Question 325

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  1. Anne:

    I’ve grown so much with no one’s help. I’ve come to all these realizations and epiphanies all by myself. How to communicate that to my over-invasive parents? No clue.

  2. b:

    saved a life

  3. I’m proud to have this life and make it my own. I refuse to play the victim anymore, and I have found that this is the first step in true healing.

  4. jackie:

    ventured out of my comfort zone to a career I never thought I could do

  5. lived quite a minimalistic lifestyle last year.
    and this year i am still enjoy simplifying my life 😉

  6. Angria:


  7. Inge:

    Lived my life.

  8. grown up to be less dysfunctional than my family was. Not perfect, but I hope I have given my kids a little bit better foundation than I had!
    Assess your life for stress

  9. I am proud of the choices I made throughout my life. At the same time, I am also proud of my kids which are not by my choice…

  10. Amanda:

    Winning a competitive scholarship and graduating college with honors

  11. DSL:

    Reaching out on SixBillionSecrets to a stranger, and getting a new friend by doing so =)

  12. Sam:

    I got a 4.738 GPA first semester, making me #10 in my class.

    Pretty pumped.

  13. Tina:

    I was there for my friend when she needed it
    I was there for the friend of my friend when she needed it

  14. Kelly:

    I have become the person I wanted to be

  15. ray:

    quit smoke.

  16. Tiva:

    survived thyroid cancer, which was nothing really. I quit smoking after 7 years, I quit drinking alot and quit drugs. I took in my brother when he needed me… and my mom, and my sister and her family (now that was the hardest to do).

  17. crystal:

    I am proud of myself. I have found strength when I thought I had lost everything; I have found love when I thought that it was lost. But most importantly I am proud for my God, the God the giver of this life and for that I am truly proud

  18. Giselle:

    my desicion to be happier and live my life to fullest tomorrow (on my sixteenth birthday)

  19. C.:

    Never caring what the rest of the world thinks!

  20. Drew:

    Written a fistful of songs.
    Believed in something.

  21. Zac:

    I am proud that i found Christ after going my life without him for so long. Totally flipped my life around for the better

  22. Nick:

    Getting through high school.
    Finishing my first graphic design.
    Singing in front of a large crowd.

  23. bc:

    going through college

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