Question 275

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60 Responses to “Question 275”

  1. Nick:

    Achieving my potentials, but I try to achieve them again.

  2. PufferFish:

    I’ve missed out on auditions, taking certain classes, taking certain chances, making friends.

  3. Heather:

    It has stopped me from publishing my books. I really want to be an author, but I am so scared to fail.

  4. izzy:

    Trusting again. Loving again. Flying.

  5. Haylee:

    a lot

  6. Julia:

    Making new friends.

  7. Sarah:

    Most things. Not anymore though.

  8. unintended:

    loving my own life

  9. A:

    Going back to a real high school.

  10. hexmage:

    Just so many things in my personal life.

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