Question 326

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23 Responses to “Question 326”

  1. jay:

    my parents.

  2. Kate:

    My friends.

  3. when i was a kid, i often compete with my cousin for who’s wearing fanicer skirt~
    it was just a skirt and we sorry it’s actually ME, always make a big deal out of it 😉
    ha~ lovely days~~

  4. Anne:

    not really anyone. Maybe my rolemodels, such as Boxxy, Moot. Charlie McDonnel. Alex Day. Tom Milsom. but not people I know personally.

  5. I used to compare myself with my elder brother. But not any more.

  6. sarah:

    i compare myself to my big brother and sister. they’re both awesome people and so successful, it’s difficult not to. if i could be like them someday i’ll be lucky!

  7. b:

    my siblings

  8. Dale:

    My little sister. <3

  9. I compare myself with my mother. She has passed now, but I never wanted to be like her. I am constantly comparing to do my bes to NOT be.
    Getting the respect you deserve

  10. anonymous:

    my twin, and my cousin.

  11. Tina:

    My sweet sister

  12. Amanda:

    My brother and some friends

  13. Philip:

    Nobody, when you don’t compare yourself to others, then you are beyond compare.

  14. manny:

    grandparents. god.

  15. Tiva:

    My father, whom I adored and who was a couple years older than me when he committed suicide.
    My mother, whom I don’t really want to be like.
    My sister, I do everything opposite of her, because I can’t stand her and the way she does things.

    So, these are the people I don’t want to be like and comparing myself to them may help me to NOT be like them.

  16. A:

    My best friend. This may not seem that weird and probably most everyone does it. The problem comes in because she is nearly perfect (insanely smart, goal driven, no regrets attitude) and its really hard to even remotely be like her. Most of the time I feel like we shouldn’t be friends because I am not good enough.

  17. Sophia:

    Before I had a very big problem with that. I used to compare myself to everyone around me. But now that I have grown I have learnt to accept myself and who I am.

  18. CocoPuff:

    Alot of people.

  19. burn:

    my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. heard her voice – we sound the same. saw her photos -it’s like seeing a meatier version of myself. knew her kind of music – she’s my music soul mate.

  20. Liin:

    My grandma

  21. Drew:

    My idols, which is not good.
    You may accomplish a lot because of this, but it’s not good.
    Your music all of sudden isn’t good enough, your writing and your poetry isn’t either and you feel like a shitty person because you’re not laid back enough to caring enough or loving enough or you can’t feel what you used to even though you know that you are human and that’s all you ever are and that it’s okay to not be okay and that everything, is just fine.

  22. Nick:

    Some people.

  23. Copper:

    My brothers. And my best friend.

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