Question 286

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  1. you:

    I will hopefully be a lot more busy, busy, busy.

  2. Janie:

    Hopefully I’ll have more focus on what I want to do with my degree, and I’ll have money saved up for the rest of my education.

  3. you1:

    Have a great job, yet still have time to spend with the family.

  4. a.:

    I hopehopehope that I will find myself studying in London.

  5. Drew:

    After seeing how dramatically things can change in the last year, I have absolutely no idea where I will be in the next year. However, I do hope I’m living on the other side of the state by next year.

  6. I will be healthyer

  7. Libby:

    Better than this year. Hopefully.

  8. M:

    Maybe ill have a job and life will look brighter than today

  9. Amanda:

    I will be in grad school and hopefully the direction my life is heading in will be a lot more clear.

  10. bapsi:

    i hope to be where i am now, because this place is where i am at home and happiest no matter what happens.

  11. manny:

    I’ll be all moved out and happier I hope.
    I hope to be responsible and true to who I am.

  12. Justin:

    Better than this year. I also hope to see myself in a place where I belonged.

  13. k8:

    I will be free.

  14. Some Girl:

    I will be graduated from college and sharing an apartment with one of my best friends. Hopefully I will have a “grown up” job, and hopefully I’ll have found Mr. Right!

  15. L:

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting my (hopefully) acceptance letter to my dream college. And if I’m accepted, I’ll finally be able to prove to my parents that I AM smart enough. And that I’m not a disappointment.

  16. I will learn to smile more naturally 🙂

  17. Chelsea Nicole:

    I won’t be here.

  18. m:

    Dear Chelsea, if it’s a choice, I hope you choose to live.
    If not, I hope every day until then is as wonderful as it deserves to be.
    ( I don’t know you, but I’m sure you deserve the world. 🙂 )

  19. Tiva:

    I don’t think anything will change in a year… none of the big things anyway.

  20. Ris:

    I’ll either be happily living with my sisters, starting our plans to move to Sydney, or getting ready to enlist in the Army.

  21. Jay:

    I`ll be in college more fulfilled with my life.

  22. Anonymous:

    It’ll be fuller and happier and I’ll be better.

  23. s:

    Today I completed schooling to follow my dream! Life will be so much different. Job, house, married…my life is just beginning!

  24. Conor:

    If all goes to plan:
    Different continent. I’m hoping to study in America on an exchange from my uni here in the UK next year.
    Girl I’m falling for will be my gf.
    Everything that I’m concerned about at the moment is short term. I doubt no new problems will occur, but it’s a possibility. At least everything I’m worried about right now should be solved or over.
    I’ll be MUCH more independent than I already am, due to living in a continent where I know maybe 10 people currently, none of which will even be nearby.

  25. Debbie:

    I hope I will feel more at ease in a new surrounding.
    I hope I won’t be so alone anymore, even when I have so many people around me.

    I want to wake up and smile, just smiling because I’m happy.

  26. Mo:

    I will finally be graduating from university.

  27. Rachel:

    My life will have fallen apart. And I’ll have nowhere to go.

  28. Swish:

    He’ll be gone.

  29. manny:

    I truly, truly hope that my patience actually pays off.
    That I finally get what I really want.
    That I can deserve my dream.

  30. i- thoughts:

    i assume to be more :
    Independent & confident
    & amazing public speaker !! hopefully :$

  31. Anne:

    I’ll be more mature, and hopefully I’ll know what my passion is.

  32. Transition:

    I would be busy. (Very busy, in fact)

    But I know, that I will be much happier.

  33. Annie:

    Well I’ll be in college by then. So new friends, new house, new teachers, new city, new possibilities.

  34. Mandy:

    I will be happy once again. I will be sure of myself and others in my life.

  35. Patricia:

    This time next year, I am hoping to be getting ready to be traveling abroad in either Italy or Prague. I hope I know what it feels like to fall in love, learn more things about myself I have yet to find out and feel completely satisfied with the person I’m becoming in life or career.

  36. Lynn:

    Surrounded with only things/people I’m passionate about, and enough time to focus on each. Also, hopefully living in Chicago!

  37. Tiffany:

    Well, being that I’m preggo. My husband and I will have our first child!

  38. Jade:

    I hope to have new friends and a life.

  39. Emili:

    Living in Shanghai and hopefully speaking chinese

  40. Nick:

    I have new friends, hopefully, and I would be comfortable to my new college environment.

  41. Daniel:

    The more time I spend on this Earth the more experience I gain.

  42. neasa:

    I hope to be home x x full-time if not ill be at my niece first holy communion x x

  43. Katy:

    I hope I’ll be healthier, happier, and more mature.

  44. djose:

    i will live in a place i call home

  45. Jane:

    I will be less childish. Being a teenager means becoming so much more every year.

  46. Julia:

    I’ll be more independent, with more friends and a happier person

  47. Sarah:

    Hopfully I will be starting a new chapter in my life.
    Hopfully I will be at uni.
    Hopfully I will be over him :/
    Hopfully I will partially be the person I want to be.

  48. Vilho:

    I would have learned an extra language.

  49. Julie Takase:

    Maybe married.

  50. sterling:

    i will be 170 pounds and gorgeous with the love of my life next to me.
    i will be fluent in korean and spanish

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