Question 335

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  1. Well, it’d help me pay down my debts a lot faster.

  2. Drew:

    I’ve be able to move a lot sooner

  3. A!:

    I could go to the college of my dreams without such a large worry about the price that comes with it.

  4. just thoughts:

    it would make life so much easier and way less stressful. I think i would be soo happy, no worries, or a lot less. I feel like i could do whatever i want and actually live comfortably take all the trips i would like, or save it

  5. Kate:

    I would go from having nothing to having $1000.

  6. Jay:

    I could buy the books I want.

  7. JJ:

    I could finish school debt free

  8. m:

    I’m in the same boat as Kate on this one.

  9. Max Power:

    It wouldn’t. I’d still be a student with bills trying to make his way. An extra $1000 would probably just give me a false sense of security enticing me to take riskier financial decisions so if anything it would probably be detrimental to my situation.

  10. Aaron:

    It would definitely make me feel a little better about my future. I have a bad feeling that I’m gonna run out of money soon. Without the money, how can I buy the books and supplies I need for my classes? With 1000 more bucks in my pocket I would never have to worry about that. I got loans and grants to cover the rest.

  11. Tiva:

    I would be able to move into a place of my own and STILL support my unemployed mother. I mean who wouldn’t take an extra thousand a month. I would totally double my salary that I make right now.

  12. a:

    I could pay off my car faster, then save for my own place with a little bit less financial worry.

  13. Heather:

    I would actually be able to SAVE money, rather than my whole check going to bills. True, I would probably spend a little bit more on frivolous things, but surely not all of it each month.

  14. Angria:

    Not have to worry about scrambling to support myself while in grad school.

  15. Jake:

    I would travel while I still can and still feel secure about being able to pay rent and eventually pay for a ring and wedding.

  16. jw:

    I would not be worried about supporting myself.

  17. Sophia:


  18. Conor:

    It probably wouldn’t make all that much difference to start with, I’d buy some stuff like a car and random other bits and book a good holiday, but I’d save most of it. Then when I leave uni I’d have a nice fat chunk of money to make a deposit on a house or use to go travelling.

  19. carla:

    i could save up to climb mount everest!! it costs almost 75 000$!

  20. I could support myself go freelancing 🙂

  21. I would be able to move for myself, aw that would be lovely

  22. Ankur:

    Materialistically speaking, it wont make much difference as I want million things to be happy, but what i need is I already have. If those extra $1000 can bring a smile for someone who really “need” that, will be the best.

  23. I would be able to focus more on building my blog and my business.
    Be authentic, be engaging, and be ready for change

  24. CocoPuff:

    I’d probably be able to organize my house. And buy things. IDK

  25. DeDe:

    I would go from struggling to make ends meet to making ends meet.

  26. I could live on my own easily.

  27. Kristy:

    I could actually pay for my own university and be independent from my parents. It would definitely be enough for that, at least. Otherwise I’d just save what I can, use it towards rent, food, etc.

  28. nocturnesthesia:

    I would probably hoard it because I am so used to being poor.

  29. Suman:

    there is no end to the needs…………once we get it…………we yearn for more…………

  30. Rachael:

    I’d spend it on my friends, family and those in need.
    I’m constantly giving money to my friends so that they can have lunch, get what they need, ecetera and it would be nice to just have that for them.

  31. Drew:

    I’d be able to record my music with real recording equipment, I’d be able to buy the guitar I need, the banjo and viola I want, and maybe a drum set in the future.

    And the suicide prevention rally would be able to happen.

  32. Jo:

    I could pay my major bills easier every month and then I could go back to redoing this old drafty farm house again. I would begin to enjoy everyday agian.

  33. Amit:

    I will feel a bit relax, as this would help me to balance my every growing expenses…

  34. Demetrius:

    i’d have money

  35. mistie:

    I’d have all the material things I wanted. That would make life better for a time, but not forever.

  36. Nick:

    First of all, it would help to pay our bills
    Second, I can use the extra to buy my graphic design stuff.

  37. Clutch Cargo:

    It would help me pay for my Chemo Therapy

  38. Lizzy:

    It wouldn’t change my life very much. My family and I are fine financially. I would use my extra $1000 a month to change the lives of others for the better—to the lives that really need it.

  39. Julie Takase:

    I’d finally buy the house.

  40. Joey:

    id be able to get a car a LOT quicker

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