Question 281

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  1. manny:

    The freedom to explore openly. I still don’t have that.

  2. m:

    Experiencing what it would be like to have a family.

  3. Josh:

    To experience what would probably be the best time of my life at that time.

  4. S:

    Running around with friends, kids my age in the neighbourhood – i had friends at school, but no kids lived on my street.

  5. Tiva:

    Summer camp. I never went to summer camp, at all. My parents couldn’t afford it. Pretty sad. People talk about their summer camp experiences, and I have no clue what it feels like.

  6. Megan:

    Going out of town to visit family. All my family lived in the same state as me, and I always felt jealous when people talked about going back to the same places every year to visit family members.

  7. The opportunity to realise something was wrong earlier than now…

  8. Chloe:

    the opportunity to make REAL friends and to be myself.

  9. Jonathan:

    Young Love

  10. Jenny:

    Being an adolescent.

  11. Sophia:

    Being carefree. I was always worrying about everything. My childhood was good, but it is better now than it was.

  12. Tiffany:

    The Air Force.

  13. Swish:

    Acceptance for being me.
    Elementary school is pretty horrible for a lot of people, I have found, when they look back on it.
    I was no exception.
    Even my friends denied me full acceptance.
    I was always the nerd, and I think some people hated me for the fact that I wasn’t like them…
    Oh well, I’ve no idea.

  14. Libby:

    Standing up to my bullies and being proud of the geeky clever girl I was. I wouldn’t have let them affect me as badly as they have.

  15. Be nice with my bf, he cared about me 🙂

  16. Jay:

    …. my innocence was kinda cut short.

  17. craig:

    Not being allowed to make my own mistakes, not being able to have a carefree attitude and to experience everything lefe has to offer.

  18. Jordan:

    Tap Dance lessons…

  19. december.nights:

    The opportunity to explore who I really was. It would have made all the difference if someone had told me to look inward instead of outward for validation.

  20. Amanda:

    Going somewhere different for college instead of the one in my area. Seeing all the fun my little brother is having and all the friend’s he’s made, makes me wish I didn’t stay local. I missed out on the entire college experience.

  21. Meg:

    I missed the opportunity to be a kid. Being abused forced me to grow up to quick. I’d like to have that opportunity back.

  22. Mo:

    I quit dance when I was younger, and now I’m doing theater and I’m just now taking dance lessons, which is required for theater. If I had known, I would have stuck with it. Now, I just regret not continuing with it, because I figured out that I love dancing.

  23. Douglas:

    Finishing college.

  24. Z:


  25. Laura:

    Well I’m still young, but I wish I could’ve had a snowball fight with my brother when we were both younger and built a snowman. I’ve never even seen snow.

  26. Megan:

    I missed learning to connect with other people and acting young and stupid. I never took any risks and now, I’m almost too old to do the stupid crap that kids do.

  27. Marie:

    I missed the opportunity to to hear my parents say “I love you.”

  28. DSL:

    The opportunity to really be a child.

  29. Micks:

    Friends and a true love

  30. Ashley:


  31. what does saying “what if” accomplish?

  32. Nick:

    When I was invited to join a Boy Scout camp in the woods and inside the school. My Scout Master was right. I really am gonna wish I’d joined.

  33. Daniel:

    Appreciating 90’s television and classic movies

  34. PufferFish:

    Feeling accepted, having friends. I didn’t have any friends until third grade. Consequence of being an only child, really…
    Well that and everyone I went to school with was absolutely horrible to me…even my best friend was horrible to me, but I didn’t notice that until our friendship ended about ten years later.

  35. Caitlin:

    I always wished I had done all the illegal bad things when I was younger, so I could experience them with a slap on the wrist.

  36. Jane:

    Technically I have a genius IQ and in primary school I never had any true friends because I was so much more emotionally mature than the rest of my peers and only really wanted to pursue friendships with older people. I have more friends now in High School

  37. Julia:

    Getting closer to the people who I no longer see, take up a hobby and stick with it, paint and draw more to increase my abilities.

  38. Sarah:

    Having a good father in my life, instead of the awful no show I currently have.

  39. sterling:

    having friends who all hanged with each other and had a blast doing crazy things.

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