Question 278

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  1. That I’m intelligent, that I’m worth knowing, that I can be someone they can both depend on and confide in and that they can trust me and like me for who I am.

  2. m:

    That I won’t be a complete waste of time.

  3. that I`m funny;D

  4. Aaron:

    I hate being the boring guy, so I would like them to think of me as an interesting person.

  5. Sophia:

    I want them to think I am nice, and a person worth to remember. Of course I also want them to think I’m fun to be with, and trustworthy

  6. manny:

    That I’m not who my parents are.

  7. Amanda:

    That I’m kind and like to have fun.

  8. Jay:

    I want them to remember me for next time, and that I am someone they want to get to know more.

  9. bapsi:

    that they see me for me and that the person they see they want to get to know.

  10. Justin:

    That they see me and know that I would be a good friend if they try to make an effort instead of me always making an effort when they never tried.

  11. Chloe:

    that i’m not like the rest of them.

  12. C:

    that i am worth knowing.

  13. A:

    This girl isn’t just a pretty face, she’s also intelligent, funny, and kind.

  14. Shaun:

    I want others to recognize that I am an intelligent, genuine human being who has the capacity to love, laugh, and share life’s joys with others.

  15. Ginny:

    That I care about what you’re saying

  16. Marisol:

    I want them to know that I’m about love.

  17. Andrew schwartz:

    That I am really listening to them, being present in this particular moment with them.

  18. Zels:

    “she’s different”

  19. “this dude might be interesting” 😉

  20. Chloe:

    that I’m the happiest person on Earth! That I never cry and I always go through things with a smile. Which is of course, I complete lie.

  21. kid:

    I dont want them to think anything about me.

  22. Tiva:

    I agree with Zels! Different in every way, which is such a good thing nowadays! 🙂

  23. Ashley C.:

    Weirdly enough it depends on the person i’m meeting. If it’s an older person,as in old enough to be my grandma i want her to think that i’m a nice young lady, if it’s someone my age i want them to think im awesome,fun,good enough to hang around

  24. Jessa:

    I’d love to seem like someone worth remembering.

  25. Megan:

    That I’m cool and interesting. That I’m smart and funny. That I’m someone they want to get to know better.

  26. Dani:

    I want them to think that I don’t think about this question

  27. Jade:

    That I’m optimistic and a generally happy person. Somebody they should want to be friends with and get to know, somebody to hang out with and have fun, but still able to be serious and help them through their problems.

  28. Ashley:

    I want them to be intrigued.

  29. that i’m not a bitch like my “bitch face” suggests. I’M NOT! 🙂

  30. d:

    that i’m pretty and funny

  31. Jomz:

    Quiet yet give meaningful actions.

  32. Nick:

    I’m a fun-loving guy and is always there to support them.

  33. marilee:

    ill want to impress them, bu talking smart and acting pretty.

  34. izzy:

    That I’m worth it.

  35. Jane:

    Interesting and quirky. Just like everybody else wants 😛

  36. Ruby:

    I want to be someone striking; someone who comes across sophisticated both in what she wears and how she thinks. To be a role model and person of guidance for others.

  37. Julia:

    That I’m cool, interesting and attractive.

  38. Sarah:

    That I am easy going, care free and a positive person.

  39. DUSK:

    i don’t want them to think anything, i want to be left alone.

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