Question 280

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65 Responses to “Question 280”

  1. lidia:

    now that my mom died

  2. Rachael:

    All of it.

  3. Nick:

    It was during high school. I felt like I didn’t belong to the class.

  4. Taylor:

    All of it. Right now.

  5. Ara:

    Getting told I was moving from Arizona to Georgia, with less than 24 hours’ notice, because I’d run away from home. I knew nobody in Georgia, and didn’t even have time to say goodbye to all my friends.

  6. Taylor:

    Every single day.

  7. In high school when I didn’t know how to break up with my boyfriend. I knew I was unhappy & needed help. Crying everyday after school. I feel like it happens every 2 years. Sophomore year in high school. Senior Year was rough. Now sophomore year in college. And now being away from all of my friends because I live 5 hours away from my college. I have more friends at school. I feel like no one will come see me because I am too far away. I’m trying to be pen pals. I feel like I’ll never get letters.

  8. Haylee:

    When my sister passed away in a snow mobile accident… felt alone for a little while afterwards

  9. Julia:

    I think that through the past couple of years I battled depression and anxiety, as well as losing a lot of friends and becoming kind of the pariah within my peers. I never felt accepted, but at this point I was starting to become alienated and discriminated. I wanted out. Even though I have friends, sometimes I feel like they never listen to what I have to say and that annoys me.

  10. emily:

    random times all through high school.

  11. Sarah:

    During all the times I’ve missed out on being able to do things because of not having any money.
    All the times I’ve felt like I’ve not fit in.
    When my boyfriend broke up with me.
    This year a lot of the time.

    Times are changing though!

  12. willa:

    all the time. i always feel lonely. especially when im with my friends

  13. Kristen Deneuve:

    Right now. At this very moment. So many people that are there for me and help me through this shitty time, but someone I thought was my friend left me hanging. Doesn’t he know the tiniest bit of acknowledgement is enough to give me the feeling I’m not the only one sacrificing everything for this damned friendship?

  14. sterling:

    I’ve been alone but i stay clear of lonely cause loneliness and aloneness are two different things. but I’ve been lost since day one of the first five years and that just makes it so much worse. every time I’ve been with a group of people who were supposed friends i was never connected with them and envious of their relationship with each other

  15. “Dear best friend, I thought you should know that I miss you and all the laughs we used to have. I wish our friendship wasn’t fading.”

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