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  1. I love the fragrance of a fire burning in the fireplace.
    I love the spices associated with pumpkin pie, cinammon, allspice, cloves…
    And I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

  2. Danny:

    The smell of the outdoors. Specifically the smell of honeysuckle blooming in the spring… and the smell of dried leaves crunching under my feet while walking through the woods in the fall.

  3. Teresa:

    Burnt wood and the smell of a new book

  4. Positive Pamela:

    The smell of a book store. I love the smell of new books!

  5. Kate:

    The smell of a rainy day.

  6. Inge:

    I agree with Kate: I love the smell of a rainy day.

  7. A!:

    The redwoods.

  8. S:

    Definitely a rainy day…
    or wattle flowering 🙂

  9. A:

    The smell of burning leaves in the fall. I will stay outside all day every day with my eyes closed and taking in the smell.

  10. G:

    The smell of fresh, clean laundry!

  11. Sophia:

    Like many have said here: The smell of a rainy day. Also flowers in the spring and summer.

  12. M:

    Fresh Hay.

  13. sarah:

    oil paints :)) brings me right back to art school

  14. Libby:

    Bonfires. Library books. Christmas trees. The sea. Cinnamon lattes.

  15. Jordan:

    Freshly cooked lemon pancakes, and just-ironed clothes.

  16. Anne:


  17. Anne:

    actually that was a lie I love axe body spray more than tangerines ^_^

  18. I like the smell I typically feel in hotel rooms in US.

  19. bapsi:

    the ocean, fresh snow, burning wood, freshly cut grass, a rainy day

  20. anonymous:


  21. m:

    The smell of her hair when kissing her in the morning, on the forehead, under the sheets.

  22. gwacie:

    I love the smell of a rainy day, fresh air and him..

  23. Kay:

    The smell when you light a match ^.^

  24. Tiva:

    The smell of Obsession for men is so intoxicating to me.
    I also love the smell when it first rains and the dry desert ground getting wet… or dirt just getting rained on.
    I have to admit that I do and always have loved the smell of gasoline.

  25. Wes:


  26. manny:

    the morning in dubai.
    my grandmothers and grandfathers home.

  27. Maddy:

    Cherry blossoms in the springtime.

  28. mm:

    burning wood
    crisp morning air

  29. Anonymous:


  30. Kay:

    I love the smell of certain colognes, but my favorite smell is the smell of my best friend. His cologne and the certain type of cigarettes that he smokes is comforting and instantly makes me happy.

  31. zai:

    peppermint tea

  32. lisamarch:

    Lily of the Valley

  33. A good, expensive perfume, smelt as a woman walks by

  34. Sandy:

    Fresh air, incense, Cinnamon apple pie candles, rain, nature

  35. Debbie:

    His perfume, the smell after a rainy day, the swell of my skin after a day tanning outside in the summer.

    Also the smell of a clean house, so serene.

  36. Suzanne:

    Patchouli and the beach

  37. Rebecca:

    New books. And the smell of freshly made pie. 🙂

  38. Hunter:

    Patchouli and Orange juice.

  39. Amanda:

    the ocean, Cinnamon, peppermint

  40. iamnothing:

    lean linen
    the crisp air of winter
    the musky smell of smoky incense that pollutes my lungs in the late of night…

  41. June:

    The rain, when it’s soaking outside.

  42. Nick:

    Anything that suits my nose.

  43. purple-elephant:

    the smell of rainy days and campfires 😀

  44. gen:

    smell of wet sand

  45. Darky.:

    Clean sheets.

  46. AM:

    sunblock. reminds me of the beach 🙂

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