Question 231

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  1. m:

    To love.

  2. Allie:

    To live.

  3. salvacion:

    to let go.

  4. Ye:

    The decision not to take a massive overdose.(Living is awesome)

  5. Fran:

    to go after what i wanted

  6. me:

    to fall

  7. To just say “fuck it”, and shoot from-the-hip for the highest goal I can manage. Nothing beats being pleasantly surprised at something like asking a friend if their company has any openings, then finding that you’re a perfect fit for it, interviewing and getting an offer. Just sayin’.

  8. J:

    to be me, and not who everyone else wants me to be

  9. Tiva:

    To take my brother into my home. He was struggling by himself, now he’s training, and a supervisor doing an excellent job. Plus we have a great friendship now, go to the movies every Monday and he is always making me laugh. I was reluctant at first, but it’s been the best thing I ever did!

  10. Wes:

    Telling my parents about how I was abused after holding it in for twenty years

  11. JJ:

    To realize that it’s ok to fail at something. Being perfect 100% of the time is not worth it.

  12. Anonymous:

    Going to college.

  13. Linde:

    To start doing the right thing

  14. Anonymous:

    To stop putting up with my fathers crap and speaking out.

  15. A Dreamer:

    To be myself, and not care what anyone else thinks.

  16. Abay:

    FINALLY learning how to accept things. I’m not all the way there BUT everyday it gets easier and easier. Thank God!!! :O)

  17. Anne:

    to be persistent

  18. Jay:

    To breathe in relaxation

  19. klins:

    Sat here thinking about it. Couldn’t find it yet. I’m sure it’s there.

  20. Theresa:

    The best decision I’ve ever made was to marry my husband. Our marriage has had it’s ups and downs, but we’ve learned, laughed, cried, forgiven, and loved each other for over 31 years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  21. me:

    to not be an emotional punch bag for everyone

  22. lis:

    Coming back home :) in spite of the disagreements of certain people

  23. Felix:

    To feel worthy of being loved.

  24. Jason:

    To finally think screw it, and do the things I want to do. To choose life, not suicide. To go after my dreams and ambitions.

    To choose the life I want to life.

  25. Conor:

    Most of my major decisions haven’t had enough time to pan out enough for me to see whether they were good ones or not, but so far a couple of my best decisions were; finally leaving my ex after repeatedly being cheated on, or perhaps deciding to reach out to people when I needed help. I tried to go it alone and its tough, I was surprised how much people are willing to help if you reach out to them.
    As for the rest of my decisions so far, only time will tell. I’m looking forward to finding out. =)

  26. MM:

    to leave my old job…

  27. Holly:

    To call off my wedding.

  28. Lacey:

    to move on

  29. Sandy:

    Becoming vegetarian.

  30. dav:

    going on a one year trip backpacking overseas. This gave me so much opportunities for my futur …

  31. Erin:

    When I finally accepted that they just weren’t the same and nothing was gonna be the way it used to be, I made the decision to befriend someone new. And now I have a group of friends who don’t make fun of me or hate on me.

  32. Sierra:

    i don’t think i’ve made any really big decisions that have had a postitve impact on my life at this point. I’ve made a lot of shitty decisions that have had a negative impact. i guess thus far its been the decision to start working towards fixing those crappy decisions.

  33. Lew:


  34. Riaan van der Westhuizen:

    To meet Jesus, His Father and the Spirit of the Holy one

  35. angel:

    to love her.

  36. bebb:

    not being gay

  37. Brittany:

    My best decision so far was to start working because at my first job I found the person I love :)

  38. bapsi:

    to live my own life and make my own mistakes.

  39. Lulu:

    To do what makes me happy.

  40. Amanda:

    Changing my major. It was hard, but I know I’m on the right path now.

  41. Emma:

    To drop an AP class my senior year

  42. Nicole:

    Saying yes :)

  43. Racheal:

    deciding to keep my daughter or give her up for adoption and graduate from high school and then college. I decided to keep her, and I’m so glad that I did :) It’s hard, but I would never want to give my baby up to complete strangers.

  44. V:

    To stop saying no to everything.

  45. Macey:

    To loosen up.

  46. Dani:

    The seemingly random and insignificant ones that wound up changing my whole life.

  47. Dani:

    /\ Like talking to someone or going to an event /\

  48. Sasha:

    Not committing suicide.

  49. June:


  50. F:

    To write an E-Mail to a clinic for Eating Disorders, because I wanted help after 13 years of suffering that nobody saw.

  51. anon:

    not to kill myself, it does get better and i’m so grateful to be alive!

  52. Nick:

    Continue living and enjoying life, thinking about the positive things of it, no matter what happens.

  53. Daniel:

    Choosing to be happy.

  54. Phunk:

    Start my own company instead of working for a boss!!

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