Question 334

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21 Responses to “Question 334”

  1. Marcla:

    Being me.

  2. I’m an expert at being a smart-ass, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and being an all-around misfit.

  3. jw:

    i’m afraid there is nothing

  4. Wes:

    Hiding my feelings and emotions from others. Like the fact that nobody knew that I was bullied throughout my childhood and was plagued with with an anxiety disorder.

  5. Heather:

    Rolling burritos. 😀 (Chipotle employee, here!)

    I am a master of my awkward personality. In the past year I’ve learned how to charm nearly anyone, simply by being my very un-charming self.

    But in all seriousness, I consider myself an expert at moving on. When people leave, as they inevitably do, I no longer take it personally. I no longer get attached to anyone or thing.

  6. I am an expert at being amateur!

    Still growing…

  7. A:

    being super awesome

  8. Tiva:

    I like A’s answer… being super awesome! LOL!
    But I’m expert at being me… a loud laugher, clean and organized red head with green eyes and freckles.

  9. Sophia:

    I’m an expert at having fun 😀

  10. Holleh:

    Guitar Hero. :3
    I’m proud.

  11. CocoPuff:

    Expert at being patient.

  12. Coltron:

    Telling people exactly what they want to hear. =P

  13. Noes:

    I’m an expert at graphic design and home made soup. Although I don’t like soup myself.

  14. L:

    Making a nice cup of tea. 🙂

  15. Drew:

    Music, most of life.

  16. Amit:

    Achiving a thing that i feel strong to achieve

  17. M:

    Staying in my head

  18. June:


  19. Nick:

    Being there to support my friends.
    Being creative.
    Expressing myself.
    Being who I am.

  20. Julie Takase:

    making people smile

  21. Darky.:


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