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  1. Kate:

    Six. But I think only two of them consider me their friend.

  2. Josh:

    Well, I’m in college and live no more than a three minute walk from most of my friends. So: many.

  3. Kara:

    Nine close ones, daily. Hooray for high school!

    As for people who are sort of acquaintance friends? Stack a whole bunch more onto that.


  4. Justin:

    Some of them..I lost count because sometimes we have short talks and sometimes we just talked more than just regularity. College is awesome!

  5. just thoughts:

    many, i am so blessed. Thank you Disney…and God!

  6. Someone:


  7. Sophia:

    I meet them everyday at school so, maybe 7-8 ?

  8. m:

    i have alot of friends but only care about/ talk to three of them

  9. jw:

    six or more

  10. P:

    Four. It went down from seven within a day. That hurts like Hell.
    Still, I cherish those four like my life depends on it.

  11. Danny:

    Four… and I’m so thankful for them.

  12. ck:

    two that i could not live without! but there’s many that are still important to me.

  13. Heather:


  14. 5

  15. Leila:

    10 i would consider close, 6 i could actually share really deep things with.

  16. Shae-Lynn:

    2 really close friends. I go to a drop in centre with lots of people I consider a little more than just acquaintances so quite a few.

  17. Tiva:

    maybe a handful or less.

  18. Meghan:

    4. But my favourite one is the one I don’t know in real life, my Australian pen pal.

  19. dk:

    2 everyday. add 3 more for regularly.

  20. Anonymous:

    Talk to? Maybe about 10.

    Genuine friends?

  21. Kristy:

    Two regularly and two sporadically. It used to be a lot more but high school ends and things change. People change.
    And I owe a lot to those four, they are always there for me (and I them) and they can also cheer me up when i’ve been going through a rough time. And for me, that says a lot.

  22. she:

    only five .. but none at all!!

  23. Melanie:

    Like, 6. Close ones at least, i have like 60 “acquanticnes”

  24. Amanda:

    Four, and they are the best!

  25. Drew:

    My girlfriend Katie, and my best friend Steve, although I don’t talk to him much anymore because I never see him and he’s busy a lot more now.

    Josh is gone, he’s caught up with being cool and forgot about me and the rest of his old friends. Jay and I were close but he’s always working nowadays and forgets to call/text people. Brina has been my best friend in the entire world for the last almost 5 years, we’ve been like brother and sister but we’ll have months that are great and we get along perfectly and then she won’t reply to anything and she’ll forget about me (that’s the story) and she’ll came into my life another six months later and the cycle starts again. In reality, I think honestly she doesn’t like me that much. I think she gets tired of me and I’ve had that feeling for years and she denies it but I don’t get that way with anyone else but her. She ignores my calls or makes up an excuse, when I try to visit some random big thing will happen with perfect timing and I can’t go anymore, and she now has it set so I’m still friends with her on facebook but I can’t see anything she posts which is intentional because you have to type in the name to not let them see it.
    She doesn’t like anymore and I can’t accept it and I’m too attached to her from the last 5 years we’ve spent together and I want everyone to be friends again how it used to be. Not this.

  26. Jade:

    I would say three not including my family.

  27. Joy:

    4 (one of which is an ex I split with 12 years ago, and another is his mother. :).

  28. Hennie:

    One true friend

  29. mistie:

    I don’t have any, actually.

  30. Nick:


  31. Taylor:


  32. hexmage:

    If only I could honestly count 1 person for that. I drift from friends, depending on my current interest and the season. Over the past 3 years there was 1 person from high school, and perhaps 5 from outside of it. But the closest of those 5 just chose someone they’ve knew for under 6 months over all of his friends who have been around for longer than 5 years. So it feels like 0 from just realizing that loss.

  33. AM:

    not many…

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