Question 11

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  1. Charlene:

    When you exist you sit by and let things happen. When you really truly live, you make your own choices to do things that make you happier than you have ever been. You do things that make you want to ive more and do more things. Things that create the best memories.

  2. Cathy:

    Existing is just wandering in this world, come what may kind of life. No direction. Just enjoying the shallowness and stupidity this world can offer. But living is different thing. You try to find meaning in everything. You value others much as you respect them. You live not only for yourself but also for others.

  3. for me, living involves both thoughts and feelings.
    but existing only involves the latter.

  4. bobby:

    When you life, you affect the others.
    When you exist, you do this only for yourself.

  5. Kyung:

    By living your life has meaning. By existing, you’re just here

  6. existing is allowing happiness to pass you by. living is taking hold of that happiness and riding it out to the end. existing is a sad way to spend the time you have.

  7. Naileen:

    Living is experiencing. When you live you take as much as you can out of life. We have one opportunity to live, and to do that you have to be open to everything the world has to offer. That includes the good, and the bad.

    Existing is watching life from the back seat. When you are existing your taking a ride and letting someone else do the driving. You aren’t doing things the way you want. Your letting them happen rather than making them happen. Big difference.

  8. April:

    Living is doing what things you want to do. Existing is not doing what you want, you’re just taking the blows and letting it flow along. You have to live and make things happen. Living is realizing that each day is a step into the future. Tomorrow never comes, it’s always today.

  9. Omar:

    If we think of it physically, then it is as between earth and sky. There are alot of creatures EXIST on earth like mountains, rocks, seas, etc. that they contribute their role as supposed to be from/ as designed for them. From this point of view, we can look at them as LIVING. However, some of us, the supreme creatures, exist with out fulfilling their roles (other than those who do harm). So they do EXIST, but what life they are LIVING.

  10. tom:

    only an inanimate object could answer the question
    but an inanimate object can not answer a question

  11. Aimee:

    To exist is to simply go through life, but to live is to experience life and be happy.

  12. Amanda:

    Living is making the most of the life you are given. Existing is just letting everything pass you by.

  13. Emma:

    existing is what I’ve been doing, at least until I turn 18. Then I’ll be able to start living

  14. kim:

    justin bieber is living must does he really exsist he is really on the world but he can’t really live his life so it is like he dosent exsis he is under the cover in his life.

  15. Ris:

    When you exist, you let everything happen naturally without interfering. Living is saying “screw it” and taking the risks you can, making days worthwhile, and making the memories you would never have if you just let opportunity pass you by.

    I don’t want to exist, I want to live.

  16. Kay SA:

    I feel that I’m only existing I can never be truly happy for anything and I feel that I’m wasting my precious life worrying about everything else and not celebrating my achievements…I just wanna expirience living for once before my time is done under the sun.

  17. Diva:

    Existing is living without purpose. Living is existing purposefully. We all experience a little bit of both at some point in our lives.

  18. RubenRybnick:

    existing is like a sentencing and living is having free will or the illusiomn of free will depending on how you look at it

  19. Nick:

    Existing is just being present physically.
    Living is doing what you love to do, making the most out of it, making msitakes, learning lessons, with the people you care most.

  20. Michael Hitchcock:

    Follow through. Gumption. Choice. Action.

  21. Alec:

    To exist is to lead a passive, risk-averse, fearful life… While truly living requires one to take chances, step out of our box of “comfort and security”, dare to fail… and of course reap the occasional, hard-won victory as well! Put another way, living comes with the seasonings of life: some sweet, some bitter… but always much more interesting than simple existing.

  22. Rachael:

    Existing is just physically being here and going through the motions of life… Living is doing what makes you feel any kind of emotion

  23. Rowena:

    Exisisting…. is with a body and soul. You are here on the earth simpling BEING. Living… is taking your existence and actually doing something with it.

  24. chichay:

    living is enjoying everything you have while existing is just being there and you feel nothing

  25. Peggy:

    Existing is being really sick, no longer able to work and stuck home on disability. Existing is spending most of your time in the hospital or doctor’s offices by yourself because your friends and family are burnt out by now. Existing is yearning for someone to come spend time with you or take you out of the house where you feel like a prisoner. Existing is when you realize that your friends and family are too busy to do that and don’t seem to understand you anymore. I would define what living is for you but it has been so long since I did it I have honestly forgotten what it was like.

  26. Heidi:

    Existing is doing what I do, living is what I need to be doing.

  27. April:

    Existing is to be. To exist. To be there.

    Living is to breathe, interfere, control, participate, be active, take charge of things that happen to you or come your way. To truly live, be happy, have a purpose, make decisions.

    Not having a robotic and programmed life.

  28. Susan Massey:

    I can relate to many of the “existing” descriptions, unfortunately. I’ve been in a flux for most of my adult life. I have yet to find purpose. I can draw very well, but in my day to day life, I’m lost. I hate it. I want and need to find purpose or else I’ll keep going around in circles and that’s not healthy.

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  32. Existing is living without purpose. Living is existing purposefully, with a constant urge to improve. To live life to the fullest you don’t necessarily have to be a person with a specific kind of belief. You can be an atheist or a theist or anything else… to start living the way, probably, you should. However, today’s living people (including myself) have some striking similarities with the walking-deads (zombies)… we have no will of our own, we are controlled by external factors all the time, we show no empathy and finally we do constantly things that harm us in the long run. In other words we are not fully aware of our own wishes and aspirations, we just follow the trend, the society and fulfill others’ (parents, partners, friends, teachers, society) expectations whole life.

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