Question 304

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221 Responses to “Question 304”

  1. Isabelle:

    The sound of a ticking watch 🙂

  2. Tara:

    A gentle rain or rolling thunder. A baby’s laugh. My mom’s voice. The coffee pot brewing.

  3. Piper:

    I miss the sound of my granny cooking breakfast when I was little. I would wake up to the sound of small talk between my granny, grandad, aunts, and uncles. I would hear their muffled voices and bacon popping and sizzling in the frying pan. My granny and grandad passed away within 48 hours of each other in August. They couldn’t live without each other. I miss them everyday.

  4. hexmage:

    My phone’s buzzing sounds it makes when I receive a text message.

  5. Lynn:

    The sound of the wind in the leaves.

  6. AM:

    my daughter’s laugh 🙂

  7. a piano in the silence.

  8. The sound of spinning fire poi. Enwrapped in flames around you heightening your senses to an all time level to enjoy the sound of fire flapping in the wind with your swinging ears.

  9. Ranica:

    Sounds that remind me of life. The turning of the pages of a book. The whisper of the leaves. The singing of the birds. The voice of my mom.

  10. courtney:

    Any sound that is actually a feeling.

    ie…the wind through the trees in spring/fall
    raindrops on the window
    ocean waves

    can’t you feel that gentle breeze, or that comfortable blanket in bed, or that sting of the sunburn after a long day at the beach? those are the best sounds.

  11. Slappy:

    The voices in my head

  12. Persephanie:

    the sound of his laughter
    the sound of a heavy thunder storm

  13. DUSK:

    screams of pleasure
    followed closely by the sound of glass shattering in a room with good acoustics

  14. queenbee:

    Planes.birds.crickets.loud engines.buzzing

  15. Jess:

    Music and my mom’s voice

  16. Brenna:

    the sound when you break a york in half

  17. MJ:

    the sound of a rainforest, birds and insects chirping, waterfall trickling in the background, wind and trees moving. It’s so peaceful and calming and reminds me of the basics of human nature.

  18. shmashley:

    The sound of someone sweeping or cleaning with a scrub brush. It’s quite calming.

  19. Agata:


  20. Lena:

    The sound of the crickets and frogs that used to congregate around the pond by our house. They put me to sleep every night when I was young. The sound of wind chimes and leaves rustling.

  21. Richa:

    Sound of running water.

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