Question 322

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29 Responses to “Question 322”

  1. Richard:

    I think a better question is when has it been right?

  2. Megan:

    I went to nerd camp over the summer and met a guy. At first, he seemed like the typical, obnoxious slacker, but then I got to know him. We ended up dating for the remainder of the time we were at camp. He was my first kiss.

  3. Emma:

    I thought my best friend was one of the most amazing, trustworthy, understanding people I’d ever met that would support me through everything, good or bad. She wasn’t.

  4. Swish:

    I thought my sister’s friend was obnoxious, and too loud and teasing.
    He’s not. He’s one of the sweetest men on the face of the earth, and I am lucky to have him as a brother-in-law now.

  5. Brit:

    I thought my friend wasn’t as smart as me, and it kinda bothered me. But as we got to know each other better, I found out she is so smart but just demonstrates it in different ways than I do.

  6. Heather:

    I thought my last boyfriend was a sweet guy who would give me more attention and love than the others. He was…for a little while.

  7. A:

    I always try to welcome newcomers, but as it turns out, this one wasn’t quiet and shy and sweet after you get to know her. She’s obnoxious and annoying and clingy and I wish she would make some other friends.

  8. Jackie:

    when i thought he was different and i only got screwed over again.

  9. Zels:

    Many times…the most recent was a guy at work..he seemed like a mean up to no good kind of guy, but i got to know him better and hes a very kind-hearted guy, but i’m still betting he’s a trouble maker lol

  10. JJ:

    a girl i was rez presidents with in university. over long hours over two years or working with in different forms i realized that my first impression was wrong because it was an opinion formed out of context.

  11. Isil:

    It wasn’t, but it was too narrow minded.I thought she was rude, always wants to get her own way and a know-it-all. And she is all of those things, but she is much much more than that. She is also protective, willing to do everything for her friends, will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She’s one of my best friends.

  12. anonymous:

    In my first college class, we would have days where we would bring in rough drafts to go over them with the teacher. Some people arrived early, and some arrived lat so that we weren’t all there at once. I always wanted to be the first because it would give me extra time. This girl always beat me. And I always felt like she was giving me a nasty look. But the next semester we had a class together and became really great friends!

  13. Kathryn:

    When I was in fourth grade there was a new girl. I didn’t really know her but she was much taller than me and I found that intimidating. Over the next two years I heard mean things about her. We ended up finding something in common one day and now we are great friends.

  14. Anonymous:

    I thought some members of my boyfriend’s family were stuck up, rude, and didn’t like me. After being with him a long time and getting to know them better, I realized that is not the case. They treat me like part of the family now.

  15. Annette:

    I finally met the guy that was making all those drawings I kept seeing in almost every single class. This was after I went to my favorite teacher’s room and seeing him draw stuff with marker on the board. I can’t remember if I thought he was weird or annoying, not really enough to get an impression, although I drew an unamused looking face on the board and drew an unamused face that looked better than mine after he saw mine and I thought that was kind of a dick move, but ignored it.

    Second time, I saw him in the lab and started to doodle on the board, we talked a little, don’t really recall anything. No real thoughts, just thought he didn’t really care/thought I was strange.

    Third time, I saw him at some meeting for the top students and thought “Okay, so he’s smart.” I think I just waved bye to him, but after that I thought he was okay, but didn’t really get to talk to him since we didn’t have any classes.

    First real meeting with names and everything went like this: A club president/friend of mine had asked me to draw caricatures for a fair event we were having so her club could raise money. I had my own club to deal with, but other members were gonna handle that and I thought “Why the hell not?” Then I found out like a day before that she’d hired that one guy to also do caricatures, and felt really stupid because he already drew posters and shirt designs and crap whereas I just doodled on occasion and I felt like I’d just be pushed aside while he’d get hundreds of requests, and I’d feel inadequate and retarded. I never really talked to him about drawing/whatever, but for whatever reason I thought he’d be bigheaded about it and rub it in. Then my best friend came to the table where we were at the next day and said she knew him from her class and that he was cool. Then we all had a surprisingly fun time and I realized he was really cool and funny and we had the same sense of humor, which is really hard to find for both of us since me and my small circle of friends are dorky internet nerds.

    Then I proceeded to fall for the dude. .____.

    Long story short, I thought this dude was going to be a pompous average dude who only just so happened to draw much better than the norm, but he was actually really sweet and the first guy I really liked beyond “this dude’s handsome lulz.” That was too long. o_o

  16. Drew:

    A long time ago.

  17. Nick:

    When I became classmates with an emo looking guy.

  18. kp:

    This boy. I had heard so many bad things about him, and looking at him- he seemed like such a cocky person who thought he was better than everyone else. Getting to know him, I fell in love with him somewhere along the way. Today, he is the most important person in my life. He has taught me my greatest lessons in life, and he has shown me what true love is capable of. In reality, he is actually a very modest individual. He uses cockiness as a cover to guard himself from those he does not trust. He is the furthest thing from cocky.

  19. PufferFish:

    My boyfriend. Five years ago, marching band.
    He spoke to me to criticize me for flirting with one of the seniors on the bus. All my friends afterward were telling me how he is such a freak/jerk/etc.
    I believed them. Not for more than a few months, but I believed them nonetheless.

  20. Alex:

    my boyfriend. he intrigued me, but i never thought we would ever be a good match. but five months going strong, and he’s the first boy i’ve said “i love you” to. i can’t believe i wasted so much time thinking he was wrong for me.

  21. Copper:

    My ex boyfriend. When I first met him I thought he was a great guy. Turns out, he was the biggest pathological liar I’ve ever met. And he lives a double life. I don’t even know which one is the real him (I’m not sure he does either anymore)

  22. Julie Takase:

    My love’s. I thought he was just another person in this world, turns out he was also my best friend.

  23. Joey:

    a girl in tenth grade, everyone at school thought she was a slut, but shes actually really cool and a great kisser

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