Question 327

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  1. Lock:

    My weirdness. People usually laugh at my quirky antics.

  2. Rosie:

    I want to be known for my smile.

  3. B3SH0Y:

    never giving up. keeping all my promises.

  4. Kate:

    My writing.

  5. me:


  6. Marcio:

    By being a nice guy. By being someone who left its mark on others.

  7. Anne:

    something good. nothing in particular

  8. jay:

    Kindness intelligence and general awesomeness.

  9. TiNA:

    who I am

  10. Amanda:

    I want to be a great teacher that makes a positive impact on the lives of the children I teach.

  11. Justin:

    Same as Amanda.

    I also want to be known as the guy who never gives up

  12. b:

    being who i am

  13. I would like to be known for never giving up hope.

    I’ve had a number of challenges in my life, including three strokes at the age of 24 and a baby (a girl named Annie Laurie) who died at 23 weeks gestation.

    I still believe in God, however.

  14. manny:

    my soul.

  15. this is hard! my music, and my strenghts

  16. Conor:

    I would really REALLY love to be known for some significant contributions to philosophy, perhaps for coming up with a way to connect real people and real world life with philosophical thinking. Most people see philosophy as a useless waste of time, and having very little applied value.

  17. CMM:

    Always being happy.

  18. TR:

    My dancing.

  19. Kelly:

    my passion
    and hopefully for changing the world

  20. Lua:

    Good deeds 🙂

  21. Aaron:

    I want to be remembered for my hard work, to be an example for others I suppose. An inspiration would suit that pretty well. When people think of me, I would like them to think “Oh wow, if he can do it, then I can do it to!” I want to help others be the best they can be I guess.

  22. Tiva:

    people will remember me being such an awesome lady! Being remembered for how much I overcame (cancer, smoking, drugs), how I pushed positively through the difficult times that I almost made it look easy. I will be remembered for my smile and my loud and glorious laugh. My red hair, and my sweet personalilty.
    Plus, people will be so thankful that I wrote in my journal everyday, and in my planner of the things I accomplished for that day, and in my dream journal of all the dreams I had… people will be so grateful that they were able to read these things after I am gone.
    I will be remembered for how delicious my cookies are that I bake, and that I volunteered every week at the hospital at such a young age.
    I will be remembered as someone’s soulmate and how fulfilled their life was because of me.
    I will be remembered by the one’s who gave me a lot of crap and emotional and some physical abuse, and how I took it and stood by them for 2 years and how I didn’t deserve it.
    I will be remembered for being a wonderful best friend for at least 8 years, but then that’s where the good memories stop for that person because I turned sour on them.

    These are the things I do in my life and how I know I will be remembered, and how I want to be remembered. Live everyday as if it were your last, and have no regrets, but if you do… forgive yourself!

  23. Jeph:

    For sticking to my values and being true to myself through everything. For my vulgar sense of humor, my grunge style, my crazy antics, and my love for music that sounds like pure dirt.

  24. Sophia:

    I want to be known for my humor. that I am funny person.

  25. mm:

    reliability. being a good guy. my architecture and designs

  26. Tina:

    My photography, my vision.

  27. my perspective 🙂

  28. Giselle:

    I want to be known for being myself. I want to be known for positive attitude and clicheness. I want to be known for always being the listener and the shoulder to cry on, i want to be known as the girl who always smiles. I want to be known as the good big sister, daughter, neighbour, best friend, family member and that friendly face. I want to be known for beating SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and surviving to be sixteen. I want to be known for helping people. I want to be known as the nicest girl, i want to be known for singing horribley off key. I want to be known. 🙂

  29. Mel:

    That I never held back, never gave up, never backed down and always lent a hand. The leading cause of death is living and I want to know that when I die people will remember that I lived a full life and that’s all that matters.

  30. Jayne:

    My love for Jesus. My sense of humor. And that I never settled for anything less than what I wanted.

  31. Liin:

    Being the girl who always makes you smile, no matter what !

  32. Jillianne:

    Good Integrity

  33. C.:

    My perseverance and
    dertermination in accomplishing my goals!

  34. Jake:

    I want to be known for being a great person. Never letting others down and always doing what I say I will do.

  35. anonymous:

    My love: for God, for family, friends and for people.

  36. Drew:

    I want to change the world. I want to change the fucking world. I want to rip the earth’s own perspective of itself in two and change something. I don’t want to settle for changing my friends, no, I want to be the next John Lennon. The next Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I want to go down in history and have the books speak something real when I die. I want the world to believe in itself. I want people to be okay, and things to be fine and boys to grow up and comfort the girls and the girls to do the same and to forget about ourselves but never forget ourselves and to love other people and love ourselves and something to change.
    That is how I want to be remembered.
    If I’m looked at as arrogant or overly-ambitious then so be it.
    I will fucking change the world.

  37. Thom:

    I want to be remembered as the man that is constantly moving forward but when you catch up its great to talk, eat and enjoy each other for a while.

  38. mistie:

    I would love to be famous for my writing and acting. For my creativity.

  39. Atomickey:

    My funny upbeat attitude

  40. Nick:

    A successful graphic designer
    The guy that wants to be optimistic.

  41. bc:

    how i influence people

  42. AM:

    being an AMAZING Mom!

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