Question 1180

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21 Responses to “Question 1180”

  1. P.J.:

    a crime scene

  2. Susan:


  3. Stephanie:

    Negativity. Yes, life sucks. Fine. Now recognize that life is as we choose it to be. I’m here, and I choose it to be grand. While not as I wish it to be, it is good, grand in fact.

  4. Kaveri:


  5. Brian:

    Hunger and i guess poverty

  6. Rajeev:

    Disgruntled people, negative talkers

  7. Mazl:


  8. Eljai:

    Piles of bills and medical equipment

  9. Jodie:

    couples who are no longer couples but didn’t get the memos…

  10. vcm:


  11. Tanya:

    Ugliness, indifference.

  12. KK:


  13. Shannon:

    People that care about me

  14. Navyshebee:

    More chain stores or big box stores moving in, it is almost time to sell and move further out into the country. the ytraffic is getting worse and the amount of theft is rising.

  15. Devin:

    Violence, improper treatment of others, which are the same thing for me.

  16. People who think just because I’m different I need to be Billied or thrown down.

  17. Bala:

    Poverty & People Without Food

  18. BubblesQ:

    Annoying people!

  19. yog:

    dont wanna see dirty things around me

  20. sam:


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