Question 316

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  1. m:

    Ten minutes ago.
    And she said it back.
    More than that, she just saved my life.

  2. d:

    My little boy. I’m excited for the day when he would say it back. =)

  3. Heather:

    My cat. He can’t say it back, but he deserves it more than anyone else in my life. 🙂

  4. Danny:

    My wonderful wife 🙂

  5. e:

    Last night before I could fall asleep.

    He passed away almost three months ago, but that doesn’t change its truth.
    And I know he hears it.

  6. Aaron:

    My mother

  7. Sophia:

    my mom I think.

  8. kay:

    Your mom.

  9. amy:

    my sister

  10. T.R.:

    My boyfriend. I whispered it after he fell asleep. He doesn’t know it yet, but I love him.

  11. tish:

    My husband.

    …..and, T.R.? he heard you. now tell him when he’s awake…..

  12. S:

    Haven’t said it in about 4 years

  13. c:

    My friend, and she said it back.
    But I regret not saying it to HIM. He deserves it even though I know I mean nothing to him.

  14. zai:

    I can’t remember, probably for more than 6 years

  15. A!:

    I can’t remember the last time I said it in a non-joking manner. It’s probably been years.

  16. Swish:

    To him, in sign language.
    Neither of us are deaf, but there are things words don’t say.

  17. mathogre:

    My 12 y.o. daughter, minutes ago.

  18. Teresa:

    My boyfriend <3

  19. A:

    it was in french though so he didnt understand it

  20. Laura:

    Besides my parents, who I just said it to before they went to bed, my best friend was the last one I said I love you to.

  21. nilii:

    Her. A week before she told me that it wouldn’t workout because of distances.

  22. Anonymous:

    my sisterrrr (:

  23. Justin:

    To Swish: =)

    To my childhood friend…even if I was teasing her, I still mean it when I said it to her in sign.

  24. Zels:

    My sister!

  25. Tiva:

    My man… through text. And he said it back. 🙂

  26. jw:

    maybe my mum or nobody

  27. Kat:

    My friend Ryan moved to Texas over summer, I’m in Cali. We talk on the phone a few times a week, he called me for some random reason earlier. I always tell him I love him before we hang up. :]

  28. dk:

    my mom a few hours ago, but i tell my parents i love them everyday. my friend a few minutes ago, but its a joke. HER almost 3 months ago, i was rejected, but i still say it in my head whenever i see her.

  29. Debbie:

    Last december, when I walked outside of his appartment block, I always take a look at his window and whisper ‘I love you’, then I get into my car and drive away.
    He doesn’t know this and he will never say it back, but I got to say it once in a little while.

  30. erin:


    never miss an opportunity to tell the ones you love that you love them.

  31. Ash:

    My parents. They are amazing!

  32. Melanie:

    My wonderful fiance. He saved my life, and he is my future.

  33. Amanda:

    My boyfriend!

  34. EJ:

    My best friend…and I’m not sure if it’s true anymore.

  35. Beka:

    My awesome husband, all the time. Its never enough, you never know waht life will bring.

  36. marie:

    my boyfriend,
    hes a sweetheart nn im praying he doesnt have to move,
    i dont even wanna think about what school n work would be like
    with out him, :/

  37. Drew:

    My girlfriend. For the millionth time this week. Sick of it.
    I liked saying it only when we both felt it.

  38. M:

    My mother.

  39. Daniel Butcher:

    That one kid in the mirror. Don’t know his name, but he seems like a rather nice chap – beneath all those scars and bruises, of course.

  40. Nick:

    I don’t quite remember. I don’t usually say that to others, but I sincerely love them from the very bottom of my heart.

  41. Taylor:

    My best friend

  42. AM:

    my husband.

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