Question 282

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36 Responses to “Question 282”

  1. Jackie:

    less worry & regret, more living day by day.

  2. Jay:

    more wind, less complexity.

  3. Danielle:

    More Time 🙂 Less Health Issues 🙂

  4. m:

    More stupid decisions and stories.
    Less words and expectations.

  5. Anonymous:

    More love, less hate 🙂

  6. you:

    More inspiration, motivation.
    Less fear, anxiety.

  7. craig:

    More time, less explanations

  8. More laughs and less mental illness

  9. Sophia:

    There is so much more I want in my life.. More romance, and fun I think. Less procrastination ..

  10. Tiva:

    Maybe… more weight loss and less sugar intake. LOL!
    Oh, more sex and less non-sex! (definitely!)

  11. more happy,less sad

  12. december.nights:

    more time spent connecting with others.
    more dance classes.
    more motivation.
    more time spent watching audrey hepburn movies.

    less of the tired, sad, lonely feeling that numbs me through and through.
    less time wasted, getting nothing accomplished and knowing it.
    less looking for answers in the wrong places.
    less procrastinating.
    less disconnect.

  13. bapsi:

    more snow. less wind

  14. Positive Pamela:

    More smiles being returned throughout the day. Less complaining and negativity.

  15. T:

    i suppose more peace less pain

  16. Janie:

    More snowboarding. Less school.

  17. Jay:


  18. Shaun:

    More love, less hate. More jobs, less misfortune. More peace, less wars. More acceptance, less ignorance. More life, less death.

  19. Emma:

    More days with the sisters, less days stressing

  20. Amanda:


  21. Libby:

    More spontaneity.

    Less thinking.

  22. zels:

    I want more of God in my life!!! and i want less procrastination in my life!

  23. manny:

    I want out. Its all i’ve ever wanted.

  24. maria:

    more accomplishments ,less stress &worry

  25. Ael:

    More sleep, more guitar, more self-control, more freedom, more seeing my wonderful friends, more of those warm and humid bittersweet summer nights when I’m out and I know I’m making mistakes, but they always turn out so well. Less arguing and procrastination, less falling up the stairs, less homework. 😀

  26. dani:

    more friends. less time alone.

  27. Conor:

    Less aggravation from my boss about the smallest stupid things.
    More money to travel to see my girl.
    Less distance between us.
    More intimacy and precious moments together.
    Less waiting for everything to finally finish…but
    More time to get what I need to do done.

  28. Megan:

    More good stories to tell that result from things that were probably not good ideas and less worrying and nervousness.

  29. Bails:

    I would like more time with my friends and family and less time beening wasted on things that done matter

  30. Shortie:

    I want more laughs, more good times and more studying.
    Less computer, less despair and less drama.

  31. more being able to do WHAT i want.
    less being pressured into something i dont want.

  32. Nick:

    MORE: Living life how I want it, socializing with new people
    LESS: Worries and regrets, pressure and insecurity.

  33. Keira:

    More: fun times with true friends.
    Less: Drama and backstabbing.

  34. Julia:

    I want more love in my life. More adventure, more excitement, experiences, and recklessness.

    I want less repetition, depression, dullness.

  35. Sarah:

    More friends, laughs, happy times.

    Less stress, upset, negative thoughts.

  36. I want MORE experiences. More exploring, more traveling, more good times with friends.

    I want LESS material things. In the grand scheme of life, stuff is just not that important. Being able to live out of a suitcase is a beautiful thing 🙂

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