Question 233

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81 Responses to “Question 233”

  1. Anne:

    for this feeling to last.

  2. JJ:

    answers to the questions i was/still to scared to ask

  3. Allie:

    To be happy and to know without a doubt that I love him and he loves me.

  4. L:

    My best friend back.

    She was the one person I could talk to about anything. We were always there for each other no matter what. But now she doesn’t talk to me and it hurts me more and more each day.

    I miss her so much…

  5. I want to be the person I have always meant to be. I owe my friends and myself that much.

  6. Jamie:

    To skip 5 years into the future where I’m married to my boy, and finished with college.

  7. Emma:

    At this moment in time, I really want my hard work to pay off.

  8. salvacion:

    that someone.

  9. m:

    Honestly, I’m craving cookies right now…

  10. I think everything is in the right perfect place at this moment, so not much wantties now 😉

  11. MM:

    To pull my life together. I can’t seem to get rid of sin in my life. I want to make a u-turn and start over.

  12. Jason:

    To get into Uni, and to know my girlfriend is happy.

  13. A Dreamer:

    To meet my celebrity role model…

  14. Tiva:

    Christmas in NY with him, just a few days, just us two. But again, it’s not going to happen so I’ll just deal with it I guess. No one always gets everything they want!

  15. Karleigh:

    to hear God

  16. Andrew:

    to be in a position where I am actually following my dream and making it work, instead of being stuck in my present job… waiting for that moment I can follow it..

  17. Chelsea Nicole:

    To have him back in my life, he is my best friend, and now sadly my ex fiance.

    I miss him so much.

  18. To be able to quit my day job and focus on music and art FULL TIME! WHOO HOO!

  19. J:

    To take my mom out to lunch in Capitola or Sausalito.

  20. Lacey:

    to not be sick, stressed, or in pain.

    just to be happy.

  21. Kiley:

    More than anything; a second chance at things that seemed beyond my control.

  22. Aimee:

    A life partner.

  23. SJB:

    to be happy with myself

  24. Sonny:

    For him to love the same way that I love him.

  25. Fran:

    to know that it will all work out

  26. Ali:

    for my best friend to realize how grateful I am for the help he’s given me over the past few months. He just seems to brush it off every time I thank him.

  27. What don't I want right now?:

    happiness. stabilty. friends. trust. life. love. but for now i’m without it. hopefully soon though.

  28. Papish:

    To step out of this monotonous and mundane day to day living….To be challenged at the time of sleep and when i rise….not to be forced into this new form of slavery commonly unknown to man as, “WORK AND LIVE HONESTLY or DIE”…….fortunatley enough my prudent actions and thought processes has allowed me the enlightment of knowing that i need not fear no man but HE WHO IS OMNIPRESENT HE WHO IS OMNIPOTENT and so i trod as the tight rope walker cautious cuz im cursed TRAPPED in a cage like a bird who longs to be free from the same things the same sights but still in conclusion i rise thus answering the question professing that at this very moment i have a burning desire to fly, fly high above the skies and be free from my sinful ways its a blessing….one love peace out papish now and forever… true to the best thats in you!!!

  29. Sandy:

    I want to know my life’s purpose.

  30. summer:

    to find the boy whos name i dont know, but cant stop thinking about

  31. Lua:

    To do all my Home works and go outside for walk :)

  32. Steen:

    I want to be with the person I was meant to be, or at least someone that will change my life so much…
    I want to go to college to become a pastry chef, but my mom is only concerned about me being a nurse and ‘stable’ with money, she says I will be ‘set for life’, but I don’t know if this is what I really want… She makes me fear that I will fail at life if I pursue baking and pastry making, I don’t know what to dooooooo

  33. Mel:

    I want to be loved, to know that someone, somewhere, wants to spend their life with me. And that someone is willing to wait for me.

  34. maria:

    i want 2 stop thinking,,,,i wish i could stop worrying!!!!

  35. Sierra:

    To stop doing drugs, find god again, get my shit together finish college and get my life back on track.

  36. A bear hug from a certain person. To share pancakes with him. His love.

    Courage. Leadership skills.

    Something to hope for.

  37. ng:

    To marry him!

  38. Aimee:

    to be with him <3

  39. JJ:

    to be with her^ <3

  40. Lew:

    A Delicious Treat….Yum

  41. DI:

    i want to run run run …….

  42. Aimee:

    A really big hug and a kiss from Wesley.

  43. Kwein Aqila:

    good health

  44. Liz:


  45. Anonymous:

    My father.

  46. alexis:

    A robot that can do my homework. And to laugh. Everything has been so boring lately.

  47. Garrett:

    To be happy.

    To not think about what people think about me all the time.

    To not have this endless feeling in my gut that I’m hated.

    To not be stressed.

  48. Kristine:


  49. Abay:

    for it to happen!!!

  50. Neil:

    If I were him, water.

  51. S Club:

    A divorce from my abusive ex, so I can truly be with the most amazing person I’ve ever encountered in my life.

  52. A *healthy* baby!

  53. Lynz:

    To beside the one I miss and love right now <3

  54. Parksy:

    A little uniformity, a little consistency, a little confidence, a little strength, a little love, a joint and a little tranquility.

  55. Gloria:

    A random stranger to call me pretty.

    It’d be a nice feeling, I’ve never experienced that befor.e

  56. zai:

    to be happy

  57. Christy:

    Money and fame

  58. bapsi:

    to hold her in my arms, and never have to let go. to have our relationship back to where it was before this past friday night. just to have her be happy and at peace with her life.

  59. Garrett:

    some way to feel happy, confident, and strong like I once did.

  60. Lulu:

    For my father’s surgery to be over and for him to make a full recovery

  61. Me:

    To know that I’ll make it into the Marines. I don’t even have to know if I’ll survive through basic or Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever I end up going. I just want to know that they’ll take me.

  62. P:

    Him to let me go…to understand that what im doing is for him as much as me and soon he will see that.

  63. L:

    to be myself again

  64. Simultaneous:

    I want to take back all the pain I’ve caused.

  65. Amanda:

    To be truly happy

  66. Katii:

    For it to get better.

  67. C:

    to be with the boy i made love with last night.
    feeling like nothing else mattered but the moments of being with him.

  68. Emma:

    To be at the same school as my sisters, not fighting anymore.

  69. V:

    To have this gaping hole in my chest somehow healed. And to believe that one day I’ll understand why I’ve been put through all of this.

  70. Macey:

    I want to be with him.

    I want to be happy.

  71. dani:

    her loving me. someone here with me.

  72. Teresa:

    For my love to be here, I feel like junior year is sucking the life out of our relationaship and I just want to enjoy the year and a half I have left with him

  73. Kate:

    To know that I will be alright.

  74. Gracie-Lou:


    to know that even if it will hurt, the pain will go, and that they’ll be okay.

  75. Jade:

    Him, any of the hims, or all of the hims.

  76. Nick:

    Satisfaction from the things I sacrificed.

  77. Daniel:

    To be honest? A girl that I genuinely love and care for telling me to get off the computer and go to bed.

  78. noanme:

    to feel happy (difficult)

    have a dog

  79. panini:

    i want him to be here next to me

  80. Elizabeth:

    To know that someone else is thinking of me as much as I may be of them.

  81. hexmage:

    To know the answer.

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