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  1. Jesus

  2. My grandma is a typical old lady who loves her granddaughter so much though she never understands her…
    She’s just loving her little girl unconditionally, like I am always the most innocent & forgivable one … 🙂

  3. manny:

    my mom, both positive and negative impacts

  4. My friends Jeremiah and Shawn. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

  5. Janie:

    Probably my mom. I’m her Mini Me and I love it. I try to be just like her.

  6. bapsi:

    my friends.
    they have made me the person i am today.

  7. My muse. Seriously, her influence has reached out and changed so much about me and my life. I thank God for her constantly.

  8. Libby:

    No-one I properly know yet. I just met someone who has already made an impact on me, and think it could be him that helps me get over my depression


  10. Ael:

    I have. After myself, the guy I fell head over heels for.

  11. Me(:

  12. Karen:


  13. Tiva:

    I think it would be my dad has had the greatest impact on me.
    My sister has had the greatest negative impact on me.
    Steve Maraboli, internet radio talk show host, has influenced me within the last few years, for good.

  14. Z:

    my paternal grandparents, great grandmother, and best friends family had the greatest positive impact on my childhood.

    my father and step father the greatest negative impact.

    and my college roomies, past and present, the greatest impact in recent years

  15. Amanda:

    My mother. She has been there through everything

  16. Justin:

    My mom and a new friend of mine

  17. MM:

    Him <3

  18. Jessah:

    My brothers and friends the most positive impact on me, especially lately.
    Without my friends, I would not be here today. I think that’s a great impact. (:

  19. Meredith:

    Jeffrey Michael Dera

    my boyfriend of 1 year and 10 months. He is the greatest thing to walk into my life and the only person who challenges me to be better but at the same time, lets me be who I am….no matter what.

  20. Meg:

    My father. The impacts he has had are mostly negative. He has caused me to doubt myself, hate myself, not trust others, feel like i’m worthless. But he has also forced me to be strong and courageous.. or I wouldn’t still be here today.

  21. midnitesukie:

    the failures and successes i’ve gone through. i’m what i chose to be…

  22. whitney:

    my father, he has taught me to never be like him. although many negative experiences, his impact has been positive because i now know who i am, and who i am not.

  23. Alice:

    The person you taught me to jump because he will catch me. The person who taught me to hold his hand when I was scared. My boyfriend, because he has taught me to trust in someone else. He has done so much for me and the only thing I can repay him with is my kiss.

  24. Dan:

    My Ex-girlfriend, we were closer to each other than we were our families, we talked about about anything and everything and she helped me make a lot of important life-changing decisions.

  25. one of my best friends who’s been through everything. a teacher who is just pure awesome.

  26. anon:

    My grandparents, especially my grandmother.
    My closest friends.
    Someone who understood because she had been there.
    Someone who understood in helping me.
    Someone who I was lucky enough to be able to reach out to and help.
    My family–my aunt and cousins.
    Various teachers.
    My RA.
    My “roommate” when I was put on emergency hold in the psych ward.
    I think anyone who has ever interacted with anyone else changes them and visa versa, no matter in how big or small of a way.

  27. Lauren:

    Jesus. Directly, my mom and my high school history teacher. Both strong women who taught me to never be satisfied with mediocre life decisions.

  28. Nick:

    God, Jesus, my family and friends.

  29. Daniel:

    My Father, he got me into Scouting. I cannot think of a world where I did not grow up with such honour and virtue—that is what my father introduced to me as his father did before him.

    My Mother; whenever I needed spiritual guidance, she will always be there for me, as I have been there for her.

    My Ex-Lovers, Enemies and Friends; they have pointed out my flaws, whether it was through humility or out of madness you have helped me sculpt my moral conscience.

    My High School Sculpture Teacher, I have never loved the subject with so much passion as I have for her and her methods of teaching give me hope that she will be a fine example for future teachers.

    Finally, I know that there will many others coming to blaze across my skylines and glorify, display and reveal all sorts of things to me as they descend to make the impact they need to make on my life. Thank You.

  30. djose:


  31. djose:

    and then basically all the people i care about/who care for me, but mainly jesus

  32. Julia:

    My parents. They taught me how to grow, learn, and be whoever I want. They basically brought me up and turned me into the person I am today. They supply everything for me, they make dinner when I’m at work for me, they pick me up and drop me off at places, they save for my college, and they’ve done so many other things for me.

  33. Sarah:

    My mum. She’s always done the best she can for me. She goes without so I can borrow money. She supported me when I left my job.

  34. Julie Takase:

    My father. He has always picked me up when I’ve fallen and always gives good advice.

  35. Alicia Marie:

    my daughter ❤

  36. Jordan:

    Freddie. And that’s why I’ve saved this photo on my computer – it pictures the moment when I realised just how amazing you really are, but it wasn’t till later when I’d learn how much I could love you, or love anybody.

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