Question 388

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  1. Audrie:

    An ethics course, basically talking about current events and their ethicalness a whole class period discussing, no tests no worries, just discussion

    I also think that English should not be a required subject, in my high school I had to take four years of English and not one have i had to identify a prepositional phrase or relate a book to history, just saying…

  2. Aman:

    How to deal with bully

  3. TP:

    Philosophy, including many sociological aspects, such as gender and race studies.

  4. Maya:

    Music or arts

  5. Lara:

    Free verse.
    Where you just talk about things from politics to personal issues in a judgement-free, controlled, non-violent atmosphere.

  6. 19:

    A lesson in basic common sense and rationality

  7. Nick:

    Art related subjects and character development.

  8. Lauren:

    International relations and how they affect you.

  9. Delilah:

    more arts
    more sex ed :p

  10. Gabe:

    A year-long course on all of the themes from “The Breakfast Club.” (You know, that fucking awesome movie from the 80’s.)

  11. Jane:

    – Ethics/Philosophy.
    – Instead of only teaching a choice of Christianity/Free period there should be a study of ALL religions equally.
    – Current events, where people are told the FACTS
    – The future (this could be merged into other classes)

  12. skyler:

    HEALTH CLASS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED NOW! I live in a middle class to upper middle class area and out of the twenty girls i was close with in middle school over half of them became pregnant in highschool. Do you know why? because only abstinence was taught, and no one listens to that. all options should be talked about.

  13. Alex:

    More philosophy classes. Classes where students can speak their mind without judgment and learn from others. Philosophy makes you think outside the box

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