Question 291

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  1. Being single now and living happily with it 🙂

  2. a.:

    Christmas and the holidays! After that there’s no way to go but down…

  3. Kristy:

    Moving out on Sunday. I just got into a car accident last night, and my parents are really mad at me, so I just need to get out of this house and into my apartment…

  4. a viv:

    Moving up quickly in the professional world ….. and Christmas holidays.

  5. Jackie:

    my new found self respect.

  6. Being with my husband for the holidays after spending 3 months apart. I have missed him so much.

  7. Janie:

    Spending a week in Florida at Disneyworld, Epcot, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, etc. with my parents and brother over New Years!

  8. bapsi:

    going home and seeing my family and best friend. Also finally going to california in january

  9. Christina:

    going home for Christmas and seeing all my awesome friends and family and snow! Andddd for people coming to visit me, especially a very special someone who just told me he’s coming to see me this summer!!! …thats a dream come true! …all of my Christmas wishes are already being answered!

  10. Justin:

    Same with Jackie. I also looking forward to what I would learn from others.

  11. Anonymous:

    maybe having found my DREAM intership

    christmas in disney world (:

  12. Katie:

    The possibility of meeting someone new.

  13. manny:


  14. 9revs:

    going to live in the french country for half of the coming year 🙂

  15. Tiva:

    So excited that the holiday season is almost freakin over.
    I’m excited I took up painting again… I’m loving that part of myself.
    and sleep… def. excited about that!

  16. Zels:

    My new job and what the future holds for me, I know God has a plan for me and I am very excited about that!!!

  17. Anne:

    the holidays, and spending time with my boyfriend ^_^

  18. Allie:

    being single and available for someone worth it!

  19. Libby:

    The new year and a new start… which also means moving into my first apartment 🙂

  20. Conor:

    When I woke up this morning my answer would have been “Going to see the girl I’ve been falling for in 9 days time.”

    …she told me she was in love with another guy. Lost and devastated barely begins to describe what I’m feeling right now, and I don’t feel excited about anything, I just want to curl up and disappear for a while.

  21. midnitesukie:

    Finding new reasons everyday on why I’m important…

  22. Transition:

    My next year project 😀

    I will make it come true. No matter how impossible it may seem.

  23. Annie:

    new relationship possiblities

  24. Beny:

    I am less impulsive and in control of myself.

  25. Sophia:

    The future. I cant wait to get out to the world, because right now I feel like I am stuck where I am. A few years from now and I wont be home anymore. That is a bit sad actually, but I cant wait to live in my own apartment. And of course CHRISTMAS 😀

  26. Debbie:

    I’m looking forward to Christmas and the new year ( a new start, I need one)

  27. thu:

    spending my first christmas with my love

  28. Mama Bear:

    Moving to be closer to my soulmate! and I just graduated college! yay!

  29. Possibly shopping with my Christmas money and going to college

  30. Beka:

    Buying a house and having children.

  31. Krista:

    The unknown.

  32. my entire life.

  33. anon:

    Continuing the process of becoming happy and recovering from severe depression; continuing to strengthen friendships and make new connections; learning new things; enjoying the city in the spring; doing what I love; going home for summer and seeing my family for the third time in a year.

  34. Raven:

    Getting offered a research position this summer.

  35. Nick:

    Going to college with a new look and getting to study that field I wanted to learn in ages.

  36. Liam:

    The future.

  37. Allie:

    I’m extremely excited to start college this fall. It will be a challenge for me, but I am willing to try hard and stay dedicated to my classes.

  38. Julia:

    Starting a new life, with a job, being single, starting school, and having friends to confide in.

  39. emily:

    starting my new job!

  40. Sarah:

    The new me, the changes i’m making in my life and to myself.
    Finally getting out of my job which weighed me down so much.
    New lease of life 🙂

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