Question 272

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58 Responses to “Question 272”

  1. Rebecca:

    People who don’t think for themselves.

  2. Yuchie:

    A person who has no backbone, who is terrified of standing up for anything because he/she is so paralyzed at the idea of conflict.

    A person who doesn’t put in an honest amount of effort into avoiding hurting others.

  3. people who can help someone else but turns their back on them. or people who abuse others, people and animals. whats the point of it?

  4. Jomz:

    Annoying noisy people who talks non-sense and Liars.

  5. Kikyo:

    People who force their views onto someone else because they are positive that they are right and everyone else is wrong

  6. Nick:

    People who can humiliate others and don’t feel bad about it.

  7. Jane:

    1. The radicalises who want to impose their views on others in a rather nasty kind of way
    2. The self-centred and mean groups at my school.

  8. Copper:


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