Question 329

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  1. b:


  2. D:


  3. JJ:

    The ability to say “I was wrong” or “I made a mistake” to admit that you screwed up is one of the hardest things a person can do. A leader who can do that has more skill them most.

  4. authentically communicating with people 🙂

  5. CocoPuff:

    Communication is the key.

  6. Kristy:

    A good leader is reluctant to lead, but does not shirk their duties. Even if it means taking leadership from someone, for the good of the group.

  7. Aaron:

    They’re very charismatic!

  8. Danny:

    Genuine Care

  9. Kelly:


  10. weiming:


  11. alisha:

    genuine care and that includes acknowledingand giving credit to those who deserve it. (seeing and pointing out the best in others)

  12. Trust. Trust in themselves to be able to lead, and trust in their people to handle their various responsibilities.

  13. Tiva:

    getting along well with others.

  14. Sophia:

    That they listen to what others have to say.

  15. Anne:

    an ability to balance compassion and control

  16. Jayne:

    Drive and integrity. One without the other makes for an ineffective leader.

  17. Swish:

    The desire to serve the people they are leading, to help and uplift them.

  18. Jillianne:

    Sincerity and trust

  19. Mike:

    The ability to step back from themselves and to realize and control all other forces that seek to influence them while maintaining a compassionate faith in a cause they truly believe in and it’s associated agenda.

  20. annie:

    All of the above

  21. me:


  22. nocturnesthesia:

    A kick-ass beard always helps.

  23. Wis:

    LEAD your followers!!!!!!!

  24. Drew:

    Believing in yourself.

  25. Joy:


  26. M:

    Empathy and compassion. To understand how someone else is feeling and having the power to make it better.

  27. Hennie:

    There are leaders and there are those who lead… I prefer the 2nd group!

  28. mistie:

    I think compassion is the most important thing in leadership.

  29. Devin:

    Modesty. In a leader it should show that he doesn’t know what his people want anywhere near how well they know.

  30. Lauren:

    Caring about the people you serve makes the best leader possible. (I should know, I’m the lowest pay grade in the military. Haha.)

  31. Nick:

    He doesn’t take advantage of his power.

  32. ansul:

    to solve there problems.

  33. Darky.:

    Knowing how to connect and communicate with people, understanding them, being one of them.

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