Question 1364

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82 Responses to “Question 1364”

  1. LovelyMinx:

    smoking, worrying, doubt

  2. Unbelievaburgers:

    The urge to perform unholy acts upon STD-riddled apples

  3. Patrick:

    Material things;
    Care with the peoples tinks about me;

  4. I would remove my temptation to cuss people whenever they do bad stuffs

  5. Suzanne:

    The temptation to drive around looking for him. Looking for answers that I probably don’t want.

  6. Robert Whitefeather:

    Sugar; That stuff is going to wind up killing me.

  7. butterflyorchids:

    – saying “i will do it later/tomorrow”

  8. Knit57:

    candy, cookies, and cake.

  9. George:

    Postponement – Masturbation – Rushing, it’s mean impatience

  10. Richard Alen:

    I’d like to change my boring & miserable behavior in routine life

  11. Michelle Son:

    Indulging in high-carb snack

  12. varun:

    to think of the past without learning from it

  13. KG:

    Worrying and my sweet tooth

  14. negar.vrn:

    I”ll the most enjoy than everything i have now

  15. Maz:

    Thick greek yoghurt and a long spoon

  16. John:

    if I throw out disobedience and laziness and greed I would be wiser

  17. Min:

    Indulging in high-carb snack

  18. hihi:


  19. Min:


  20. Wesal:

    Proscrationation, lack of self confidence and anxiety.

  21. TOTI:

    i think learn how to live life right

  22. I would like to remove “ANGER”.

  23. excess food temptation, anger, worry, self-doubt

  24. Nick:

    I would remove being a game designer.

  25. raviteja:


  26. Paulo:

    Wake up blaming myself

  27. priyadarshin:

    i would like to stop gossiping about others,and to control my anger.

  28. George:

    If I had a genie in a lamp, I would ask it 3 wishes. Freedom from procrastination, freedom from anxiety, freedom from being me

  29. Gidian:


  30. Creamy:

    luxury and money

  31. yager, Jacey:

    I would remove anything that would distract me from my job



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