Question 277

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  1. MM:

    I would go back and do more random acts of kindness for others..

  2. km:

    i wouldn’t have fooled around with my ex-boyfriend again. i always tell myself i won’t do it again and then i do.

  3. me:


  4. jewels:

    go back into that room and kiss HIM in front of all our fellow students so that eventually everyone knows about us

  5. Megan:

    I would have stood up for myself when he insulted me and I wouldn’t have fought with my best friend about it.

  6. Ael:

    I would have told my parents to get out of my life, and I would have let the blade go a little deeper.

  7. Some Girl:

    I wouldn’t change last week (except perhaps to have procrastinated less), but I would change a week that happened exactly one month ago. If I had kept my mouth shut, then everything would be different now.

  8. Tiva:

    I would have left when my instinct said to leave, esp since I fought the rush hour traffic. I might have gotten to pick up my friend on time, instead of 20 mins later than I said I would have been there.
    I wouldn’t have snapped so much at my mom when she was only trying to be helpful.
    Other than that, I’ve had a pretty awesome week.

  9. bapsi:

    i wouldn’t change a thing in my last week, but if i could go to the friday a month ago. i would have fought for everything we had together and everything would be different.

  10. LoveMe.;:

    i would have kissed her while i had the chance, and not got up to close the door, and not left for egypt with nothing, .. maybe things mean more than other people finding out ..

  11. Sarah:

    I would have gone into college on Wednesday instead of missing it because of the snow… this way I wouldn’t have sat at home lonely and crying all day.

  12. Justin:

    I would have not changed anything.

    Because of last week, what happened and what I learned, this week turns out to be a good week. And I am looking forward for next week. =)

  13. Carol:

    I wouldn’t let my self fall for a guy so fast and so hard. It’s only been a week since we started talking and I can’t stop thinking about you. Its just too bad I’m only one girl out of many you are talking to.

  14. manny:


  15. Amanda:

    I would have got more of this project done. I’m such a procrastinator.

  16. Zels:

    I would have driven more carefully and studied for my exam that i took today and have done all the assignments for this class, but besides that the week that just passed was not at all bad. =)

  17. Anonymous:

    I wouldn’t have eaten- I would have stuck to my diet of anorexia.
    I would have acted differently yesterday around all of my friends.
    I want to change my whole life.

  18. Sarah:

    i wouldnt of spent $185 just to get a colour, cut and curl. i wouldnt of brought my friend with me thus my boyfriend and i wouldnt have gotten in that fight. i would have gone to all my classes.

  19. C:

    asked more questions..

  20. Shaun:

    I would have quit worrying about death and afterlife and just stick with the faith that I have that there is something better after this place.

  21. anon:

    not hotbox the car

  22. Not gotten so bent out of shape about my freshmen daughter’s project she was procrastinating on.

  23. Debbie:

    I would have gone to all my classes.
    Talked to him longer.

  24. why would I change??? 😉

  25. Chloe:

    I’d talk to him.

  26. Julian:

    i would have made the morning of our sleepover more caring and less sexual

  27. Ashh:

    I would of asked my chem teacher for help on this annoying stoicheometry test.
    I would of spent more time with my dad.
    I would of taken my dog on atleast one walk every day.
    I wouldn’t of inhaled.

  28. Jessah:

    I would have walked up to him and told him how I felt.
    I would have given him that letter I had written after we talked that last time.
    I would have lived, loved, and laughed.

  29. leigh:

    i would have not had sex with my friend, not drank so much and made a fool of myself, and thought more about what I was buying at Kroger…

  30. P.:

    Not a single thing. This week was one of the best of my entire life

  31. Meghan:

    I would erase the new cuts I gave myself on Monday, I would accept the advice of seeing a psychiatrist and getting medications for my depression when my friend mentioned it on Tuesday, I would go to school and laugh with my friends on Wednesday, and I would kiss my best friend Wren as a thank you for the many presents she gave to me on Thursday. Today, I’m okay with what I’ve done.

  32. Vio:

    I would not have fought with him

  33. Jade:

    I would have studied harder for my biology test. I wouldn’t have been a bitch to the guy I’m in love with. I would have made more of an effort to change the state of my life. I would have volunteered more. Next week will be better.

  34. L:

    I wouldn’t have let my now ex boyfriend sabotage my existing relationships.

  35. Atomickey:

    I probably would’ve joined the fun birthday party that was supposed to be for me, but i planned everything to make sure my friends enjoyed it. I really wish i could’ve joined :/

  36. Nick:

    I would’ve eat less and exercise more.

  37. Keira:

    I would of tried harder for the guy I liked, too bad it’s to late.

  38. I wouldn’t have stayed up so late last night

  39. Izzy:

    The things i said to my friend.

  40. Julia:

    I would wake up earlier, and go to bed earlier so I could get shit done.

  41. Kristen Deneuve:

    I wouldn’t have opened the letter. And if I had done it out of curiosity, I never would’ve told him. Really, I’d rather have that selfish asshole with me than being so alone.

  42. Gwenie:

    I wouldn’t have gambled everything

  43. hexmage:

    I would change the fact that someone who I care very much about lost a family member. From what little I know, the man didn’t deserve it and the family didn’t either and had no use for the pain it caused.

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