Question 271

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38 Responses to “Question 271”

  1. Jay:

    Making sad people happy, learning, trying new things, laughing.

  2. maria:

    being sarcastic!

  3. Mae:

    I am really good at remaining organized, also very good at influencing people as well as photography.

  4. Wes:

    Baking, Arts & Crafts, Listening to people

  5. Nas:

    trying new stuffs!and enojy doin’ it!

  6. marsha:

    a distracted angel

  7. Tiva:

    I am a catalyst for change. I do this by personal experience. When I quit smoking, it inspired many others at work to attempt to quit and a few of them even succeeded. When I became vegetarian, a few attempted, but not very many succeeded, but it woke them up (I think) to a new way of eating.
    I think it’s that I get excited about what I am doing and others get excited at first too. I don’t know, but it sure is fun inspiring people.

    Oh, I am very good at laughing and being organized.

  8. Sophia:

    I am really good at learning myself things. Like guitar and piano, I am self-taught. I am also good at being nice and happy.

  9. just me:

    i’m pretty good at being human. fortunately, it’s a talent that only improves.

  10. bapsi:

    listening to others problems and making them see through the bad times to the good ahead. Also sharing my vast amount of useless knowledge.

  11. not much:


  12. A Dreamer:

    Playing piano, creative writing, being optimistic towards other people’s lives, faking sick.

  13. Jessica:

    I am great at cheering people up, writing poetry, and horseback riding.
    Oh! And thanks to a problem with my depth perception and focusing abilities I am a champ at running into things of all types (:

  14. Amanda:


  15. jess:

    i’m good at lying too

  16. I am good at strategizing and finding a solution to a problem, and creating an action plan!

  17. Swish:

    Apparently crying.

  18. Allie:

    Brightening peoples lives and making other people happy.

  19. Alice:

    Things that I can confidently say I’m really good at: Reflecting about myself and Listening to people.

  20. manny:


  21. White:

    Well im good at drawing and painting my emotions, making people happy, and i just learned im good at writing!!

  22. Ael:

    Writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, horseback riding, running, lying, hiding, manipulating, making people trust me, and then making them happy, listening, relating to emotions and using words to explain complicated things.

  23. Torrie:

    Acting,singing,making people laugh, and listening.

  24. Erin:

    listening to my friends and giving them advice. If only I could listen to myself in the same way.

  25. ben:

    being a friend

  26. :):

    cross country

  27. justanobody:

    survival situations in places that vehicles cannot reach

  28. Chloe:

    being Asian by heart.

  29. Annie:

    I’m really good with kids. I love kids. And no. I don’t mean that in the creepy pedophile way. Don’t even joke about that.

  30. Julz:

    Making people laugh at the stupid things I do and (supposedly) singing. Can someone be good at talking? Because I think I’m pretty good at that too 🙂

  31. Macey:

    being disciplined. and making up stories. for novels.

  32. Macey:

    @julz you express exactly what I feel 🙂

  33. Teresa:

    Jumping around while blurting out crazy things and reading super fast.

  34. Joey:

    Making 5 minute videos with the intention of making people laugh! 🙂

  35. Rafael:

    Probably appreciating little things and being an advocate of change.

  36. Nick:

    Being there for my friends and family.
    Being creative in making designs.

  37. Julie Takase:

    Art. If I can imagine it, I can make it.

  38. hexmage:

    Faking it. I can be anything anyone needs me to be at a moments notice. So much so I forget who I am and become a victim of the moment. And when the moment is gone, all I feel is the regret from how fake I was.

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