Question 336

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  1. Aaron:

    Creativity, emotions, and learning

  2. I think practical, like medicines, to see the doctor, glasses, dentists, operations, family reunions for war victims, safety for children, food, clean water, housing and a bed. If everyone who needed it got help, wow, just imagine!

  3. Justin:


  4. V3nD1:

    Knowledge should always be free.

  5. Anon:

    Everything except us.

  6. Giselle:


  7. jw:


  8. Dale:


  9. amg:


  10. A Vaca:

    Well , certain amount of marijuana.

  11. Swish:


  12. manny:


  13. Ankur:

    When you need………
    The person on the other side.

  14. too_cool:


  15. Anne:

    compassion aympathy empathy and help

  16. zai:

    posibility to choose what you want not what others want

  17. Rachel:


  18. Kate:

    Friendship 🙂

  19. CocoPuff:

    Your opinion.

  20. Tiva:

    I completely agree with Maria… all of that would be great to have free for everyone, esp medical. Can you imagine how many people would be alive if they could get the right medical care FOR FREE?

    And what if there was no such thing as money… people would go to work because they loved their job, everyone would have a home, there would be no separation of the classes.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I think they should eliminate money all together… maybe in a time with higher intelligent beings.

  21. Maddie:


  22. Rosie:


  23. Rachael:

    Animals. Love. People. Choices. Expression. Happiness. Life. Hope.

  24. Laura:

    The future.

  25. Sophia:

    Opinions and thoughts.

  26. Drew:


  27. iamnothing:


  28. Joy:

    Clean air and water.

  29. M:

    Medical treatment and your dreams

  30. Hennie:

    Food & Water

  31. Haze:

    Clean water. Beliefs. Opinions.

  32. SarahDylan:


  33. Nick:

    Happiness, freedom, love, trust and simply living your life.

  34. pinkycarrot:


  35. Alex:

    water, food, and shelter.

  36. Grace:

    In terms of material goods: clean water, shelter, adequate medical treatment
    In terms of the immaterial: love, happiness, compassion, trust

  37. Darky.:

    Enjoying nature.

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