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  1. Danny:

    Kirk Cameron: I admire him for his conviction to share the love of Christ with the world. He has taken a stage he was given and used it unselfishly to help others in an eternal way.

  2. Jess:

    tim burton- he creates the most amazing, wonderful, shocking, awe inspiring, creative, imaginative stories… a true genius in my eyes!

  3. Swish:

    Viggo Mortensen.
    After the filming Lord of the Rings, they auctioned off all the horses they used.
    The stunt rider for Liv Tyler had really come to love the horse, but knew that she would never be able to afford buying it, and said her goodbyes.
    Viggo Mortensen called her up, and told her he bought it for her.
    Just because he knew she had really loved and bonded with that horse.
    Pretty classy.

  4. Roxy:

    Hayley Williams.
    Her lyrics are so meaningful, and she’s not afraid to tell the truth to the public.
    She doesn’t cover up stories, and admits things that others wouldn’t.

  5. Dan:

    Bill Hicks: He said what he meant, and didn’t care what people thought about it. He inspires me to stand up for what I believe in, and not bend to others’ opinions; to be an individual.

    Maynard James Keenan: He is the definition of true artistry, both on and off a stage. He lives for his works, and it shows. He inspires me to work hard and work towards my own personal artistry, to flourish.

  6. Apolo Ohno

    For he tells me how to concentrate 🙂

  7. M-Alice:

    Marilyn Manson- His music inspired me to be different from the crowd, and despite a few years of insecurity, I’ve come to love who I am.

    Alecia Moore (P!nk)- Though not all of them, some of her songs have really deep meanings which I can relate to. They tell you to be yourself, and do what makes YOU happy. They’ve really helped me =)

  8. maria:

    Steve jobs, he is a man who followed his dream and he inspires me to be my best

  9. Tay.:

    Eminem, his just so strong & his raps DO have a meaning, unlike other rappers – they don’t revolve around girls,sex,drugs or other things mainstream rappers rap about. Also, he went through a heck load as a child & grown man.And I can relate to most of his emotions which are conveyed through his songs. And (sorry loads of ands here) he followed his dreams. Even though he was doubted.

    Hayley Williams, just becuase she is amazing. And she is honest. I think she is an inspiration to a number of young girls/teens in genral. =]

  10. Positive Pamela:

    Ellen DeGeneres. This woman has a heart of gold–loves to laugh and is not ashamed one iota of who she is. She reminds us all to follow our own paths and to give to those less fortunate and to just be mindful of others needs in this vast universe we live in. And did I mention that she not only loves to laugh, but spreads her joy so that others might enjoy laughter, as well? Most so called “famous” people do not impress me. Ellen does.

  11. Anonymous:

    Drake Bell and Josh Peck, because Drake and Josh never fails to make me smile.

  12. Anonymous:

    Ellen, Taylor Swift, Julie Andrews

  13. I have several, but for now Steve Jobs comes to my mind, so here it goes. He always goes for his challenges, and at the same time, he is always himself, or he tries to be so. These are the two biggest reasons why I admire him.

  14. Jackie:

    john lennon and yoko ono: their love.

  15. Laura:

    Taylor swift. She seems so down to earth and her lyrics can describe every situation so perfectly for me. Her music is what cheers me up after a bad day, and for that I admire her more than any other celebrity.

  16. Drew:

    Dave Grohl, (the singer/guitarist of the Foo Fighters, the drummer for Nirvana), Brian Fallon (the singer/guitarist for The Gaslight Anthem), and Don Miller (the author of Blue Like Jazz, Through Painted Deserts, etc.). And a bit of Zach Braff too (plays J.D. on Scrubs, directed and starred in Garden State). And Anis Mojgani, incredible, incredible poet and person.

    Dave Grohl because he’s a great guy, funny, smart, deep and fun and I see a lot of myself in him. He’s one of my inspirations for music, Brian Fallon for the same reasons. Don Miller is an incredible writer, (in my eyes) and has written two of the books that changed my life. Zach Braff I love because when you’re born one of people that just seems to…know, not think just know, I don’t know how to describe it, but he’s like that, he might act but I know he is. He has great music too. Anis Mojgani, I shouldn’t have to say anything, incredible, incredible poet. He got me into poetry when I hated it, changed my entire perception on the world.

  17. Tiva:

    Elton John, most definitely! He makes such great songs that seem to be filled with soul and meaning. He lives his life the way HE wants to, what makes him happy. He uses his talent and doesn’t take it for granted. Now he’s married and committed to his partner and they have a baby. It’s amazing to me, the person who he is, what he stands for and how much heart he puts into everything he does. What he’s overcome and that he is LIVING his life, not just waiting idly for death to take over.

    Steve Maraboli, who is an internet radio show host on I find his mind to be an amazing thing. Things, life seem to make sense to him and the way that he explains things and brings people together to change the world really inspires me to do all I can to help others. Simple things can make huge changes in others. The way he is with words, I just absolutely love listening to him 3 times a week. I really challenge everyone to take a listen to his show at least once… it changed my life. I think about others more and learned to motivate myself in doing more for me.

  18. Nas:

    Ryan Reynolds,Will Smith,Michael Bay.

    Funny,spontaneous,creative and Inspiring.I’d really like to emulate their talents and passion for the film industry!

  19. Anne:

    not a lot. I love many minor-celebrities. Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, people that generally fit into the hipster’s playlist.

  20. Leila:

    J. K. Rowling, because she values everything she has. While being a single mom, fighting depression and near-homelessness, she wrote one of the most amazing stories ever penned, and after publisher after publisher turned down Harry Potter, she kept going. And now that she is incredibly rich and famous, she remains humble, true to herself and her values, and doesn’t take for granted anything that little story has brought her. She knows where she’s come from and doesn’t forget it.

  21. Hana:

    tim ferris

  22. Rachael:

    Taylor Swift, she was a normal girl who achieved her dreams even though she was put down so many times and no one besides her family believed in her. She’s just so relatable and the type of person I would like to be.

    Shania Twain, she is the first celebrity I ever recoginized and just an amazing woman. She is so down-to-earth, and lovable. She will always help me grow.

  23. Stan Walker. Humble and talented. A true star.

    also Richard Branson

  24. A Dreamer:

    Sandra Bullock. Even if you don’t know her, you can tell she’s just so down to earth and honest. When Jesse James cheated on her, she didn’t run and hide because she couldn’t handle it. She got out of it all to protect her son, Louis. She’s just so selfless, and whenever I watch one of her movies, she brings a smile to my face. And when she cries in her movies, I cry too. Sandra is just an amazing role model 🙂

  25. jw:

    Newton and Einstein. i think they are the most great men in the whole history of human beings.

  26. Annie:

    Jk rowling. She’s so creative.

  27. Jen:

    James Franco: He’s an incredibly talented actor, director, and writer. On top of all of that, he’s crazy smart. How many people get a PhD from Yale just because? That is someone who is truly using his life to the fullest.

  28. Marisa:

    Bono- He seems to always be trying to better the world

  29. nocturnesthesia:

    Charlie Sheen. Proof that you can beat up hookers, do obscene amounts of cocaine, get arrested for public indecency on multiple occasions, and generally be a complete tit to everybody… And still rake in more money per day of work than the GDP of a small country.

  30. kelsey:

    miley cyrus . she gets with lots of hot guys .

  31. Roland:

    Darren Criss – He’s gone from an actor in the University of Michigan to a celebrity, from posting covers of disney songs to people posting covers of his songs.

    I wish I were that talented..

  32. Atomickey:

    Ellen DeGeneres because people love her for her, and she is always real

  33. Nick:

    My favorite bands and music artists. They’re awesome.

  34. Jane:

    John Green because I saw a video of him admitting something and I found it really amazing of him to admit that.

  35. Julia:


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