Question 308

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  1. L...:

    Watching my little brother walk across the stage at his high school graduation. Don’t tell him this..but I don’t know if I have ever been so proud in my life! 🙂

  2. Justin:

    Recently, a few days before christmas, as I came home, my family were dancing. We had good times but I was having a hard time communicating with them but with dancing, there were no need to communicate. I smiled and joined in. I then remembered why I love my family so much.

  3. Danny:

    My five year old daughter in gymnastics class. She truly looks forward to it every week and enjoys every minute. She’ pretty good… but the thing I enjoy the most is the fact that she has a huge smile on her face the entire time. I love seeing my kids and my wife happy 🙂

  4. Megan:

    My first kiss 🙂

  5. just thoughts:

    running around disney world with a boy who became my best friend

  6. Shae-Lynn:

    Honestly, being in the psych ward of a hospital. The circumstances of my admission were awful, but the friends I made and the times we had we’re among the best I’ve ever had.

  7. Swish:

    Any number of memories of my best friend’s smile.
    It’s like the sun coming out all over again, and things are suddenly okay 🙂

  8. I have great memories of a family gathering in August. All my kids, sig others and grandkids were there. We had pizza and an awesome time playing ball in the road!
    What is valuable to you?

  9. Heather:

    When I remember breaking up with my first long term boyfriend and making memories with a new one. I have no illusions of this one being my one great love or any poetic crap like that…but no one has ever made me let go and have fun quite like he does.

  10. went mountain climing in the most freezing wheather and conquered the peak, struggling through all the doubts and fears inside me 🙂

  11. Anne:

    all the times he had confidence! I can’t wait for it to come around again! He’s so funny when he’s comfortable!

  12. Tiva:

    Me giving a Hanukkah present to my friend and she giving me a Christmas present. It felt so good to respect her beliefs and vice versa.

  13. Sophia:

    Late friday nights at the tennis court. We had so much fun just joking around and laughing more than we actually played tennis. Good times.. 🙂

  14. mm:

    last summer when i met so many new people
    and became a better me

  15. deathbatbarbiee:

    when Avenged Sevenfold walked out on to the stage at the SECC in Glasgow ;D

  16. Annie:

    I got my most prized possesion. My friends made me a box full of inside jokes, comics they drew, letters they wrote me, pictures, and other random tokens of love. They showed that they really care.

  17. Kay:

    Taking the trip up to hike in the middle of the day. Forgetting all the worries of school and work and focusing on the relationship that was building between him and I.

  18. Zels:

    every time i think of my niece i smile bc she is the sweetest cutest little girl

  19. Hana:

    having the best party ever in my life with my very best friends – we still laugh whenever we mention it.

  20. My mum showing me around her house by the Trout fishing river for the first time

  21. Dana:

    Seeing my new puppy, right after being introduced to our older dog, jump right on top of her head while she chewed a bone.

  22. Casey F:

    I couldn’t pick one time… but I smile when I think of the funny shit my friends do.

  23. someone:

    my x girlfriend

  24. Amanda:

    Going to Florida with my best friend.

  25. Gloria:

    It was like our first real date where we didnt have to hide from people we knew and we just went and had fun driving around and looking around random stores, trying to figure out what kind of fish he had seen at a doctors office (it was a weird/ugly fish) the best part was when he grabbed me and held me inside of the petsmart =)

  26. June:

    Thinking of that day.

  27. Nick:

    Simple memories from high school.

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