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  1. I allowed myself to be a perfectionist.

    And when I stopped that, I found life became just as perfect as it is 😉

  2. bapsi:

    i did not fight for what I wanted but did what was best for others.

  3. B3SH0Y:

    couldn’t take a risk out of fear of losing it all, then lost it all because of it.

  4. dreamer:

    I did not ask girls out when I had the chance.

  5. raul:


    I keep making my past, my present. I miss her. so much.

  6. anonymous:

    I let myself fall in love with him: a guy who could never love a girl like me.

  7. Some Girl:

    I had sex with a good friend, because I thought we both wanted something more. Turns out, it was only me who wanted something more.

  8. yes…I built a castle just to tear it down…yaaay me.

  9. Sophia:

    I lost contact with one my best friends. And I don’t know how to talk to her anymore because she always gets mad at me. I know I was the only friend she had and I ruined it all.. She told me she cut herself, and that she was starving herself. I don’t know what to do or how to help her, because we haven’t met in around one year. She is not on msn anymore or facebook, and I don’t want to text her, because she gets mad at me for not staying in touch ..

  10. Nancy:

    I was honest and true to my values, I worked to make things safe at work…I lost my job

  11. Justin:

    I was trying to hang out with friends more often because I feel like I am missing out meeting new people or making close friends since I was a little kid. Little did I realize that my school grades were not so good. So I realized I need to focus on college, the future, myself, accept the way my life is going. And now, I feel content for the first time in a long time.

  12. Ris:

    I never stood up for myself to get what I knew was better for me.

  13. melissa:

    I build up walls to keep people from hurting me but I now live a lonely life

  14. Anonymous:

    I sat back and watched life go by. I have to stand up now.

  15. Anonymous:

    I am driving myself to the point of insanity with the help of school

  16. Zels:

    I could not pick a major and I took a semester off of school and moved in with a guy all bad moves 🙁 but I am doing well now 🙂

  17. Anonymous:

    I persuaded myself that I did not have time to pursue a relationship, and missed out on a few great opportunities.

  18. Tiva:

    Smoking and doing drugs. I have since quit and am very happy with myself because of it. I now cannot stand other family members doing the same drugs I was doing, but nothing I say or do will change their mind. They have to learn all on their own.

  19. Craig:

    Caring too much about others. My last relationship ended because i had cared too much for her and not enough about myself and she felt i put too much pressure on her trying to make me happy.

  20. Debbie:

    Staying for too long with him.

    Then finding someone and not being patient enough. It will never come back en it still hurts everyday.

  21. Chelsea Nicole:

    Losing him and finding someone new who could never fall in love with someone like me.

  22. Anonymous:

    I spent too much time waiting for life to hand me a significant other when it was me who should have been trying harder.

  23. Ginny:

    Spent too much time dying to be thin.

  24. Anne:

    I’ve let myself trust people and hurt people simply because I like to pretend my life is perfect.

  25. Claire:

    I’ve been too shy to try new things/meet new people. I hide behind my job and my comfort zone. I don’t have any friends where I live and my friends from home are all married. I’ve basically become the hermit and that ISN’T who I want to be.

  26. By being lazy. Every time I think I could be working on something creative or helpful to society, there is a 10 hour Jersey Shore marathon calling me.

  27. Annie:

    not believeing in myself. then not attempting to do something because i didn’t think i could do it.

  28. Shortie:

    Procrastination is a terrible thing.

  29. grace:

    I never fully understood and took advantage of greatness when i had it, and then i lost it and now i look back crying

  30. Margaret Murphey:

    I retreated into myself and didn’t let anyone else see the real me. I put up masks and walls and now I can’t seem to tear them down.

  31. frances:

    I show people I’m around constantly a bad and awkwardly spontaneous side of myself. It makes me hate them indirectly, to know that they’ve seen things I want to keep personal. Not facts, just mannerisms and subconscious reactions. It makes me want to run whenever I see them, to be around strangers for the rest of my life. A train station seems like such a haven to me when I’m around people I’ve known so long. But I’m so dependent, and I have no sense of direction, literally and mentally.

  32. Hannah:

    I have remained best friends with someone who honestly doesn’t truly care about me or my feelings, and have been too patient and too believing in the idea that she may get better and that one day she may start appreciating my friendship instead of leaving me when anyone else comes along.

  33. i haven’t. live and learn. and that’s genuine.

  34. Raven:

    I never tried in school and got by on natural intelligence. I don’t know how do actually try and now and I’m afraid it’s starting to catch up.

  35. Janapz:

    dindt took enough care of myself ended up losing 45 kg’s of weight getting diabetes and need a heart operation , if i want to experiense my 50th birthday in 32 years.. also
    took the wrong choices in education eding up doing work i dont even enjoy,
    lost my religion.

  36. Nick:

    Always masturbating to the point it almost intervene with my studies and my social life.
    Not allowing myself to do the things I know I can do and/or learn.

  37. Cecilia:

    Living with a man boyfriend who constantly criticizes me and finally
    I have no self-esteem or confidence to finish up and get my degree.

  38. Taylor:

    Not being honest about how i truly feel with my family.. not living my life how i want to .. living it how other people want me to live it. living to different lives, the real me.. and the me they want me to be..

  39. Rebecca:

    stayed in dead-end relationships too long because I didn’t have the courage to get out

    let guys walk on me when I should have stood up for myself

    went into the wrong career field

  40. Stephanie:

    I’ve always valued my independence, but now I’m starting to see that I’m not independent; I’m alone.

  41. Mery:

    Endless ways, sadly.

  42. Rob:

    Drank myself almost to death. I drank myself lonely and alone!

  43. Chelsey:

    putting my friends before myself and not realizing when a bad friendship was tearing me down. i’m glad i snapped out of it quick enough though to not lose my real friends.

  44. Julia:

    Holding back, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, and inflicting myself to damage.

  45. emily:

    i started smoking weed. i don’t like who i’ve become but can’t seem to stop.

  46. Sarah:

    I dropped out of college when I should have carried on, got my A Levels and gone to uni.
    Things would be so different if I’d have done that.

  47. Kristen Deneuve:

    By not telling the truth, keeping things to myself, but most importantly, letting that asshole of a wrong friend back into my life. This time you’re out for good.

  48. sterling:

    i believed myself into being a horrid person who could not be loved but only accepted. Keeping people around me who see me as a terrible person

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