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  1. Positive Pamela:

    The love and pure acceptance of my online friends at MJ. So many there uplift others in need of a true and caring friend. So many take the time to express their heartfelt compassion. It moves me.

  2. S R:

    The most recent one was actually the thanksgiving before last. I was visiting my aunt’s boyfriends family for the first time, and the mother had her son, and my aunt, and her daughter, and her daughters dogs all staying in a home no more than 1200 sq ft. And she asked if I needed a place to stay, and said “You’re family no.” This was the first time I’d met the woman.

  3. Danny:

    I look forward to these questions everyday… and I approach them with a positive outlook, but try to be honest at the same time.  I almost feel guilty answering the first question of the year the way I am about to because I want to be positive… but if I’m real, I have to answer it like this…
    My hope in humanity is very rarely renewed.  We live in a world that people rarely think of others… they are just concerned about grabbing as much for themselves as possible. They grab time, money, possessions, attention, etc. and don’t even give a thought to the reality that true joy comes from giving. We have worked so hard to push God out of everything and be ‘politically correct’. Hope in humanity only rests in God’s hands. 
    I pray in this new year that I do my part to share God’s love and help restore hope in Him. 

  4. Melissa:

    In the spring, my daughter will graduate high school. She is preparing for the uncertainty that will accompany the steps that will move her forward to the next stage in her life. As she and her peers move forward, she will experience new things. She will be stepping out into the core of humanity. My hope is that we as adults shelter, support, and assist these new fresh members that will one day mold the next generation and future generations of humanity. Anchor them in stability and create a loving environment for them to grow. To all adults: create a foundation for our young, so that they have a base for success. Let their life goals be well balanced: strong work ethic, faith, and an interest in learning. Do not lead them in the illusory pursuit of wealth and status, which may lead them to lives that are often shrouded by disappointment and in the process they lose themselves. Help them reorganize their lives to find some sense of real meaning. Help them find commitment to a whole and satisfying life. Let our new “travelers” pursue joy and find their way to be in the world. A fresh start with a New Year. A fresh start with a generation. A fresh start with humanity. Embrace and love our youth. Let them be the curators of contentment and for humanity.

  5. Sophia:

    Wow, hard question.. Simple answer. None.

  6. sarah:

    at my university, i was getting a wrap for lunch. it was kindof packed in the cafeteria, and the people that make food are usually really cranky. especially today, since it was the day before winter break, and a little rainy. i got to the front of the line, and the lady that makes wraps for the students called me “honey” and asked if i wanted anything special on my wrap, and then when i was leaving she said “have a nice holiday, baby.” she probably said the same thing to everyone that day, and i hope she did, because running into one person that day who wasn’t angry made it easier to deal with all the people that were.

    i don’t know why that stuck with me but whenever a worker there is really nice, i always remember

  7. Justin:

    That is hard for me because I know there are good people and bad people out there so having hope for humanity as a whole is difficult when you see generally that people are just minding their own business, like when I was driving, there were many people that are speeding and cutting off other people. They didn’t care about other people’s safety because they need to get to somewhere faster or they were selfish. But there was a friend that I met over the summer. She and I never chat much during the summer but when we talked again six months later, we were chatting like crazy. I asked her why we never chat much earlier and her answer bought me hope because I thought she was one of the people in my life that judged me or choose their friends and didn’t want to choose me.

    That somehow gave me hope that there is beauty inside all of us, in humanity.

  8. whitney:

    this year for christmas both of my roommates moms made gifts for us.

    the first got us stockings and gave us each five dollars and the other made a christmas bad including hologram glasses that change the shape of christmas lights.

    it was just so kind.

  9. me:

    I introduced myself to a guy and he took my hand and kissed it, it made me feel special.

  10. Jay:

    I saw a random man helping a stranger across the ice. We waited for twenty minutes with her to make sure she got on the bus safely.

  11. my land lady, she invites me for dinner like once in every week, though I hardly accept her kindness but she keeps asking with a smile. and she often brings me desert, saying she would do the same if her niece is by her side.

  12. Tiva:

    Seeing a father with his 2 small children at the movie theaters. All 3 of them were holding hands, and the children were so quiet and well-behaved. I mentioned this to him and he said they were so quiet throughout the whole movie. They looked happy and were smiling, too.
    I don’t have kids yet, but that gave me hope for the future.

  13. Maddy:

    I watched a little girl, a toddler, running around Jamba Juice like a maniac. Then she fell forward onto her face. I was halfway over to her when she looked up and just got up and started running again. I wished I had the perseverance of children.

  14. yeahae:

    Iv hated hugging and physical touch for quite a long time, until a little girl that was playing with me, I told her it was the last time I was seeing her for ages, and she hugged me like 5 times, so whenever I’m down I think of that and it cheers me up!

  15. Today, i saw gnomeo and juliet but my brother dropped his ring. a family stayed behind to help us look for it, theh didn’t need to.

    Also, someone broke into my locker and took out my trainers. They were brand new and i hadnt wore them. these kids (in my year but i had never spoke to someof them) stayed behind during their lesson to help me find them. When we got them, they were so excited, and told the teacher with massive smiles but he shouted at them. they stood up for me and said they would never leave someone on their own.

    and you guys for coming on here, listening to people and showing you care!

  16. M:

    My cousin and his wonderful girlfriend of two years are amazing and perfect for one another. My cousin is becoming a religious man and his girlfriend is becoming a nurse for cancer patients. One day they had moved their chairs down to the ocean’s edge to feel the water and they had been reading their Bibles. They decided to leave their chairs there and swim. While they were in the water high tide came in. Thank fully before the water could ruin their Bibles someone came and moved their chairs for them.

  17. Hennie:

    I watched a video on youtube “LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS” about Nick Vujicic> Now that’s inspiring!

  18. anon:

    Feeling loved by my friends who stuck by me when everyone else left during the worst time of my life…Getting a call from a friend just saying “I love you” (platonic) when little did she know I was sobbing because the friends around me couldn’t deal with my pain…The instant love from little children…Knowing I made a good decision reaching out to someone who needs a friend…

    In other words, love and friendship in any form or gesture 🙂

  19. Morgan:

    Everyday my bus driver says “Have an amazing day Morgan!” or “Make today exciting!” He never fails to say bye and wish me a nice day. And knowing that one person is so kind everyday makes me happy, and gives me hope.

  20. Nick:

    Just waking up in the morning thinking that there’s still time for change.

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