Question 314

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  1. My funny friend

  2. m:

    A complete stranger.

  3. Jay:

    Dear children of the world,
    Please understand that words can and will hurt you.
    -The Hangman Guy

  4. why:

    that guys face

  5. a shy man playing with a shy puppy, from a korean tv show I saw last night 😛

    made me want to adopt one lovely “female” puppy myself~~~~

  6. Anne:

    the Norwegian band from norway! snickelfritz! dancing a mile away from the host’s house! slurpees in the cold! one of my closest friends actively come out of his shell for my other friends!

  7. Inge:

    The thought of a really nice girl I’ve just met=)

  8. Megan:

    Falling 6 times when rollerskating with my youth group last night

  9. b:

    eating dinner with my siblings and cracking stupid jokes

  10. Tiva:

    I was half-listening to my coworker speak in spanish to a cab driver and I heard the cab driver say “cushie-cushie”.
    (My coworker has used that term before and basically it means “to have sex”. I haven’t heard of that term until my coworker said it.)
    I, then, looked at my coworker and asked,”did she say cushie-cushie?”
    LOL! It made me laugh, because the term sounds so funny!

  11. weiming:

    watching ‘a very potter musical’ and ‘a very potter sequel’ on youtube XD

  12. Sophia:

    I laugh a lot, so I cant remember exact, but I think last time was at tennis training today.

  13. Angria:

    At myself and how ridiculously ironic my life is…

  14. It actually happens like everyday, but my little kid is catching up with his words, and his tiny mistakes make me laugh a lot!

  15. When I pantsed my fiance 🙂

  16. Swish:

    Being with my best friend. 🙂

  17. Dan:

    Catching up with my extended family.

  18. Teresa:

    A Very Potter Musical!

  19. Emily:

    dancing with my friends

  20. thu:

    playing ‘yellow car/banana’ with my boyfriend…and winning

  21. Zels:

    a text from a special guy 🙂

  22. me:
  23. Casey F:

    I don’t remember… probably something like a funny picture I stumbled upon.

  24. jw:

    a tv drama

  25. sarah:

    my dad just told me a story about when he was young and had his friend tied a rope to the back of his bike and dragged my dad around on a skateboard…. dad said he got really hurt that day

    its funny to think about your parents as little kids

  26. Brit:

    Reminiscing about Christmas memories with my brother

  27. Amanda:

    I had a girls night with my best friend yesterday. We always laugh about the silliest thing!

  28. Simon:

    I was engaged to a girl with a wooden leg once…I had to break it off.

  29. Andrea:

    A kid describing diarrhea: “It’s like there was a race out of my tooshie and everybody won”.

  30. Drew:

    I don’t know, I don’t remember things well. Probably Scrubs like an hour ago.

  31. M:

    I just had a nerf gun fight with my best friend. That makes me laugh. Also we talked of old memories about how I nce left my cookie unattended and I came back to have found her eating the whole thing. Makes me laugh everytime and also guard cookies!

  32. Nick:

    That one scene in Just Go With It, when Dolph revives the sheep’s life by wrestling it. Epic scene.

  33. Copper:

    When my roommate dropped all of the tupperware on the kitchen floor when she was trying to balance it.

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