Question 296

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  1. Nick:

    Breaking my bad habits and confessing my horrible sins.
    Striving to lose that belly fat.
    Looking for ways on how to look good.
    Meeting new people.

  2. gg:

    getting my kids off on their own so I can keep some of my own money for a change.

  3. Jim:

    finding meaning in my life and rehabilitating from depression

  4. Phoenix:

    Accepting the fact that no matter how much I love him, and how much I want to sped the rest of my life with him, he dosent want me that way, and he dosent see me that way. But I see him as my soulmate.

    Also getting though the depresssion that clouds me every day, and the want to just physically hurt myself.

  5. Nick:

    Saying goodbye to my best friend and lover and the person who has become my rock. And moving home with my crazy family.

  6. Katy:

    To lose all the weight I put on during my first 2 years in college.

  7. Annie:

    Moving on from him, I want to be happy on my own again

  8. Janella:

    Overcoming my anxiety and depression. Basically trying not to kill myself is my biggest battle.

  9. Allie:

    A lot, honestly. I’m scared to start college. I’m scared that maybe I don’t want to be a nurse and it’s just going to be a waste of my money. And that’s my biggest concern.
    My second is my boyfriend. My mom has never liked him for whatever reasons, and in my eyes, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I agree with her on some things, but those are things that he’s changing and I can see that he’s trying. Hard. He wants to change for himself and I’m proud of him for that. She needs to understand that he’s the one I want to be with.

  10. Izzy:

    Finding the right job and asking for forgiveness from a good friend.

  11. Katie:

    The biggest challenge in my life right now:
    Surviving each day. Finding something to live for each day.

  12. Allyson:

    Getting back on a regular bowel schedule

  13. Jeremy:

    The biggest challenge I face right now…I’d have to say is if I should let her use a strap-on or just have my friend John join in on the fun

  14. bailey:

    depression, being on the verge of an eating disorder, anxiety, a.d.d., making friends, keeping friends, getting better grades and SATs, to not let everything irritate me, to be happy

  15. Julia:

    To break out of my shell and become my own independent person.

  16. Sarah:

    Being unemployed.

  17. Kristen Deneuve:

    Getting over losing two friends at once.
    One a beloved saint whom I would’ve trusted with everything and the other an asshole that (while he does have his own problems) could’ve at least pretended to care about what kind of hell I’ve been going through.

  18. Natalie:

    healing a broken heart

  19. Grace G.:

    college applications

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