Question 323

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  1. m:

    if i have work. less than an hour a day. if im working i would be logged on all day, however not use it the whole time. wether im working or not i spend about half an hour to an hour aday online on my phone

  2. to many

  3. jw:

    almost 12 hours per day

  4. d:

    Too many!

  5. 4-5 hours per day…

  6. Conor:

    Way too many. I pretty much get up at like 11ish, go online, and get off at like 1-3am. I leave the room to shower, pee and eat.
    Hopefully I’ll cut that down after my exams have finished and I can actually have a social life again.

  7. Maria:

    What a question !! I do not have an answer YET !! Will track my time on ‘puter & find out – sure though that it will be way too much .

  8. Mohamed:

    I used to spend too much time, but thankfully I broke out of this habit. I still spend a long time on the computer, because I’m a computer engineering major and I code all the time -_-. Explains why I have a -5.5 vision 😛

  9. I spend hours a day online. I am building a blog/business so it requires a big investment. I love what I do so it is not a drain to me. I do try to get up every hour or two and take care of dogs, or chores. And most evenings I try to get off when hubby gets home.
    Are you too busy to be yourself?

  10. Merril:


  11. Zels:

    Too many!!

  12. Tiva:

    I spend more time online than I do watching television.

  13. faye:

    too many, as im doing my degree online, once I finish I want to spend at least a year travelling 🙂 away from the internet then.

  14. Amanda:

    Way too many!! Most of it is for school.

  15. Anonymous:

    Too many..

  16. Drew:

    More than I should.

  17. Jade:

    Waaaaayyyyy too often. Probably close to 8 hours a day. Ridiculous.

  18. Thom:

    Over 30

  19. M:

    Way too many.

  20. mistie:

    I probably spend 40 hours a week online. Not a healthy habit, I must say. I could be doing a lot better things.

  21. Nick:

    So much it nearly wreck my studies and my usual sleeping habits.

  22. Kasia:

    too many

  23. Jessica:

    A REALLY big amount, which I really, totally shouldn’t.

    After finding this site, I /might/ get off the laptop. ……. /Might./

    how sad is that?

  24. AM:

    too many :/

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