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  1. Me:

    My best friend.
    Of course.
    She’s beautiful. Perfect body. Excellent writer. Perfect hair.
    Every guy I know has fallen for her at one point or another.

    I was on the phone with my boyfriend once and he saw her picture on facebook and gasped.
    “Whoa. Breathtaker.”

    Thanks for that. I know she’s prettier, but I didn’t need the reminder.

  2. Tiva:

    I envy those who are priviledged enough to not have to work. Even though work brings spice into my life (good and frustrating), it would be nice to stay at home AND have enough to go around, to not worry about money. I know those who have money don’t have everything, but it would be a nice experience anyways.

  3. Kay:

    Those with many good friends, who they can just call up whenever and talk/go out. I want to have a great group of friends that everyone meshes and can have a dinner party without any weird silence. ALso those people who can just strike up a conversation with anyone.

  4. Sophia:

    I envy people who can be happy without owning to many things. I am almost obsessed with buying new things, I can see it bothers my mom and dad. There is always something I need, and I think “when I buy that, I will be happy”, but when I buy it, I only want more. It’s starting to be a problem for me, and I wonder how I am going to be when I grow up.

    I also envy people who make friends fast. For me it can take a long time before I new make friends, unless they contact me, and keep on taking contact until I feel ready to contact them.

  5. Justin:

    I have envy for people I know for having friends that they could hang out with every day. I do have close friends or best friends but I don’t really see them every day unless we made plans. I also secretly envy people that are in relationships. I wish I could have that but sometimes being jealous means you wanted something you do not need. Sometimes all you have right now is all what you need. Sooner or later, life is going to give you more things you need. So I choose to ignore my envyness and choose to be happy for them.

  6. Laura:

    My friends in drama. The ones who aren’t too scared to go up on stage and perform.

    I wish I wasn’t so terrified of being up onstage. Just the thought of it makes me want to keep working as a stage manager. Then I just have to stay behind the scenes..

  7. Ris:

    My best friend.
    She’s well liked, gets great grades, has gotten into a college she would be happy to go to.
    Guy’s think she’s amazing, and it kills me when she tells me she has a great time with the guy she’s seeing now.

  8. quite past my envy days ^^

    still, I always think my mom smiles so naturally 🙂

  9. Anonymous:

    My mother, she is everything that every mom should want to be, she is better than any friend one could have, and she willingly gave up what she had going on in life to better my life. Which I believe is something selfless that few are brave enough to do.
    She is beautiful, brave, strong, kind hearted, and if I could be half the person she is I know I would be on the right track in life.

  10. Jay:

    I envy one of my friends. She’s very smart and selfless and I wish I could be as wonderful of a person towards my fellow man as she is.

    The other two I envy for their ability to draw better than me, but I still love them. One’s like the sister or other half of myself and the other one is… well so special to me. :3

  11. Inge:

    Sophie, a good friend of mine, like I always have done.
    And I still have no idea why.

  12. Q:

    My friends. so gorgeous. get all the guys. awesome personalities. can be friends with anyone. so envious.

  13. Meh:

    My friend. She’s got everything I’ve got, except about a thousand times better, and none of my flaws. And she’s still friends with the guy I (really really) like, but he’s so natural with her and so forced with me, ever since he found out I like him. I wish he would still be friends with me.

    And I’m jealous of my other friend, who has such faith and surety in her religion, not to mention guys falling all over her since third grade…

  14. Anonymous:

    I envy everyone who has someone to hold their hand. Its hard being single this long.

  15. Megan:

    My sister. She seems to just fall into good luck, she’s charismatic, and she has already started her life.

  16. Amber:

    I envy my best friend, for the first time in my life.
    We have been friends for 12 years, and I have always felt that I have had more than her, from getting newer toys at Christmas to going to college when she dropped out.
    But now we are both 18 and I live with my boyfriend, I am not sure whether my major is right for me, and I am constantly stressed out.
    She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years, quit her job, and dropped out of college, and she’s never been happier. She can go absolutely any direction with her life.. and I already feel stuck.

  17. Anne:

    Anyone who knows what they want to do with their life. They have something to work for. Something to work at. A goal.

  18. Claire:

    I envy those who aren’t afraid to take risks.
    I want to do so much with my life and I have the capability to do it but I am afraid of missing out on something at home. I’m afraid of missing big moments in my brothers lives, of finding the “one”, something tragic happening, to take the chance to do all of the things I want to do.
    I keep telling myself next year, next summer, next month, etc… but I never do it.
    I envy those who can put all those fears aside and do what they want to do and take chances.

  19. Alice:

    My friend’s girlfriend.
    She has what I want, and everything that my friend wants in a girl. I want to be like her and have my friend all to myself.

  20. Sigh:

    Every single healthy person in the world. Why is it that only those who do not have one recognise how amazing a perfectly working body is?

  21. Shortie:

    One of my closest friends..
    She’s the prettiest most determined person in the world.
    Everyone who meets her loves her and she has so much self confidence that when I am around her I feel completely and utterly stupid, small and insignificant.

  22. rocky:

    Professionals who are at the same time happy and successfull at their fields. I have been for two years in medical school but i dont know if i0m gonna have what it takes.

  23. Gratta:

    my friend who got into the uni course she wanted, at the uni wanted.. because ive wanted to study a similar course for 6 years and shes only wanted to for 6 months….

  24. cassandra:

    I envy my old best friend. We got in a fight and everyone picked her side, and even though things are pretty normal between me and everyone else, she still gets picked more. shes much prettier than i am. she has a car. i think people just like her more in general. shes probably more happy with her life than i am. even my boyfriend says how he misses hanging out with her. i feel like she just wins everything over me all the time.

  25. ng:

    I secretly envy everybody who is able to go to the bathroom in a public setting.

  26. June:

    People who speak their mind.

  27. people who can keep a conversation going!

  28. Nick:

    My friends. They’re athletic.
    Those graphic design people. They’re just good.

  29. Manda:

    Anyone who is in a healthy relationship with someone they love…I messed up the best relationship of my life and being single for so long has been unbearable and lonely for me. People take their significant others for granted Id do anything to have what I had again, even though I am happy my heart breaks whenever I see a happy couple. I feel like I will never have that again.

  30. Katy:

    Girls who have their shit together, who know exactly who they are.

  31. Keira:

    A friend that is no longer close to me because she is now dating a guy that I really like even though she knew that I liked him before she met him.

  32. Mery:

    One of my best friends. She is one of the most determined, brave, beautiful and amazing people I know and I wish I could be more like that sometimes.

  33. me:

    All my friends who are engaged, married, or pregnant; while I am fresh out of a five-year relationship. Which is twice as long as most of my friends have known their significant others.

  34. Jane:

    People with a group of friends who they can just call up or with best friends they always just chill with like in the books and movies

  35. Chris:

    My Best friend.

    Because he is the most likable person without even trying.
    Everyone loves him He never has to spend a day alone unless he chooses
    Everything about him is just so much better than me.

  36. Whitney:

    My ex likes her, and dumped me for her.
    The boy I like, dated her for 2 years.
    And she’s gorgeous.

  37. Mcube:

    Just a braver version of me.
    I need to be a bit more brave, but i love me 🙂

  38. Julia:

    My friend.

    She has everything I want.

    A boyfriend, a beautiful singing voice, kickass guitar skills, amazing song lyrics, and a permit.

  39. Sarah:

    My ex boyfriend. He has everything I want for myself. Great friends, his own personal space, his own car, a great job he loves. The ability to always see the positives in life, even when the bad stuff is pretty big.

    People who are adventurous.
    People who manage to keep on going when something happens that would pull me down.

  40. Felicia:

    The Future me ..Because she Has it All together and even when she doesnt she makes it Look Good

  41. sterling:

    to the people whom have a best friend. My best friend is pretty much myself and sometimes it can be hard.

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