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  1. Tim Sheppard:

    I want to remember the first time I saw God

  2. 17 yrs old me and 37 yrs old me will always be the same one, lively & loves people without many conditions 🙂

  3. Mo:

    Not the wins we earned, not the losses we shared in, but the love we had for each other and the good times we had.

  4. Jay:

    I want to remember the people who were a part of my life, those who I was blessed to have met.

  5. Lilly:

    If i could i would want to remember it all. All the good and all the bad.

  6. I want to remember the good times I had with people I loved.

  7. Joie de vivre (the joy of living) – thanks for posting my photo!

  8. bapsi:

    i want to remember the good, the bad and the awesome. Because that is what will have made me into the person i will be.

  9. Russ:

    Feeling so deeply in head-over-heels-teenage-love with that special someone

  10. CMM:

    The day my brother came home.

  11. Meh:

    The one boy who made my seventh grade year bearable. It’s kind of scary that whatever I felt so deeply for him can just be gone, now that I found out he doesn’t return the feelings.

  12. Anonymous:

    I want to remember every good friend who has had an impact on me.

  13. Megan:

    Good friends, college experiences, and the love of my life.

  14. Meg:

    I want to remember what I’ve been through and that I am the strongest person I know. I want to remember that I haven’t always been this strong, that I have hurt. I want to remember what it was like to have my entire life controlled. I want to remember what it felt like to watch my life from the outside.

  15. Jo:

    I will remember the errors that I made, because those errors are what will have made me who I will be in twenty years.

  16. Tiva:

    I want to remember everything. Losing any part of my memory is a fear of mine, because I value my life and the special occasions/people in my life. Looking back on my life, I remember the lessons I have learned, but mostly the good times.

  17. Zels:

    All the people who have had some sort of impact on my life, big or small, and the good times spent with my family!!

  18. Anne:

    my friends, my choices, and my school. Especially my art class.

  19. Audrie:

    The way I felt when I saw my first article in my school newspaper

  20. Annie:

    the feelings i have now. what got me to where i am then. who helped me along the way.

  21. Sophia:

    All my good friends. All the good times. And also all the though and hard times.

  22. Tink:

    The first second I realized that I loved him.

  23. Ellen:

    all the weird stuff and times I shared with my friends and family. I want lots of stories to tell my kids with messages with them…. most of them carry the message to be yourself, and “do it, these people will never see you again”… long story there

  24. Eric:

    Absolutely nothing of my childhood or my family, just her, and how I think I know love.

  25. Shae-Lynn:

    I want to everything. Everything that happened made me who I am and although it was not always rainbows and butterflies, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

  26. candice:

    The fact that i have had to go through so much dissapointment and hate and fear just to feel normal.

  27. Hannah:

    I want to remember my boyfriend in a good way. I don’t want something bad to happen between us that will taint all our memories

  28. Hunter:

    All the lessons I’ve learned. Especially the ones I learned the hard way and the ones about fake friends and betrayal. Because they brought me to a low point I never want to hit again.

  29. marie:

    17 goin on 37
    i want to remember all the good memories i made
    with evryone i know, nn how happy i was with that
    special person, every lesson i learned,
    when my mom would stand there waving her finger
    yelling at the top of her lungs,
    the warm feeling i had when my daddy would hold
    me as i cried,,
    basically i dont want to forget a thing..

  30. Hennie:

    The differences I made…

  31. A:

    exactly who I was. and who I’ve become.

  32. Jomz:

    Good times with the people within my life.

  33. anon:

    I want to remember all the feelings and experiences I’ve been through this year, both the good and the bad. I want to remember that love is the reason I’m still here (and no I do not mean a relationship–I mean friends and family and love in general), and I want to remember to use these memories as a source of strength and empathy.

  34. Nicole:

    I want to remember how much I loved my father…and all the good memories I have with him.

  35. Sarah:

    Harry & Daffodils

  36. Nick:

    Everything that I’ve been through, from keeping my faith to God strong to the simple days of high school and college, that helped me to be a better person.

  37. Katy:

    I want to remember how good it feels to be young.

  38. Julia:

    The music I listened to, the art I made, the mistakes I made, the people I’ve fell in love with, the people I’ve kissed, my friends, high school and hilarious stories.

  39. emily:

    all my friends and my high school memories. falling in and out of love. details about my late grandfather. who i used to be so i can compare it to who i am in 20 years. i want to remember a lot of things. haha

  40. sam:

    how my relationship with God was strong now, but its 20x stronger then.

  41. Sarah:

    How I started taking control of my life and making changes for the better.

  42. hexmage:

    The late nights alone and the late nights with close friends.

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