Question 311

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63 Responses to “Question 311”

  1. Drew:

    Knowing that some day, I won’t live here anymore.

  2. Anonymous:


  3. M:

    My future. One day all of my hard work will pay off.

  4. June:

    I’ll be gone soon anyway, five months can’t be that hard.

  5. anon:

    My friends and family, and trying to get better for them. Remembering that when I hurt myself I hurt those I love and who love me.
    The memory of what it’s like to be truly happy and my positive and optimistic self.
    My desire to help others.
    Knowing things will get better. Always. <3

  6. Raven:

    My dreams.

  7. Nick:

    People who are successful in their fields.

  8. Albrecht:

    Pure stubbornness.

  9. Alex:

    getting into college.

  10. Macey:

    Getting into my dream college this fall

  11. hexmage:

    Thought of escape.

  12. AM:

    My daughter 🙂

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