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  1. Applied annual swimming card together 😉

  2. Tiva:

    I don’t remember which year, but it was definitely within the last 3 years. My mom and stepdad were still married and we all went out to the Renaissance Festival. My mom, brother and I had been to one before, but my stepdad had not. He really thought a lot of those people were wacko, but his reaction was funny. We had a good time, walking around, buying things, seeing shows and enjoying each others company. That’s one of the last fun times I remember all of us having together.

  3. Chloe:

    definitely Paris. 🙂

  4. Sophia:

    That is a lot. My family travels so much, so it would be all of our vacations. Especially our Europe trip where we went to 7 different countries. There is also this one time I wont forget, where we just got a WII and the whole family played and we had so much fun together. We need that in such a busy life.

  5. Megan:

    Staying up late listening to “American Pie” and some other songs while we all belted out the lyrics and I watched my parents, who have been married for sixteen years, dance around the living room like they were kids again.

  6. My hubby rented a cabing last year for a few days between Christmas and New years for my young adult kids, spouses, sig others, and grandkids. We had a blast being together!

  7. Allie:

    Just staying up really late with my brothers and cracking up for no reason.

  8. Since we got our younger kid 2.5 yrs ago, we’ve been to Mt. Fuji area 15 times or so. We all love the area, and we have a lot of great memories there! And I see how quickly the kids grows in a short period, like a year, whenever I look at pictures. I love these moments.

  9. Meghan:

    We played Uno after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner all night last year. My parents didn’t play, but my siblings, cousins, and aunt did.

  10. Anonymous:

    I’m sure there were times, but I can’t think of one.
    At least, not in my mind.
    Something always is holding me back.

  11. DSL:

    Every year’s Christmas dinner <3

  12. Kristy:

    As far as family in the traditional sense goes, I don’t know. We don’t do anything as a family.

    With my friends, who are my real family, it’s just been all of our crazy times. Playing ultimate frisbee, swimming, laying around on top of each other…
    It’s just too bad I’m not as close to them as I was in the summer. I miss those days.

  13. Amanda:

    Getting together for the holidays…that’s all I can think of

  14. Jomz:

    Spent Christmas with them and went vacation.

  15. Scuba Dive together. 🙂

  16. Nick:

    Swimming and watching movies.

  17. A family birthday party last summer. We all (extended family) went over to my parents’ and camped out in the garden. Stayed up ’til all hours sitting outside singing and then had a do-it-yourself ‘village fete’ style affair, followed by a good tea with plenty of cake! Great fun!

  18. Allyson:

    Backstabbing one another. Okay, not very enjoyable for me, but at least it was for them!

  19. Julia:

    Those competitive Uno and Apples to Apples nights.

  20. Sarah:

    Me and my mum went on holiday together, but as for the whole family, nothing.

  21. Natalie:

    none that I can recall

  22. Felicia:

    Thanksgiving 2012 n 2011 were a blast also the trip to Minnesota to pick up my our lil sister after graduating high school . Priceless

  23. Sarah:

    My sister’s 18th birthday party – they hired a bouncy castle. We basically partied with my parents! 🙂

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