Question 305

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  1. Claire:

    1. Honesty/truthfullnes-even if it hurts
    2. Loyalty
    3. Understanding- in all sense of the word

  2. SM:

    1) honesty- not sugar coated sweetness
    2)compassion- so that I can impose my trust blindly
    3)insight- to advice me during dilemmas

  3. me:

    1. Look after themselves well.
    2. Positive.
    3. Honest.

  4. Danny:

    1. Accepting:  Someone who doesn’t judge me and allows me to be totally honest about my thoughts and accepts me for who I am. 
    2. Accountability: Someone who cares enough to hold me accountable to what’s important in my life. 
    3. Space:  Someone who respects my space and doesn’t smother me with excessive visits, calls or texts.
    –After answering this 3 part question, I feel like I’d be hard to be friends with. 

  5. sarah:

    1. good listener, but also can talk about themselves
    2. can have fun, i don’t have to worry about them not being able to keep up
    3. i can trust them to be there for the good stuff (parties, road trips, adventures) but also the bad stuff (break ups, bad days, whatever)

    but i want to be all these things for my friends too!

  6. sarah:

    1. good listener, but also can talk about themselves
    2. can have fun, i don’t have to worry about them not being able to keep up
    3. i can trust them to be there for the good stuff (parties, road trips, adventures) but also the bad stuff (break ups, bad days, whatever)

    but i want to be all these things for my friends too!

  7. Trustworthy

    Someone who knows how to have a good laugh.

    Someone who will accept me with all my faults.

  8. B3SH0Y:

    loyalty, trustworthiness and respect…

  9. Respectable, having fun, and being himself/herself.

  10. Positive Pamela:

    1) Honesty
    2) Compassion/understanding
    3) Openeness of self

  11. Blink:

    Openness of self

    Same as above

  12. Anne:

    1. doesn’t care what other people think
    2. is funny
    3.??? idk lol

  13. Sophia:

    1. Trustworthy
    2. Funny
    3. Not clingy

  14. Justin:

    1. Trust
    2. Honestly
    3. Understanding

  15. S:

    i think this is hard, because i 1) struggle to make friends and 2) my friends don’t share all the same qualities…So i’m just going to try:
    1) confident
    2) able to go crazy and have fun, but also be sensible if necessary
    3) talkative and energetic

    so essentially, the opposite of me…

  16. anonymous:

    openness-being open and comfortable and not care if you act crazy
    loyalty-sticking up for you when you aren’t around and being brave enough to take a chance and tell you to be better
    sense of humor- laughing at stupid nonsense and not caring

  17. Tiva:

    honesty is definitely a must in my book.
    and a sense of humor.

  18. Dan:


    I’ve learned that expecting too much out of your friends only leads to personal dissatisfaction. Expecting a little out of people leads to having some fantastic friends.

  19. Annie:

    1. Loyalty-this is a huge one for me. I am a loyal person. I value loyalty. True love is loyal love. I can’t stand people who ditch their “friends.”

    2. Good listener-I need people to lean on. That’s what a friend is.

    3. Someone who will be willing to call me out if I do things that are wrong. I want to know what to change in my life.

    Samantha, Colette, Heather: Thank you for being better than the best friends anyone could dream of. I love you guys more than you could imagine.

  20. Zels:

    caring loyal and trustworthy

  21. Hana:

    appreciate the world

  22. Casey F:

    Honesty. Trust. And the belief that life is about having fun and making the most of our time.

  23. Coco:

    They will listen without judging.
    They will be honest.
    They will not put me down.

  24. Amanda:

    Good listener

  25. cardon:

    in order:
    1.honest/trustworthy (really important to me)
    2. sense of humor and abitily to always have fun
    3. accepting and loves me for me even when I’m acting weird

  26. Danny:

    1. Trust
    2. Acceptance
    3. Love

  27. Krista:

    2. Just
    3. Right

  28. Fox:

    1. Happy to spend time with me
    2. Respect for themselves
    3. Smiles about everything

  29. Quincy:

    1) Acceptance of me.


    3) Not a whiner!

  30. Stephanie Sweeti:




  31. Ike:

    1.sense of humour
    2.Not to serious

  32. Alexandria Mcwaters:

    1) Understanding.
    2) Humor.
    3) Are not liars.

  33. Dustin:

    1)Loyalty and trust- some I can trust and not worry about them betraying me

    2)Sense of humor- be able to have fun and know how to brighten any day

    3)Courage- Someone who can make a point and stand strong on it

  34. Brian:

    1. understanding – you are no one else in this world is perfect.
    2. confidence – believing in yourself makes me have more faith for you
    3. loyalty & trust – if i can’t trust you, how can i be friends with you.

  35. kelsay:

    1) Authenticity-they are who they say they are, and who they act like
    2) Supportive
    3) Positive presence

  36. Willson:


  37. Claire:


  38. Stephanie:


  39. Steph:

    Brutal Honesty, because when you’re not honest with each other, then you begin to resent each other. If it makes my butt look big, then tell me rather than let me go around looking disgusting 😛

    Adventurous, because I want somebody who is along for the ride and can keep up.

    Level Headed, because nobody wants to be mixed up in drama.

  40. Kaylee:

    Straight Forward
    Good Sense of Humor

  41. phQkr:

    1.Likeness in music, to attend shows with and rock out

    2.Ability to speak one’s mind without seeming like a putz

    3.Knows how to have a good time and doesn’t whine

  42. mistie:

    Openness and Honesty

    Positivity and Optimism

    Kindness and Sense of Humor

    Has a brain of their own (not always saying “i know, right?”)

    Knows how to have fun

  43. Brooke:

    1. Honesty, no matter how bad it might hurt.
    2. Being a good person not just on the surface, but all the way through.
    3. Someone I can laugh until I cry with.

  44. rosy:

    1. Someone I can chat shit to without even thinking about what I’m going to say
    2. Honesty
    3. Someone who I can have a laugh with

  45. rosy:

    1. Someone I can chat shit to without thinking about what I’m going to say
    2. Honesty
    3. Someone that I can have a laugh with

  46. Aja:

    1. Honesty
    2. The ability to laugh at everything, even through tears
    3. Love for my daughter

  47. howie:



    3. someone whos not a pussy and will have a good time.

  48. 1. sense of humor.
    2. sense of adventure
    3. someone i’m not uncomfortable/awkward around

  49. Gloria:

    – they have to get it
    – sense of humor
    – faithfulness

  50. Jessica:

    sense of humor

  51. Brea:

    1) intelligence, unintelligent people frustrate me to no end and i simply would not be able to put up with someone that was unable to comprehend things and that i was constantly having to explain my thought processes and perceptions to. i think this also falls into the category of understanding which i believe to be a level of comprehension i think this is also indicative of a persons ability to think for themselves and not be easily swayed by all the bright shiny things the media and masses shove down our throats in terms of socially and culturally
    2)someone with a sense of spiritual purpose or direction in their life. failure to recognize ones potential is a mega pet peeve …..and i wouldn’t want to feel as if i had to play damage control 10-15 years down the line when regrets surfaced
    3) honesty, truth hurts and i would want some one to be able to tell it to me straight as appose to trying to lessen a blow, although a good friend will steer you in the right direction with minimal prodding
    i’ve never felt more shallow in the entirety of my life….crud

  52. steph:

    Honesty. Trust. Respect.

  53. Danny:

    Honesty, understanding and maturity.

  54. Melanie:

    -in no particular order-

  55. Nina:

    1. A good sense of humor.
    2. Open-mindedness.
    3. Reliability.

  56. Nick:


  57. Daniel:

    Honesty, Respect, and Striking differences.

  58. zavia:

    Wise, honest & reliable

  59. Clutch Cargo:

    Don’t ask for money

    Don’t screw my girlfriend

    Must like Turtles

  60. 1. Love. Love isn’t just for romantic relationships or family. I feel sorry for people who don’t have a best friend that loves them. People need someone who isn’t tied to them by marriage or blood who love them. We all need someone who chooses to be there through the fun times and the funks. Having friends that don’t love you is cool for hanging out or whatever, but it’s kind of a selfish relationship if you think about it. They’ll be around when it’s good for them. Friends who love each other are forever.
    2. Interest. Nobody is exactly like another person, which I guess can be a good thing and a bad thing. People who like different things and talk about different things usually get a lot of weird looks when they go to talking about what is on their mind. I happen to be one of these people. Sometimes I feel the undying need to tell a story that no one will care about and I can’t think about anything else until I tell it. I have to tell it even though I know that either people will change the topic as soon as I stop to take a breath at the end or maybe once in a while some phoney baloney will fake a smile and suffer through a few minutes of meaningless discussion about my story or thoughts. Anyone can be a phoney baloney, but it feels fantastic to have someone who is genuinely interested in what I say even if it’s only because they know it matters to me.
    3. Tough Love. I’m not an idiot (ok… maybe this is debatable) nor do I have Alzheimers, so I am completely aware that I already listed “Love” as my first point, but I think that people can love someone and not have a tough love towards them so I made it a separate point. Tough love is important to me because it is the hardest way to love I think. Tough love is selfless. Every once in a while we all need someone to slap our hands and sit us in a corner and help us to see what we are doing. Usually when we’re the one getting reprimanded it seems almost annoying, but people who do that for us are great. It’s not fun or easy for them to discipline and be honest when there is a chance that they will get pushed away… but they do it anyhow. This is because it hurts them even more to sit back and watch their friend doing things that they’ll regret. Tough love is true love.

  61. Brittany:

    1. Honesty
    2. Loyalty
    3. Sense of humor

  62. mac:

    1. honesty
    2. happiness
    3. sense of humor

  63. Samantha:

    1. Sincerity
    2. Independence
    3. Good Sense of Humor

  64. Bella:

    1. Relatable. I need to be able to feel like I’m at least somewhat similar, that we at least come from a similar frame of mind.

    2. Understanding: in all the ways this word can be molded into.

    3. Insightful

  65. Lanai:

    1. Honesty

    2. Integrity

    3. Sense of humor

  66. Kurt:

    1. Trust

    2. Equilibrium/not a one sided relationship, more give and take on each side

    3. Compassion/ Understanding

  67. Sharkey:

    1) he can make me laugh, and i cam make him laugh. and we can laugh at each other, and never be offended. and it’s ok to cry in front of him, but only rarely and only if I really need to. And he cries in front of me when he has to.

    2)he can listen to me talk about anything and everything, and he understands it all – even when he doesn’t. and he can talk to me about anything and everything, and is comfortable with the fact that I’ll understand, even when I don’t.

    3) he knows when I need to see him, and he knows when I need to be alone, and he knows when i need to be with my other friends, and when he’s invited and when he isn’t – and he’s totally alright with that. And he knows when he needs to see me and when he doesn’t, and he knows that I know when I’m invited and when I’m not, and he knows that i’m totally alright with that.

  68. Jessica:

    1. Respectful of my feelings, things, opinions and space
    2. Open minded
    3. Giving

    I have had so many friends that just take take take and with that comes resentment

  69. Monique:

    1) Loyalty
    2) Kindness
    3) Honesty

  70. M:

    2)Silly/Not afraid to make a full of themselves
    3)Reliable and loyal

  71. Yvonne:

    1) Someone who I understand, and who understands me
    2) Someone who can have fun, and doesn’t take life too seriously
    3) Reliable& Trustworthy

  72. Katy:

    1. sense of humor
    2. adventurous
    3. trustworthy

  73. Natassia:



    Sarcasm (or at least the ability to know what it is and when its happening)

  74. 1. Compassionate

    2. Trustworthy

    3. Genuine

  75. Evie:

    1. Caring – is there for his/her loved ones (unconditionally)
    2. Honest – is honest and doesn’t sugar-coat what needs to be said
    3. Sense of Humor – enjoys life with a sense of humor

  76. 1. Smokes a shit ton of weed

    2. likes to get wasted with me

    3. if its a girl..has huge titties

  77. daisy:

    When I read this I realized that I don’t even know what to realistically look for in a good friend because I don’t have any. I hang out with really shitty people that I shouldn’t even call my friends.

  78. audrey:

    1) common interests (you don’t need to be carbon copies, but especially for road trips, it’s nice when you like the same genre of music.)

    2) respect (you need to be able to respect boundaries and trust that yours will be respected. also, respect in the “traditional” sense is key, you don’t want to insult or be insulted.)

    3) love (because only someone who really loves you would still talk to you after they held your hair back and wiped the vomit off of you after your fourth four loko.)

  79. 1) We can count with each other, any time, any circumstance, thinking about each others needs and posibilities.
    2) We can have an open comunication, we can be to each other a different and lovely vision from the outside of the situations.
    3)We respect each others life, thoughts, ways, actions, and we feel grateful to have this person in our lives.

  80. Krista:

    1. strength
    2. understanding
    3. reliability

  81. Molly:

    its really important that they are…
    1. really open minded and not judgmental
    2. willing to fight with me for things that matter most in life
    3. there for me, no matter how high the risk

  82. Crissi:

    1) Intellect
    2) Dry/Dark Humor
    3) Sophistication, and I don’t mean a top hat and tails way of life. I mean they must have a worldly outlook, they mustn’t be naive, they must have a “seen it all” mentality that allows them to accept and understand others more logically and rationally in a very short amount of time.

  83. lovinglife:

    1) ability to get each other
    3)enough craziness present to have lots of fun :)

  84. snehal:

    1. loyal
    2. understanding

  85. Abracadaver:

    1: acceptance
    2: no judgement
    3: sense of adventure

  86. Alli:

    1.) Honesty/upfront

    B.) Humor

    Green.) Understanding

  87. Celia:

    1. Acceptance: to accept that I am me, and that while I may be working on improving myself constantly I will always have faults that may be irritating to others.

    2. Connection: just that feeling of knowing that someone is truly special to you. It’s a special spark found only in a few people you meet in a lifetime.

    3. Care: do they care for me, and wholly love me? or am i an acquaintance to them who it’s ok to blow off.

  88. Kate:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Trust
    3. Respect

  89. Chris:

    1: They need to be able to take a joke.

    2: They need to have an open mind.

    3: Then need to have good morals. (if you can define what good morals are…opinons…)

  90. Elizabeth:

    I don’t look for qualities, if I get along with someone then that’s all the matters. (Well unless if they’re backstabbers or something.)

  91. Hadeezy:

    Trustworthy- For some reason, it’s hard to find this. Having someone I can tell anything and not having to worry my eyes out that they’ll backstab me in one way or another sounds like Heaven.

    Open minded- Someone who doesn’t judge and is just okay with people being who they are. Whether they’re gay, have tie dyed hair, 15 years old and have sex all the time… whatever it is, they just are mellow and have no problem with those things.

    Balanced- can have those serious moments, those fun ones, the sentimental as well. There’s always the friend you can talk to, the one you have fun with…. I just want that to be one person.

  92. Allie:

    One: Nonjudgemental. I’m a quirky, weird, and insane person at times. I need a friend that is able to keep up with that, but also, I need them to realize when I’m being serious. I want them to respect my opinions as I will theirs.

    Two: Honest. Whenever I have something on my mind, I feel like I should be able to tell my friends how I’m feeling without them throwing a fit and make it like I’m insulting them. And I want them to be able to be honest with me, also.

    Three: Fun. I want to connect with them and make them feel comfortable as they should make me feel. I want to have a good time with them. I want to WANT to hang out with them.

  93. liliana:

    1. not abandoning me… i guess that’s loyalty.
    2. forgiveness
    3. honesty.

    i don’t think any of my friends have ever had all three of these.

  94. Ryan:

    1. Compassion
    2. Open mind and personality
    3. a goos sense of humor

  95. Julieta:

    1- Loyalty
    2- Sense of humour
    3- Non-judgemental

  96. Mariah:

    1. Honesty
    2. Compassion
    3. Humor

  97. Colleen S:

    1) Not competitive in life with me
    2) Loyal and Trustworthy
    3) The ability to have a fun time!

  98. Jeremy:

    1. No snaggle-tooth friends
    2. top quality in them would be ME in them
    3. willing to make me a sandwich when needed

  99. Allyson:

    1. Attractive
    2. Has money
    3. Very intelligent

  100. todd:

    loaded with money
    likes to share money and hoes
    has a vagina

  101. kelly:

    1. trustworthy/reliable
    2. good sense of humor
    3. understanding

  102. Nick:

    1. Genuine – both to themselves and those around them.
    2. Trustworthy
    3. Easygoing

  103. adi:

    *humor at themselves and the world



  104. Savannah:

    1. Non-judgmental
    2. Good listener
    3. Trustworthy

  105. Raychel:

    1. Caring- would do ANYTHING for you
    2. Trustworthy- won’t go behind your back & can always tell you the truth
    3. Humor- can make you laugh even when you feel like the world is against you

  106. mg:

    1. Nonjudgmental of others.
    2. Able to enjoy both a fun night out and a relaxing night at home.
    3. Easy to talk to and share feelings with.

  107. Mary:

    1. Fun

    2. Understanding

    3. Loyalty

  108. Jessica:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Humour
    3. Good Listener

  109. Stacy:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Devotion
    3. Intelligence

  110. Nathan:

    1) Care: always has my back, through thick or thin.
    2) Trustworthy: I can tell them anything I want
    3) Real: The real deal, not a fake not a phony, a real friend.

  111. rail:

    1-sense of humor

  112. Julia:

    Loyalty. I can’t have a relationship that would be positive to me if I couldn’t rely on them, and have them rely on me. We need to have common ground, and strong roots.

    Honesty. Lies are ugly and you can never get out of them. I prefer to have a friend who can get me through my troubles instead of getting me in to more troubles.

    Respectful. To me and our other peers. Someone who is polite and will listen to me with an open ear.

  113. Nathan:

    1. ability to work with my quirks as I work with his/hers

    2. Huge sense of humor

    3. trustworthy

  114. Dunk:

    1. looks good naked
    2. has lots of money
    3. has a cat

  115. Ali:

    1 Honesty
    2 Open Mind
    3 Outgoing

  116. dara:

    1. honesty
    2. intelligence
    3. loyalty

  117. miss sparkles:

    a) positiveness
    b) silliness mixed with intelligence
    c) open mindness

  118. karakara:

    1. Trustworthy
    2. Someone who accepts who I am
    3. Someone who I can laugh with

  119. anonymous:

    1. Genuine kindness
    2. sense of humour
    3. more balls then me

  120. savannah:

    1. honesty.
    2. to be there when i need you most.
    3. good ethics. i dont need to befriend the assholes. i have to communicate with them every day.

  121. AR:
    2. reliance of each other
    3. keep your promise

  122. Kristen Deneuve:

    1) Being there for me when I need him
    2) Honesty
    3) Sense of humor

  123. Stephanie:

    Loyalty, Honesty, Humor.

  124. Annonymous93:

    1. Humor
    2. Trust
    3. Adventurous

  125. Marshmallow:


  126. Amy:

    1. Non Judgmental
    2. open minded

  127. Slappy:

    1. Speed
    2. Quality
    3. Price

  128. Daniel:

    Sense of humor

    musical taste

    420 friendly

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  130. kina clark:

    Unconditional love and acceptance and ability to speak honestly to me without anger or hurtfulness

  131. Sarah:

    1) Being there for me when I need them (as I would do for them)
    2) Sense of humour
    3) That spark – some sort of connection that makes us interesting to each other.

  132. onemore:


  133. 1)being open to new things – like a finger up the bumhole, i do enjoy a good bumhole.
    2)how many drugs they can do in a night, the more the better, drugs are cool kids.
    3)must be wetter than helen.

  134. Jess:

    1. Empathic
    2. Loyal
    3. Forgiving

  135. Becca:

    trustworthy, compassionate, funny

  136. bee:


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