Question 274

Photo by: Zara J.

56 Responses to “Question 274”

  1. Micks:

    my hair 🙂 dark brown with natural red highlights

  2. Yuchie:

    I have really long, shiny black hair that naturally falls in waves. Not many Asian girls have that, and I love that I do!

    I also think my eyes are my best facial feature by far, but eyes are too often the answer to this question.

  3. Sasha:

    My ‘poetic’ face…
    Which at least two people wish to take pictures of.

  4. Jomz:

    I think my Nose and my Smile.

  5. Nick:

    According to them, my long and girly hands.

  6. Maia:

    My eyes. My hair before I buzzed it off (it was really long and wavy). My olive complexion skin.

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