on the roof

  62. iamnothing:

    the sound of my pen writing furiously on paper

  63. Dave-Anand:

    Bricks sliding across bricks

  64. FrankMc:

    there are 2 perfect sounds in recorded music I know of. One is the introduction to ‘Filthy Habits’ on Frank Zappa’s Sleep Dirt – three reversed guitars, feeding back in harmony with each other – blends into a transcendent noise. The other is the swell on the intro to Simple Minds ‘All the Things She Said’, which sounds like a synth but is actually a processed guitar – a celestial sound.

  65. savannarosee:

    The sound of harmonization when two people sing a duet together. <3

  66. Hannah:

    the sound of rain falling through the trees.

  67. Nicole:

    The sound of a cat purring.
    The sound of a heavy downpour.
    The sound of my fiances heartbeat and his steady breathing.

  68. Carlotta:


  69. Tessa:

    The voice of a young British boy (something similar to the voice of “Charlie Bit My Finger”). I’m Canadian, but every time I hear a little boy with a British accent speak I instantly smile.

  70. Laura:

    The sound of pushing the ashes down in a bowl w/ the butt of a lighter.

  71. olga:

    the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind.

  72. Victoria:

    When my lover laughs, it’s like everything’s great and is only gonna get better.

  73. Big_G:

    The sigh of contentment that comes out of my dog as she curls up tight to me after I come home from work; the sweet sound of a high end car audio system while whizzing down the road on a warm summer night with the girl you love in the passenger seat.

  74. June:

    The rain, when it’s soaking outside. Everything about it, the smell, and noise, the feeling of being at one with nature.

  75. gregory trujillo:


  76. Hannibal:

    Bones breaking.

  77. stephanie`:

    A thunder storm.

  78. Lily:

    The sound of rain on a rooftop.

  79. ~ Rain (but only when I’m sleeping)
    ~ Wind chimes twinkling in the wind
    ~ Baby coos
    ~ My husband when he laughs really hard at something
    ~ Ocean waves

  80. jigg:

    girls moaning

  81. Trixie:

    My daughter singing in the shower. She been doing it since she was 3. (She’s 14 now.)

  82. Bailey:

    a D major triad.

  83. Brooke:

    His laugh.

  84. Sophie:

    I like to hear the sound of someone writing and playing piano. And the heart beating. It’s amazing.

  85. sophie:

    the crinkling noise you hear when you light a cigarette.

  86. Klbe:

    His heart beat and every breath he takes when I lay my head on his chest. The silly excited barks I get from my dog when I come home for the weekend. His laugh, it’s perfect. The squeak of an old floor it reminds me that it’s solid trustworthy and has been doing it’s job perfectly for a long time it’s reassuring and dependable. A diesel engine, a nonsense story a little kid thought up, laughter in general and the crunch of leaves underfoot in the fall.

  87. Caitlin:

    i love the sound of a crotch rocket (speed bike) revving and speeding off πŸ˜€

  88. Faraz:

    the sound a hockey puck makes when it gets hit by a slap shot

  89. Rachel:

    the crackling of a camp fire.

    the scratching of a ben across paper.

  90. Kirstin:

    the sound of our memories, your laugh, our inside jokes, your heartbeat.
    the sound of the wind through the trees.
    and a really awesome drum corps.

  91. Talia:

    Horse hooves on the pavement.

  92. the sound of the ocean

  93. Tanner:

    1. The sound of a volleyball being smashed onto the other court.
    2. The sound of waves.
    3. The swish of the snow under my board.
    4. The sound of my friends’ laughter.

  94. yo:

    walking on gravel

  95. Brigette:

    Children playing.

  96. Laura:


  97. sarah:

    the crinkly sound of wet paper after it has dried.

  98. josie:

    1.sounds of nature(birds,water,rain,wind,leaves,thunder,ocean,etc.)
    2.classical music(piano)
    3.wind chimes songs that isn’t rock)((rock is still cool but not my favorite sound:P))
    5.voices of people i miss(parents,sibling,best friend,etc.)

  99. Kikyo:


  100. steph:

    Pinecones being crushed.
    Leaves being walked on in the fall.
    My boyfriends laugh.

  101. Lauryn:

    The sound of a child laughing.

  102. Lauren:

    The voices of my family members and rain on the window

  103. Nick:

    Anything that calms me or makes my day feel good.

  104. Eric B:

    My lover’s moan

  105. Sam:

    Nat King Cole

  106. Razz:

    I love the sound of falling rain. The sound of my fan whirring as it cools down my computer. The sound of liquid pouring into glass (It’s weird but true!). The music of string instruments of any kind. The sound of rustling trees and crunching leaves. The sound of clicking pens (Click click click click click…). The hissing sound of forcing metal to cool when you dunk it in water when forging and welding.

    There are so many more that I love, that I’ve probably forgotten. Ahh well, I’ll remember them sooner or later.

  107. Daniel:

    My favourite sound comes in a variety of ways, but they always give me the same sensation; a surge of energy that flows up and down my spine leaving goose bumps on my triceps. There I loose my self in the ebb and flow of the sound waves pulsing in my ears.

  108. Tanya:

    babies laughing.

  109. Mary:

    The sound of rain on my roof when I’m in bed and dont have to go out in it.

  110. brittany:

    I love listening to thunderstorms, the crackling of the thunder mixed with the sound of the rain.

  111. Nina:

    I love the sound of rain and laughter and the sound of his laugh <3

  112. Jacky:

    Her moaning

  113. Sacman:

    An engine roaring to life after a fresh rebuild. or the wind whistling through the trees. come to think of it, i don’t really have a favorite sound… just some sounds i like a lot.

  114. Lee:

    The sound of my girlfriend having an orgasm..

  115. gg:

    my dog’s tail thump thumping in happy greeting when he sees me, or when we’re talking…

  116. Tr:

    Babies laughing.
    Mourning Doves.
    Seagulls, windchimes, rustling reeds & distant waves, altogether.
    Bass from a dance party when you’re still outside.
    Crack of a bat.
    A Ferrari.
    Kitten purring.
    Husband’s tone-deaf singing.
    Fog horns In the morning.
    Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced, on vinyl

  117. Samantha:

    The hum of a distant city.

  118. neasa:

    My mother and nieces laughter and voices living so far away from them is so difficult, love our chats on the phone picks me up so much πŸ˜‰

  119. Melanie Bourgoin:

    meadow larks in the early morning, and cows and horses in the distant

  120. Mel:

    The sound of crickets at the beach on hot summer night.


    Strong winds blowing through the trees bringing a storm.

  121. Chris:

    The sound of rain on my metal roof. TIC TIC TIC TIC….

  122. Bella:

    Babies laughing/children playing
    Raining when indoors in bed
    the beach waves
    the piano playing a beautiful song
    the cars driving by a highway
    birds chirping
    a beautiful voice singing

  123. Pilgrim:

    A two year old’s laughter.

  124. Sharkey:

    the trumpet of a sandhill crane across a field in the early morning, when the air is still clear enough to make out every echo

  125. Stephanie:

    The sound of the rain hitting the ocean. Or the leaves in the wind. The sound of kids learning to see the world. Or the sound of silence. The best sound is the sound of love.

  126. Maggie:

    The sound of raindrops on the roof of your tent (Preferably when the tent is amply waterproof.)

  127. Gena:

    The sound of a far of a train whistle in the still of night

  128. alfred:

    when a woman cums

  129. WAVES!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Sam:

    the sound of rain hitting the leaves of trees.

  131. Sarah:

    The sound you hear when you put your ear close to a clementine when you pull the sections apart

  132. Julie:

    The sound of a loon’s ghostly call on a lake when I go to sleep at night at my camp in Maine.

  133. Erin:

    my boyfriend’s laughter as he’s doing what he loves.

  134. Sam:

    Marbles clanking together and rubbing along side one another.

  135. Gregory:

    The sound of a muted trumpet.

  136. Gregory:

    Also a Third Inversion AbMajor7 Chord

  137. drEAmOn:

    the sound of everyones flag swishing in the air and the being caught perfectly. you will know what i’m talking about if you know what colorguard/winterguard is.

  138. ben gibbard’s voice.

  139. life_rider:

    the sound of laughter :)

  140. Gracie:

    I love the sound of bubble wrap popping,
    The sound of the perfect leaf crunch in autumn
    but the best sound is rain!!!

  141. Laura:

    Sitting on the front porch, listening to the rain, thunder and wind chimes. It is so peaceful and yet you know there is a storm brewing.

  142. Alli:

    The sound of a thunderstorm while he’s holding me in his arms, and randomly whispers I love you.

  143. michelle:

    My hubby and kids laughing.

  144. Bob:

    The sound of the tires of a car on a gravel road… i just love it

  145. kaitlyn:

    rain on a tin roof and the spark of a lighter

  146. Elyse:

    The sound a vacuum cleaner makes when it picks up a bunch of stuff at the same time.

  147. Bre:

    rain, the ocean lapping at a dock, and laughter

  148. Daija:

    the sound of a kiss

  149. Allie:

    My boyfriend’s soft voice when he’s saying something meaningful.

  150. The sound of walking through fallen leaves

    The sound of horses grazing

    The sound of rain outside, when I’m inside with a cup of tea – and there’s the rain, right on cue! :)

  151. Elise:

    The sound of emptying the trash can on an apple computer.

  152. K:

    I like the sound of the dryer running. Or a fan. I can’t sleep without one of them.

  153. Krista Marie:

    the sound of your tires when youre driving on a driveway made of rocks.

  154. Julie:

    Thunder and heavy rain!

  155. tantenoonie:

    — The sound of shuffling cards.

    — The sound of ice cracking.

    Weird, but true.

  156. san:

    the sound of the piano it’s full of plently emotions

  157. Katie:

    The sound of scissors cutting fabric.

  158. Nicole:

    When dodge balls hit people.

  159. Kenner:

    Heavy rain and distant thunder
    Frogs and bugs by the lake at night

  160. Anna:

    The sound of music. Or the sound of new sneakers on a Wal-Mart floor. πŸ˜‰

  161. Claire:

    the sound of my mom saying my name.

  162. Haylee:

    hmm, I’d probably have to say the sound of my church’s bells.. Almost gives me chills :)
    Also, I like the sound of crunching leaves

  163. Julieta:

    The sound of my best friends voice saying my name when he’s thinking of something sweet – his voice changes into a softer tone and he hugs me later. I love the sound of his heartbeat when he hugs me

  164. Aly:

    Thunder and heavy rain

    Ocean Waves

    Wah-wah in a Dubstep song

  165. chanelle:

    when my husband tells me he loves me. plus the sound of my husband sleeping chanelle 19 new zealand

  166. Kagome:

    the sound of rain on a tin roof

  167. Miss Katie:

    The sounds of the forest, the wind rustling through the trees, the near by creek that has it’s dips and turns, the sound of a startled deer scurrying away from it’s invader.

    Or the sweet, blessed sound of Silence.

  168. Jeremy:

    My favorite is…the sound of farts. Because there’s a large variety of them!

  169. Allyson:

    The sound of my grandparents shagging in the next room. It gives me hope that when I get that old, my sex life will be just as great :)

  170. kelly:

    My boyfriend’s heartbeat

  171. Deja:

    The sound of the trains going by at night.

  172. Savannah:

    My girlfriends laugh, the sound of her heartbeat, her singing voice.

  173. Sunshine18:

    Leaves rustling, waves crashing, rain on a window pane, the lead singer of Mumford’s voice, Irish music, a fire crackling… just to name a few :)

  174. Eva:

    waves crashing on the shore, lying in bed breathing slowly while a soft fan is spurring

  175. Amy:

    That little sound puppies make when they’re sleeping



  176. Whitney:

    the voice of Sir Paul McCartney.

  177. Jessica Ray:

    the sound of leaves crunching when I run over them in the fall & i love when i hear people laughing.

  178. Q:

    The sound of sand falling on dry leaves.

  179. ceruleanswim:

    Wind through aspen leafs. An earliest memory, of white-barked aspen with iridescent nearly translucent leaves in the mountains, making the most peaceful sound I can never forget.

  180. Jessica:

    The sound of water can really help your creativity and thought

  181. Matt:

    The sound of cats fighting in an alley.. and then the slow agonizing screeches that fade into silence as one of them dies.

  182. Heather:

    The sound of a sweet baby breathing while I rock him to sleep

  183. Max:

    the sound of a boat across a lake

  184. Kate:

    The sound of children laughing. It’s completely contagious!

  185. Jess:

    A lion’s roar :)

  186. rail:


  187. Julia:

    The midnight train.

  188. Rachael:

    The pure, clean sound of a perfectly played flute

  189. Jennesis:

    The sound of a skateboard rolling down a street
    Or the sound of waves clashig together
    (Yes i am a californian) πŸ˜‰

  190. Chelsea:

    Socket wrench and the beach

  191. Miranda:

    Music, rainy nights, & his voice. (:

  192. trish:

    his soft snores when he sleeps

  193. erin:

    rain. not the gentle pitter patter of rain on your roof. pouring, torrential, flood inducing rain.

  194. Fenton:

    The fizzing sound of a perfectly carbonated IPA freshly poured from the bottle

  195. Laurens:

    Aside from the voice of the person I love: the sound a DLSR makes when taking a picture, knowing that you’ve captured a remarkable moment.

  196. kassi:

    The sound of a steady rainfall on the roof on a car, while in traffic.

  197. zavia:

    his presence

  198. zavia:

    i love the sound of falling rain

  199. karakara:

    a baby laughing

  200. Amy H:

    The voice of a person i really miss

  201. Isabelle:

    The sound of a ticking watch :)

  202. Tara:

    A gentle rain or rolling thunder. A baby’s laugh. My mom’s voice. The coffee pot brewing.

  203. Piper:

    I miss the sound of my granny cooking breakfast when I was little. I would wake up to the sound of small talk between my granny, grandad, aunts, and uncles. I would hear their muffled voices and bacon popping and sizzling in the frying pan. My granny and grandad passed away within 48 hours of each other in August. They couldn’t live without each other. I miss them everyday.

  204. hexmage:

    My phone’s buzzing sounds it makes when I receive a text message.

  205. Lynn:

    The sound of the wind in the leaves.

  206. AM:

    my daughter’s laugh :)

  207. a piano in the silence.

  208. The sound of spinning fire poi. Enwrapped in flames around you heightening your senses to an all time level to enjoy the sound of fire flapping in the wind with your swinging ears.

  209. Ranica:

    Sounds that remind me of life. The turning of the pages of a book. The whisper of the leaves. The singing of the birds. The voice of my mom.

  210. courtney:

    Any sound that is actually a feeling.

    ie…the wind through the trees in spring/fall
    raindrops on the window
    ocean waves

    can’t you feel that gentle breeze, or that comfortable blanket in bed, or that sting of the sunburn after a long day at the beach? those are the best sounds.

  211. Slappy:

    The voices in my head

  212. Persephanie:

    the sound of his laughter
    the sound of a heavy thunder storm

  213. DUSK:

    screams of pleasure
    followed closely by the sound of glass shattering in a room with good acoustics

  214. queenbee:

    Planes.birds.crickets.loud engines.buzzing

  215. Jess:

    Music and my mom’s voice

  216. Brenna:

    the sound when you break a york in half

  217. MJ:

    the sound of a rainforest, birds and insects chirping, waterfall trickling in the background, wind and trees moving. It’s so peaceful and calming and reminds me of the basics of human nature.

  218. shmashley:

    The sound of someone sweeping or cleaning with a scrub brush. It’s quite calming.

  219. Agata:


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