Question 283

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  1. smileylich:

    Pic is appropriate: My cat Bullabee.

  2. Shaun:

    My cousin … to pay my half of the rent and bills.

    My family … for love and support.

    My boyfriend … to complete the circle.

    My friends … for company.

    Myself … because I know I’m dependable.

  3. A:

    Lots of people….far too many of them are ones who are on the edge and somehow its become my job to constantly save them…which I don’t mind but I am barely keeping it together myself…

  4. you:


  5. My parents & freinds 🙂

    And I am feeling good to have strong enough shoulders for them to lean on 🙂

  6. Amanda:

    My mother.

  7. Tiva:

    My brother and mom… to pay the bills, keep the condo clean and to help them get along.
    The company I work for, managers, the owners, all the cab drivers… depend on me to open the place and be there to help the drivers at 5am.
    The manager and volunteers at the hospital depend on me to be there every Friday when I volunteer at the front desk.
    There’s probably a few more, I just can’t think of them.

  8. Chelsea Nicole:


    generally I don’t mind. I’ll be your rock, but can’t for once you just turn around and see that im not all that held together?

  9. Sarah:

    Far too many people… they shouldn’t.


  11. Heather:

    My coworkers and managers. My mother. My cat, Milo.

  12. my family, and my baby brother <3

  13. manny:

    my little brother.
    He’s a sensitive kid, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  14. Kate:

    The picture is appropriate for me too, since my five-month-old kitten, Rezzy, is curled up on my lap right now. If anything happened to me I’m worried about what would happen to her.

  15. Ael:

    My golden retriever Vikki, she’s saved me more than once. My friends who are on the edge and need someone to hold on to and lean on. My sisters rely on me for what attention they can’t get from our parents, and I’m not always good at it.

  16. Jessa:

    Perhaps two of my family members. Otherwise, I don’t think I’m of much use.

  17. Debbie:

    I never thought about this and the answer makes me so sad: My mother has her friends to lean on, my brother has his girlfriend, my father doesn’t even care, my friends have other friends and fellow-students don’t even care.
    D*mn, Why am I here? I need to find a reason. Quick.

  18. Teresa:

    My best girlfriend to help her study and remind her when assignments are due.

  19. AFo:

    we dont know each other, but i depend on you and people like you. please know that even though you cant see it, you are valuable to more people than you probably know. please stay strong.

  20. AFo:

    above message goes to debbie. teresa, im sure you need the same encouragement…but shout out to debbie. 🙂

  21. anon:

    Agreed with AFo–Debbie, you ARE needed!! You loved. You are someone’s reason to smile. Everyone is. And that includes you!

    My friends and family depend on me in various ways, and I depend on them too. I love them so much.

  22. Nicole:

    My family and my friends. Most of the time I don’t mind but sometimes its really stressful and too much to handle.

  23. Nick:

    My mom and dad.. because I need to study hard for them to feel that every penny they’re spending for me at college is worthwhile.
    My sister.. for computer problems.
    My friends.. for support and love.

  24. Julia:

    My family-They depend on me to do great things in life, and to be the best I can be. They give me the resources I need to be something great.

    My friends-I always listen to their problems, and am there for them when they need it.

  25. Sarah:

    My cats haha
    My mum for help around the house, general support, etc.

  26. Maggie:

    My siblings- to help them get through life since i became like their mom.
    My Dad- To help with the kids and to help him out.

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