Question 10

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15 Responses to “Question 10”

  1. Charlene:

    No always. I think I should more often. I do appreciate the things I have, but sometimes everyone takes things for granted.

  2. bobby:

    Yes, sure.

  3. not nearly enough. sometimes i need a little push. but when i do, i truly love what i have.

  4. April:

    Not always. I need to be thankful because I am so truly blessed.

  5. Aimee:

    I wish I did. I try to but then I want something I don’t have and take for granted all the things I do have and forget to celebrate and be happy with who I am now.

  6. Amanda:

    Not often enough

  7. Ris:

    Not very often, but recent situations have made me wish I did. For now on I’ll celebrate, not dwell in regret.

  8. Andrea:


  9. Diva:

    I don’t always celebrate, but I do always say thank you.

  10. RubenRybnick:


  11. Nick:

    Yes, without them, I’m nothing.

  12. Morgan:

    As I get older I realize how important the little things are. When I’m sad I look around and count the things I am thankful for. It makes me happy.

  13. Michael Hitchcock:

    Generally yes.

    It’s a good life.

  14. Rachael:

    I don’t celebrate everything I have enough…

  15. Rowena:

    Some things, yes… but not everything…

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