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  1. Allie:

    I wish I didn’t have to deal with having to act like I’m smart. I want a break with out looking stupid and being teased.

  2. Jay:


  3. Janie:

    I really wish my college education was paid for. I think a whole wad of stress would be lifted off my shoulders. That and knowing exactly what I want to do with my life.

  4. Being Female 😉

    Sometimes I wonder what if the human society is made up with just human, instead of men & women^^

  5. “Responsibility” can mean anything and everything… but if it means what I think it means in this context, I would have to say that I really don’t have any responsibilities that I would dump right now outside of financial agreements that I have consciously undertaken. Vehicle payments and credit cards sure are a pain-in-the-ass…

  6. Money! I wish we didnt have bills or that things had a price..haha

  7. A Dreamer:

    Being my “friend’s” shoulder to cry on. She only cares about her self and just wants sympathy and attention. Her problems don’t even compare to what other people are going through. I wish it wasn’t my responsibility to sympathize with her about all her “problems.”

  8. A:

    Being everyone’s mother. Its slowly killing me.

  9. Sophia:

    School. Everyday is so boring it feels like I am just a living zombie. But I have learned to see the good in everyday and I try to spice up my life a little bit, by doing new things.

  10. LittleMusician:

    What I would really like to get rid off is having to fit it. I don’t want to be who I am expected to be, I’d love being able to be as smart as I really am without being teased for it and living without the pressure to be successfull and strong has to be a great feeling.

  11. Allie:

    i also hate having to be the funny one with my friends all the time. if im not being a completely stupid looking jokester, they think im mad about something.

  12. Tiva:

    Paying the bills. I would love for someone just as responsible as myself to take over all the bill paying. That would be awesome! Oh, and someone to take over fixing up the house. It’s such a burden. I stopped worrying about it, but if it ever comes time to sell this place, someone’s got to do it. Ugh. It’s my mom’s place anyways… maybe I should leave it all back in her hands where it truly belongs.

  13. bapsi:

    Being the one who puts everyone before myself. Its slowly making me hate myself.

  14. Anonymous:

    sometimes I wish I could just not be responsible. Not have to do the 9-5, be a complete slacker, yet somehow have the financial means to sustain that along with all the things I’d like to do instead of work (travel, adventures, shows, etc).

  15. Megan:

    Required Learning…nuff said

  16. I really hate cleaning house. I have 2 dogs, and 2 older teens still at home. The teens do some work, but are hardly ever at home between college and work, so it is up to me. If I didn’t love my dogs so much I would get rid of them, they can make such hairy messes!

  17. manny:

    my family.

  18. typical but true:


  19. Amanda:


  20. Jessica:

    Keeping up this whole over and beyond what’s necessary thing that is now constantly expected of me. I want to try being a little more ordinary, a little more average, a little less the idealized me.

  21. Ael:

    Forced and pointless “learning”.

  22. Me:


  23. M-Alice:

    Having friends. I know it sounds bad, but I hate having to act like I’m social…

  24. Rachel:

    Having to fake a smile day after day. I’m actually depressed. Nobody outside of my family knows though, so I’ll keep smiling… for them.

  25. Anonymous:

    Making sure my family stays together.
    It’s hard making sure my Mom doesn’t leave or fall apart, making my Dad happy so he doesn’t kill himself or leave, making my sister not hate my parents because of me, and not letting my sister fail school, yet without pushing her.
    I feel like I need to be the backbone.
    I’m 13.

  26. Chores XD

  27. Jay:

    Having to live up to the standard of being “the smart one” in both school and home life. If you do well on a piece of work you have to do, it’s entirely normal, but people bitch about it and say you’re slipping if you just so happen to not get 100% on something. It’s painful for myself too, since I hold myself to such a high standard.

  28. T:

    Being the funny guy. If im ever not making a joke or talking people always ask if something is wrong with me. So when something is wrong with me and im a bit quiet its hard to hide it from friends and coworkers.

  29. Mo:

    I made my school’s musical as a freshman, but I also am on my freshman A basketball team. I don’t want to quit either, but I have to make that decision soon. I’ve never felt more included on my basketball team, but I am in love with theater. I don’t know what to do.

  30. Macey:

    people always expect me to be perfect. i’d love to get rid of that!

  31. Jessah:

    School. I know what I want to do with my life and I just want to get there and skip all these years of schooling, most of which aren’t even going to help me later in life. It’s a responsibility that is draining me dry every day.

  32. Megan:

    Choosing a career. I wish someone could just tell me what I’m supposed to do after my bachelor’s. The whole quarter life crisis thing is killing me.

  33. Jade:

    I wish I didn’t have to deal with finances.

  34. JR:

    Taking care of my family (parents & bro)…

    The option to just do what I want to do. Like I really want to quit my job and grab a one-way ticket to a certain country and just stay there for a few years. But they’re family.. it’s my responsibility to take care of them…


  35. Nick:

    Having self-control, but as much as I want to, I can’t.

  36. Alina Bills:

    Being a teenager and a type one diabetic…

    I wish I could live more carelessly sometimes and not have to worry.

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