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  1. Anonymous:

    I wouldn’t know, I’m adopted.

  2. Teresa:

    My dad, my face is like a replica of his except that more delicate

  3. ray:

    I don’t want to be like mom and dad…but when I’m lose my mine, I just act like them. I don’t know what’s going on in me.

  4. ray:

    I don’t want to be like mom and dad…but when I’m lose my mind, I just act like them. I don’t know what’s going on in me.

  5. Heather:

    I look just like my mom and we have a lot of the same mannerisms. However, I have my dad’s wit and a similar view on family and life.

  6. Margie:

    I take after my dad in that I can be logical when I need to be, and that I’m pretty tall (for a girl, at least). However, my mom and I look alike and we have the same sense of humor. People keep telling me I’m a lot like her (my mom) more often than I am like my dad, so I guess I take after my mom more.

  7. Sophia:

    I look more like my mom, but I am more like my dad. We have the same humor and we are childish and independent.

  8. Aaron:

    I also look more like my mom, but am much more like my dad. We both make corny jokes, we love being outdoors, and we both are really hard workers. Although there are some things about my dad that I am definitely not, I’m glad I’m like him as much as I am.

  9. Tiva:

    People have always told me I look a lot like my dad, and I really think I am more like him than I am my mom. My dad was smart and friendly towards many people, but he was an addict and gave up on life, he was also bipolar. My mom’s friendly, but also paranoid and has anxiety/depression, but she hasn’t given up on life. So I actually really think that I am made up of all of the good parts from both my parents.

  10. Laura:

    I look a LOT like my dad, but I’m much more like my mom in personality.

  11. I’m male, and I’m more like dad. My dad is basically a silent guy, and I am originally like that. I am now more talkative than before, but I can feel my original nature from time to time.

  12. DSL:

    I’ve been told loads of times that I’m the female version of my dad, in appearance and personality…
    I’m hardly like my mom, more like my grandmother…

  13. Justin:

    I am adopted but I did met my birth parents. In many ways, I am like all three of them. For instance, my birth mom and I look alike. She and I connect well because we love talking, we joined track team in our high school years, we both used to live in a small town(Amazingly, her town where she grew up was 30 minutes away from mine). Every time we go to parties, we do not like big crowds but prefer with close friends. My father and I do not look alike but our lifestyle were so similar that maybe I am growing up the same way my father did. For instance, we both grew up with a mom who has high expectations of us, we used to not have a lot of friends, we both had our first kiss at a dance in camp, we both joined swim team and loved it. We both love sports, video games. I think I got my independence from him, his quietness. My adopted mom and I are alike even if we do not have the same blood. For instance, she was a teacher and I will be. She never gives up and in turn, that taught me to never give up on life. Ever. So it is weird. Even with your adopted parents, you do have something in common. Anything in common, and maybe starting to be like them.

  14. Drew:

    I’m adopted. Never met my birth parents and I’m nothing like my adoptive parents. I take more after my friends.

  15. Anna:

    I’m somewhat brainy and antisocial, like my dad. I also have issues with anxiety like my mom, but I’m much more introverted than her. I try to be like both of them as little as possible. I guess I idolize my siblings more.

    I wonder if the author would consider answering their own questions?

  16. lena:

    My dad. 110%. He’s my idol and my entire childhood was spent trying to be like him. The biggest difference is that my dad is so outgoing and outwardly opinionated. My mom scared all of that out of me.

  17. Suman:

    Both…………in some way…………….

  18. I am like my mom in the nagging way and my father like never planning ahead way 😉
    I love my Mom & Dad for the beautiful heritage <3

  19. CocoPuff:

    I am more like my mom. She very wise in spending money. She likes to give and help others. She likes to get things done as soon as possible.

  20. Conor:

    My dad, easily. I’m good at the same things he is, and have the same attitudes about so many things. I’ve even been told we walk in exactly the same way… O.o I don’t even…

  21. Emily:

    neither. My dad beat me and my mom watched.

  22. Beka:

    I have the looks of my mother but the personality of my father, not a lot like my mother in personality at all.

  23. Ash:

    My dad definitely. While I look like my mom for the most part, there is no doubt I have my dads smile. We both love animals, the out doors, learning, and neither of us get worked up too easily about anything, and we can let it go fast if we do.

    I love my mom though; she has some awesome social skills. 🙂

  24. nocturnesthesia:

    I’m my dad’s personality in my mom’s body. Have been told this for years but have only recently realized how accurate that assessment is.

  25. Roxy:

    If I’m ever like either of them, then that just means I failed myself.

  26. Bayley:

    Neither of them. I do not know my dad and I’m not like my mom. Thats for sure and to top it off. I dont look like anyone in my family

  27. Drew:

    I like nature, art, writing and music like my mom but she over thinks things, especially trivial things but never about life. I’m like my dad because he’s very spacey and I can be, he’s a bit of a baby and I am too, we’re both very lonely, we both are more laid back and tend to be a little slower (doing things, not thinking), we’re both lazy, and I think that’s it.

  28. M:

    I’m like my Dad with our jokes and relaxed personality. We are both leaders and work hard but I am also very defensive like my Dad. However my mom is a neat freak, just like me. (Except in some places in my house, I’m a hoarder)

  29. Nick:

    My mom. We kinda look alike. We also share some traits.

  30. Copper:

    Physically, I look exactly like my mom.

    But as far as personality traits, I’m actually just a big mix of the 2.

  31. Julie Takase:

    both- I am strong willed.

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